How common skin diseases can be treated in Ayurveda

Skin diseases are more common than ever in the current scenario where pollution levels have increased tremendously. It can affect our lifestyle in a big way and so it is important to treat it early. To know how you can treat skin diseases through Ayurveda read on.

Skin diseases are very common these days in every third or fourth person. The pollution content in the air is so high that rashes, skin allergies can happen to anyone. In order to cure such skin problems, people need professional help and the treatment benefits of Ayurveda. The art of Ayurveda has been practised in India for more than 3000 years. This method of treatment guarantees a natural and herbal treatment without further injuring the skin. Let us take a look at the common skin diseases prevalent in India.

Some common skin diseases

Eczema-The common symptoms of this skin disease are redness of the skin, itchiness and inflammation. Those who have very sensitive skin might face this problem due to pollution and other factors. Sometimes, people with very dry skin face the problems of eczema.
Psoriasis-This skin problem also happens to people with highly sensitive skin that has a very reactive immune system. The skin becomes patchy and has a lot of redness as a result of psoriasis. Sometimes the patches of the skin are white or silvery.
Erythroderma-This disease is also generally called exfoliative dermatitis. This is a skin disease, which can become fatal when not taken care of by the patient. These diseases can start from the scaling of the skin of the face and then spread to the entire body. This skin disease can result from a prior skin disease that has still not been cured in the patient's body. It can generate as a result of any adverse reaction to a drug or steroid.
Photosensitivity-This skin disease develops as a result of exposure to sunlight. Some have such sensitive skin that going out one day without an umbrella can cause skin rashes, allergies, and pigmentation and other problems in them. Although not fatal as Erythroderma, it requires quick attention.
Rash-Talking about skin diseases, we cannot forget the rashes of the skin. Although not fatal, should be handled with gentleness. It has been seen that people generally don't give much importance to skin rashes and think it will be solved automatically. However, such rashes, if not addressed, can culminate into bigger skin problems.

How Ayurveda solves these skin diseases?

Panchakarma therapy-This is the method of detoxification of the body. You would require the assistance of professional people to help you in Panchakarma therapy. This therapy includes oil massage of the body, lymphatic massage, steam therapy and other such treatments. Therefore, this treatment helps in removing the toxins from the entire body. This therapy is not the same for everyone. The doses and procedures of this therapy will be prescribed according to the gender, age, skin sensitivity and other determining factors of an individual. So, don't start this therapy, the moment a skin disease has been identified in the body. One should immediately rush to a professional Ayurveda consultant. After that, proceed according to the instructions of the consultant.
Ayurveda special diet-Keeping a special diet will also be helpful and this diet will be made by professional Ayurveda consultants. Not every person having a skin disease will go through the same diet. The disease, the body type of the person, the age of the person having the skin disease will be some of the guiding factors for the Ayurveda diet. The therapy along with the special diet has worked wonders for a lot of people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, etc. Your diet planner will also make a chart of the food items that you should stay away from while being under this treatment. Please follow those rules strictly.
Ayurveda medicines-There are a lot of Ayurveda medicines that can cure skin diseases like skin rashes or eczema or psoriasis, etc. However, it is advisable that the medicines should be bought ONLY after being advised by a qualified Ayurveda doctor. There is a range of syrups available for the treatment of eczema or psoriasis or photosensitivity. But, not every syrup is applicable to everybody. So please seek professional assistance.
Hindustan Ayurvedic Hospital-This is one of the authentic Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala. You will get a lot of qualified Ayurveda doctors to help you with skin diseases. The treatment procedure is traditional and extremely professional. You can call the reception at either +91 7561 898 936 or +91 8547 675 555 and book an appointment with the doctors. After the doctor checks your skin disease thoroughly, he or she will prescribe the optimum treatment procedure in a moderate and affordable cost.


To conclude, skin diseases are a serious issue. Some people neglect them, thinking them to be just rashes or eruptions and can be cured without any help. However, the truth is that if some of these diseases are not arrested at an early stage, they can become fatal. Ayurveda holds a lot of treatment procedures to offer people for their various types of skin diseases and that too without side-effects. It's about time that people seriously start addressing the issue of skin diseases with Ayurveda.

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Guest Author: SSJHA2131 Jan 2019

Skin disease is the result of impurity of blood due to erratic lifestyle, the improper combination of food such as taking milk and fish at the same time or taking Raddish and curd together etc. Such combinations are prohibited in Ayurveda and violation of healthy parameters will lead to a surge in the Tridosha (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).

For any skin disease such as Syphilis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Boils etc, the common remedy is to purify the blood of the system. The leaves of Neem, Tulasi and Aloe vera would produce miraculous results if taken in consultation with the Ayurveda doctors. Some diseases become obstinate having their deep roots within the body system and so they would need the Panchkarma treatment to eliminate the deep-rooted toxins. They should remain under the investigation of the Vaidya for the time prescribed for each skin disorder.

Once the skin disease has occurred, it should be thoroughly examined by the competent Vaidya and treatment must be initiated as per advice to eliminate the impurity of blood.

Author: Umesh01 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A good article on the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment in skin diseases.

Ayurveda claims cure of diseases by a combination of lifestyle changes and taking of Ayurvedic formulations. That way it is giving relief in various ailment conditions of the body. Many people world around who are grieved with the side actions/ side effects of allopathic medicines are going for the Ayurvedic methods as established in the Indian Ayurvedic hospitals.

The books and writings produced by the great Indian writers like Charaka, Sushruta, Vagbhata, Sharngadhara, Bhavamishra and Madhava contain a treasure of Ayurvedic and natural cure information and it is good if some of the modern hospitals adopt them in the current Ayurvedic practices and the patient is benefited by those remedies.

Author: Reena Upadhya02 Feb 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Skin is made up of seven layers and is the largest organ of our body. Skin is not just confined to the superficial surface as seen from the above but stretches further to deeper layers. Skin diseases, therefore, are deep-rooted which is a firm belief in Ayurvedic medicine. This branch of medicine believes that diseases affecting skin are deep rooted into subsequent layers and also in blood, fat, and muscles.

Ayurveda believes that our body is made up of three doshas. Kapha, pitta, and vata. During monsoon season, Pitta dosha aggravates. The heat that is created during summers worsens during monsoon season. It is the reason that most of the skin diseases prevail during this period of the year. It is a firm belief in Ayurveda that due to imbalance created in the body or due to the external stimuli, doshas such as pitta or vata aggravate and skin diseases are caused. Pitta is the most important dosha that is responsible for causing skin diseases. Pitta is a symbol of heat.

Oils, ointments, gels, and creams applied topically can cure skin disease temporarily. However, the disease does not get removed from the deeper skin layers. Treatments that are suggested in Ayurveda are directed to eradicate the disease from its roots.

Ayurveda also believes that an unhealthy lifestyle and the wrong pattern of eating habits are prominent causes of skin diseases. A person should always follow a lifestyle and stick to the diet that is in tune with the season as well as his/her nature. Going against nature and the season that is prevalent outside can disrupt the fine tuning between the energies in the body. Once imbalance in energies gets created, tissues get contaminated giving rise to various skin diseases.

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