How to stay alert from the effects of Momo or Blue Whale

If you are a parent of a teenage boy or a girl, then one of the worries that you must be tormented by is whether your child is playing the Momo challenge or the Blue Whale game. So, would it not be better if you could come across certain guidelines that could help you to identify all those pointers that are common among the kids while playing such life-threatening games? Here are a few such pointers.


If you are a parent of an adolescent, then definitely one new worry that would be in your list is whether your children are playing the Blue Whale or Momo Challenge and other such online games. These games are fatal for the children and thus should be boycotted by people. The problem is that the young minds are so vulnerable and so open to the online delusional world, that it becomes very difficult to deter the young blood from participating in the online games. But this is also a challenge and is definitely not impossible. What I am trying to do here is find out some common patterns among the children who surf online games and play such detrimental challenges. But before that, let us know more about these two majorly talked about online games.

The Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge cropped up in the year 2016. Although the place of the origin cannot be accurately pointed out, it raised a huge toll of deaths in the year 2016 and 2017 in Russia. This challenge is a game running for 50 days. The initiator of the game generally targets all those kids who are very sensitive in nature and could be easily manipulated. After segregating such kids, the initiator starts playing with their minds. It has been stated by many survivors of the Blue Whale Challenge that they felt as if playing this challenge is the only way to escape their real-world problems. They felt as if they will be able to escape from their real-life frustrations if they start playing this game all alone. The initiator of this game starts to brainwash the victim, every day. This brainwash continues for a few days before the actual challenge starts. This challenge is nothing another slow method of brainwash to motivate young blood to end his or her life. It is a shame that crores and crores of sensible people live in India and even so, such intelligent people could not guess that their future generations are coming under the spell of this fiendish game. In the 50-day span of this game, the victims get various dangerous challenges from watching a violent and brutal movie alone to slitting their hands and painting something devilish there. The challenges get more fierce each day and finally, the initiator convinces the victim to commit suicide on the final and 50th day of the challenge. The whole process was kept a secret and the victim was threatened not to speak about it to anyone. They were threatened to hurt the lives of their near and dear ones or such other things. The reason to threaten like this was to avoid exposure in the real world. The initiator wanted to commit this felony by keeping himself or herself under the garb of an innocent online game. However, the series of unnatural deaths in Russia, Canada and many such other countries including certain states of India prompted the higher police authorities to investigate this. The survivors of this heinous game have confessed about the process of this deadly game.

Momo challenge

This challenge has not yet claimed so many lives, but the parents still need to be aware of it. This game has expanded in countries like Canada or Mexico. Here the initiator of the game contacts the kids who are in a vulnerable state of mind through What's App messages. In fact, sometimes children who are depressed join a common What's App group, which is targeted by the initiator. The initiator has a good understanding of the psychology of the children perhaps. It is seen that all those children who are depressed and are seeking a bond with someone outside the family falls prey in the hands of them. Then slowly the minds of these children are diverted and focused towards this game. They are forced not to speak about this game to anybody else and threatened to dire consequences if they don't comply. What the children need to trust is that the legal and judiciary system of our country is very powerful in the case of such cyber crimes. Therefore, they don't need to fear such initiators who are miles away from their country and have no understanding of the judiciary system of other countries.

Common signs or patterns among children who are playing this Blue Whale game

  1. Spending time only on the smartphones or computers-Although it is normal that children spend long hours over the computer, but there should be some limitation to it. Nowadays, computers are required to study a subject in the school, but it is not logical to spend an abnormal amount of hours on the computers, especially during the night time.
  2. What is your child using the computer for? If your child is playing games for long hours then that could result in browsing through websites related to such detrimental games. So you need to be alert about what your child is using the computer for.
  3. If your child waking up too early in the morning and staying alone? The initiator generally gives the challenges to be either completed during the late night or wee hours in the morning. As mentioned earlier, the victim is threatened not to communicate about those challenges to anybody. So if your child is waking up too early as 3 in the morning and spending time on the computers, this could be a sign of emergency.
  4. Constant depression-Is your child constantly low and depressed? The kids who play these are constantly mentally disturbed by the initiators. their morality is downgraded by the initiator. So they remain grumpy and gloomy all the time. If that is so, then it is time to address the problem.
  5. Does Does your child have marks of cuts and bruises on the hand? This game inflicts pain and bruises on the body of the victims. Therefore, you need to be alert in watching for such marks on the body of your child. If you see some unusual mark like a blue whale drawn on the hands of your child, then you should take your child to the doctor and ask him for further steps to be taken.
  6. Spending too much time on the terrace? Is your child always taking his or her smartphone and spending time on the terrace? Then you need to be alert and find out the time he spends there. The survivors of these games have confessed that the initiators ask them to spend long hours on the terrace.


To conclude, the games mentioned here are currently known because of their survivors. There could be more such games which are currently secretly played and not known to us. We can't predict how many more and what kinds of such fatal games will arise. We as parents should remain careful and if we come to witness about any such patterns mentioned above in the children, then we should immediately approach the child like a friend and arrest the problem in its root.

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