3 Bad Habits that Crush Your Writing Creativity

Are you an author who regularly write articles? Check out some of the bad habits every author should avoid to ensure maximum productivity.

Almost every job needs creativity. Most of all it concerns the composition of texts. But is it possible to somehow increase your creativity? What are the reasons for its appearance or disappearance? What exactly influences your ability to create interesting and useful articles and can you somehow artificially inspire yourself? Perhaps we will not answer all these questions in this article. But we will definitely try to figure out what you should not do when you need to be creative and what writing habits you should avoid.


Why is creativity so important?

Before talking about how not to lose your creativity, it's worth saying why it is important. The creation of absolutely any text, whether it is a column in a journal, a scientific article, a script for an advertisement, a student essay, or a historical paper, is preceded by a creative process. The author should think about the idea, the meaning that he wants to carry to the reader and clearly think out the plan and structure of his creation. If he is not interested in what he is writing, then the reader will be even more bored reading it. You must understand that in addition to the important skills of properly stating your thoughts and style of presentation, it is important to want to convey your emotions to readers and make them think about what you think. If you write some text just for the sake of the writing process itself, it will be bland and "tasteless" no matter how correct it is written from a technical point of view. And that is what makes the difference between ordinary people vs creative people.

Do not force yourself to be creative

The first bad writing habit is that some people think that you can force yourself to be creative. They often do their work under the slogan, "I will not leave the room until I write everything." And therefore they are not motivated to convey their idea in an interesting and creative way but to finish the work faster and go about their business. Give your brain some time, allow yourself to rest and think about how best to write an essay, article or play. There is one creative method that works like this. You have some specific task. You think about its implementation exactly as much as you have enough strength but do not force yourself. And then you give yourself a little time, get distracted by something, walk, watch movies and read books. While you do it, your brain is working on a given idea in the background, and sooner or later you will come up with something. Go back to thinking about your task the next day, sleep a little longer to better process the information.

Consume different information

To be creative, you need to give your brain more different interesting "food". For some reason, many people do not understand that to come up with something new and interesting you need to consume a whole bunch of things that are new and interesting for you. This is how different ideas are born. All information processed by our brain that goes there from the outside world becomes fuel for something new. Therefore, creativity requires constant consumption and work on oneself. You will not be able to constantly write interesting articles if you spend most of your time within the four walls, isolate yourself from society, and ignore the arrival of new information. New thoughts form only when you receive information. Imagine that you train hard to build muscle but do not eat. Will you be successful in your venture? No. How long can you live like this? Not so long. So why do people think that the same scheme should not work with creativity? Nobody knows. If you have come to a black stripe in life and you are not up to the creative, you can always use online essay writing services. Think about your plans for the weekend, go to the movies or read a book. Meet your friends and discuss the news, listen to the strange stories of your friends at the bar, or just take a walk somewhere in the park. All this will help you get some resources to feed your own creativity.

Do not take a job that you are not interested

In addition to all the above, creativity depends on your interest in what you are working on. If suddenly you come across the task of writing a text about sports but you are far from a fan of this business, and you don't know anything about it, then you should make a choice. Either you refuse this task for the above reasons, or you will have to force yourself to make a text that will not be very interesting or exciting. It is clear that in life it is not always necessary to work only with what you have a passion for. Find at least some balance in this and try to pay more attention to what you really love. The text immediately shows how much the author understands what he is writing about and how much he himself was interested in telling you something. If the author doesn't care what he is working on, then the consumer doesn't care anymore. Do not expect good feedback on such works or laudatory odes in your honor. Because if you work for a tick, all you get is a tick.

So what to do?

How to get rid of counterproductive writing habits without losing creativity? In this case, it is important to prioritize and start planning. Because writing, just like any other activity, requires a systematic approach and diligence. You do not have to write constantly, but it is very important to do it regularly. Therefore, try to set aside at least one hour each day to write a small article or any other text on your chosen topic. Try to choose different topics, but focus on what you would like to write about precisely. When writing texts, use different styles of presentation. Try to write in the style of your favorite author, or conduct an experiment on yourself and write an article as you have never written before. Do not force yourself to work more than expected and let yourself relax. Do not forget to watch fashion trends, popular culture, and topics that interest you. Fresh food for the brain will help you come up with new ideas and develop new concepts. Hone your writing skills as you would with your muscles in the gym. Do not force your creativity to work in certain time frames. You will not be interested in writing boring topics if your deadline is on. Forget about it and take time for something worthwhile. Filter your tasks and if possible avoid those in which you are incompetent. You simply cannot interestingly talk about what you are not an expert. Remember that you cannot be creative by pressure.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tripod.com. Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including IndiaStudyChannel.com, Techulator.com, dotnetspider.com and many more.

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Author: Umesh31 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 7

A nice article not only for the experienced writers but also for the budding ones. Creative writing is a process which uses one's so far acquired knowledge to convert into something more exhaustive and meaningful. Creative writing does not come in one day. It is a life long effort.

I remember that when I was in my graduation, I happened to read a book by Jack London in which a person was trying to economize his tree bark and other accessories to ignite fire in a snow-covered country where he was already delayed and may have to rest in a cavern and will need scattered bush wood fire to survive till morning so that after sunrise he could continue his journey back home.

The language and style of the narration were so impressive and mesmerizing that the reader would start feeling himself in the place of that man. I still remember that as I pondered over it I was so much amazed to find out that people could write such a splendid creative piece of work.

We generally say that a writer is gifted. In fact, such writers do a lot of hard work and efforts to reach that level of creativity. Actually, such writers had always learned from their mistakes and had always avoided the areas of shortcomings to achieve perfection in creative writing.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha01 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has lucidly interpreted how creativity would prove to be a boon for an author and how he should go beyond a boundary to attain this innovative skill. To put down one's emotion in writing is an art and one cannot excel in this area unless one is fully immersed with one's brilliant thought. So to attract the reader, he needs to apply innovativeness in his article to get wide applause from the readers.
In fact, if the author is honest enough in putting across his idea, the contributions would be definitely superb. The author needs to have some introspection and should attach to the originality in the way of his writing. In that way, he would do well for both himself and his curious readers.

Author: Reena Upadhya02 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 9

Author has very well described the three bad habits every writer needs to avoid to ensure maximum creativity. I would like to add that every author should avoid evaluation at the time of creation. Evaluation of the written stuff can wait for some time. When creativity is flourishing, don't interrupt it in between. Don't start the evaluation process too soon. Creativity usually involves entertaining new perspectives, fresh ideas and allowing the mind to look ahead in search of newer possibilities. On the other hand, evaluating the written stuff means becoming judgmental towards the things that are written by analyzing them and sorting out the good and useful from bad and useless. Either a person can create something new or else evaluate one that is already written. The sooner the evaluation, the less will be creative efforts.

Writing is not just confined to the author. It reaches the audiences. Thus, the author should look forward to winning the audiences with their writing style and voice they are using in it. Avoid writing in one style as it not only becomes boring after a certain period of time but also does not leave scope for the author to flourish the creativity that is hidden inside. Catering to the needs of different kinds of the audience by giving them fresh and interesting content every time should be the kind of challenge every author needs to accept.

Creativity does not mean doing extra work. Lots of work can result in an early tiring. Creativity means experimenting from the usual and then testing the results. Change the style of writing and use a different tone. Try to write on different topics and change the approach too. Changes should always be small. You can always evaluate the results later. If it works, continue the process. If it doesn't, experiment something else.

Author: Sankalan Bhattacharya07 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A wonderful article to help everybody who has a passion for writing. The author has nicely stated what we should do and should not to maximize creativity. When we are writing it's always important to read more. The variety of topics will help us to know what is the trend and can always help us to fuel our thought process. While one can always excel in the field/topic in which she/he is interested in, at times we face certain situations where we need to do certain things which we are not interested in. There we need to move cautiously and take time to think about it.

The most important part of any writing is the reader. Ultimately, the reader is reading the articles and when the readers find it interesting then only the job of the writer is accomplished. If the food you cooked cannot be consumed, it's a wastage of time and effort. Therefore, you need to add the correct ingredients and spices to make it tasty.

Experimentation is always good and through experimentation only you can make a new dish. In the same way, it's important to incorporate a new style and choose topics that you thought you may not be good at. Who knows, by doing this you can come up with some excellent articles.

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