Be aware of these top five time wasters in life

It is quite simple. Time Management is all about common sense. Yet, what is not common is the use of this very same common sense. We end up loosing so much of time on some vital issues that are best avoided. This is easier said than done. But we need to do it. This article discusses these in some detail.


The most important thing for success in our lives is time. Without time, it is impossible to achieve anything. Yet, we waste it almost unconsciously on terrible acts. This happens to all of us. There is no exception at all. It affects a five-year-old child. It also affects an eighty years old man. One might argue what this old man can do. Yes, he can silently pray during the time wasted. He could walk a bit and water some plants. The list goes on.

More specifically, the five major time wasters are a) Chatting with someone on Cell phone b) Watching movies on Cell phone c) Watching Youtube videos d) Watching movies in theatres and e) Aimless gossip.

Chatting with someone on Cell phone

This happens as a routine in millions of people. We often find hundreds of topics starting from Politics to Commerce to Economics or the latest trends in Fashion and on matters related to social media. Housewives happily spend their time chatting with their friends on what will possibly happen in their favorite serial on a particular channel.

Even those housewives who could possibly use their time to read up all the portions of their children in various subjects to teach them the art of doing all their homework and spending useful time with them, start chatting the time the child goes to the nearest swimming class or the Hindi class or whatever. The chatting comes to a stop only when the child returns home. Such mothers are also obsessed with their children wanting them to get the highest possible marks in each subject. They often give some homework to their children, go back to chatting with friends and come back only when the child requires the assistance. Such atrocious practices only add to the confusion in the mind of the children and this merry-go-round goes on and on. The children even start questioning the mother but sometimes they are told to just mind their business of studying. This author has seen this happening very often. In particular, if the boy or girl if 14 years old, all such practices are very badly questioned. Of course, none of the women involved like to hear any advice.

Watching movies on cell phone

This is another atrocious practice. This takes various forms. The watching of movies goes on unabated everywhere in India. The cell phones even enter restrooms!!

This atrocious practice is a big waste of time. Children of all ages and even those who are employed, happily do this on weekends, as if there is no tomorrow. How and when this practice can be controlled or will stop to some extent is not known. But it is a huge time waster. Those who indulge in it should be advised to stop doing this, at all cost. The time can be usefully spent on doing far better things, even on weekends.

Watching Youtube videos

Those doing the memes involving various politicians seem to be laughing all the way to the bank!! If these are watched during travel by an EMU train, no issues. However, even those working in offices are commonly seen wasting their precious time. In Government offices, this obnoxious practice is very common. If someone questions them, that is the end of the story. The work that needs to be done is never done. This is another big time waster. We should be very careful to not indulge in this big time waster. The time that is saved can be very productively used for doing far better things.

If our children are indulging in this practice, it is wise to counsel them and make them far better human beings. They will obviously do this and also resist advise. They might as well be very unhappy with such advice as it intrudes into their freedom. Yet, counseling of children should be compulsorily done if any improvement can be and should be made.

Watching movies in theatres

The recently released Petta, a Tamil movie starring Rajnikant, was seen by crazy fans who spent Rs.2000 for a single ticket!! This was the first day, first show as people commonly call it. What a sheer waste of time and resources.

This author had a recent bet with another guy who spent as much to see a rather big entertainer starring another hero, also made in Telugu, with political overtones. This movie went on to become a hit. However, this author won the bet when the movie was screened on the same television, owners of which produced the movie!! This is the value of money. Rs.2000 invested in a good mutual fund scheme, with an automatic reinvestment option can see it double in less than five years.

Watching movies in theatres is one of the biggest time wasters for millions. That same time could have spent on some useful gardening, or social work, or painting or picking up a new skill. This never happens.

Precious time is wasted in watching the movies in the theatres. The lower middle class often flock to their local theatres in small towns of slightly bigger villages and kill time. When time is really money and unemployment so rampant, this time waster should be totally eliminated. This, of course, does not happen.

Aimless gossip

As Indians, we seem to very happy with gossip. This goes on and on. If it concerns the personal lives of others, it becomes even better. Extramarital affairs are also welcomed with a missionary zeal!!

There is so much gossip about the personal lives of film actors in various languages. Some eighteen months ago, a superb video appeared about a song called "Jimmikki Kamal" from some Malayalam movie. The song was superb and melodious. In the front row, was a very beautiful girl. Within days, the entire Tamil population was gossiping as to who this beautiful girl was. Her background was highlighted in hundreds of magazines. The amount of gossip in schools and colleges reached an absurd level.

Such gossip is very common among housewives and in offices throughout the country. It is high time that we put an end to it, in the best way possible.


This author has merely presented what is observed in practice. There could be other time wasters as well. We need to understand that every moment is precious. When this realization hits us hard ( it always should), we would be far better human beings on the face of this earth.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article by the author. It is true a lot of time is being wasted by many people these days. They are not able to spare time for important works. Entertainment is also an important issue for our life. But that is not the only work we all should do always. The very purpose of having phones is to save time to talk to a particular man directly. If we don't have phones we may have to go to his place and discuss there. A lot of time will be wasted. Instead of that a video call is the best option. But this facility is misused and we go on talking with people on unnecessary topics which adds no value.
Once in a while going to a movie can't be considered as Waste but we should be very selective and go very rarely for good moves only.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha14 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has hinted some points which may constitute time loss and if we could manage our time with the judicious use of smartphones, rational talk with our colleagues and curbing the unnecessary viewing of Youtube for entertainment purpose and so forth.
However, the electronic age has advanced and we need to exploit the benefits of some of the gadgets available with us. A smartphone is an essential channel which connects us for an urgent talk and in the absence of the same, we could lose our precious time by writing letters or visiting the man for the dialogue. So to say that these are sources wasting our time is not absolutely correct. A professional with a busy schedule may watch a movie on the cell phone just for regeneration of energy by relaxing his nerves with the ongoing entertainment.
Though these are addictive in nature, rational use would certainly be beneficial and may even enhance our efficiency.

Author: ABSivakumar14 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Sir, you are correct. I had made several observations based on many real-world observations. The judicious use of time by top-notch professionals is never a problem. The only issue that concerns most of the people is the tremendous waste of time by certain people along the ways indicated in the article.

The smart upwardly mobile and professionally qualified IIT, IIM or IIT ISB guys do not fall under the category of time wasters at all. They have the fire in their bellies and display a superb " Can do" attitude at all times.

Author: T.M.Sankaran14 Feb 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

The article deals with different activities taken up by an individual who attend to these activities setting apart the works he is supposed to be attending. But in detailing it, not much stress is given to what he was supposed to do during the time spent originally. If there were nothing else to be done by him, it will not be wasting time. It simply becomes using his time as he pleases.

Most of us go to cinemas or watch TV or spend time on mobile phones when we are free. Then it becomes utilizing the time in a convenient manner.

There are several people who do not attend to any serious work, maybe because they are not employed or assigned with some duties. I daily see a few such individuals who spend their time in the reading room of our library. How much time does one need for reading newspapers? Here these people sit on the chair reading from the very moment the reading room is opened and continue till the lunch break. After the break, they come again and take rest in the pretext of reading. Actually, they are wasting their time without utilizing the same for their family or for society.

In offices, we can see the staff going on chatting without trying to finish their official duties. There are only certain jobs where one cannot stay idle, like driving a public vehicle or attending to serious jobs, like medicine related etc.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta20 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

The article has nicely dealt with the activities which people do and waste their precious time. In my opinion, the worst is wasting time in gossiping because it's very likely that while gossiping we talk badly about someone which ultimately becomes one of the reasons for discord later on.

It's essential for people to do time management. In the office too we make our daily work management and as per the routine work, we make time slots so that we may not waste our time. Due to the introduction of smartphones, one can use the internet easily so it's easy for people to use various chat sites which they do and waste their time unnecessarily. Also, the call rates have been reduced so marginally that people don't think of the phone bills and talk over the phone for hours. It's sad that people don't understand the value of the time which, if used in some creative work, will not only make them learn something but may also help them.

I have seen people who waste their time and experience a lack of time to do things which are essential. It's better to take rest and relax our mind during leisure time than wasting your time.

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