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Are you planning recruitment in your office? learn more about the online examination system by Mettl and how you can leverage its advanced features to conduct an online examination.

Every organization is distinct in its functioning and requirement. Eventually, every company requires a specially trained team of workers to fulfil its individual necessities. In that case, how is it possible to achieve individuality when all the interviews are conducted in the same manner? Hence, every business organization must have the freedom of conducting unique examinations according to their necessities.
Here's how this can be achieved.

With today's extended usage of internet, Mettl.com is pushing the boundaries with their newly introduced online examination system. Using this, any organization can create their own customized examinations that serve their explicit requirements. These test(s) can be about the candidate's academic, psychometric and cognitive abilities and can examine any other qualities that are expected. Beginners and start-up owners who are perplexed can refer the pre-loaded set of questions to design their own. But before this, Mettl requires a set of information about the company to ensure some details. The first step is to register the company in the online portal of mettl.com. The next step is to pay a certain amount using the integrated payment system on Mettl. Then, it is up to the company to utilize Mettl's flexible framework to create their own exam right using group discussions and aptitude tests.

A team of expert proctors manage and maintains such custom-made tests. Yet, the establishments can still raise a query about the fair conduction of examinations. Not to worry at all, Mettl has a team of trained workers to oversee the fair conduction of examinations. It not only checks the company's credibility but also that of the applicant. This ensures the fair use of all the facilities offered by Mettl and also the prevention of malicious users. So, your personalized content is safe from users who try to indulge in unfavourable practices. In addition to management, the experts provide individual scores and group analytics of the people attending them. The analysis shows the strengths and weaknesses of candidates as they complete each test. This can help employers in making a decision about how to proceed further with him/her.

Mettl is a best online examination system that provides both high-quality test creation along with precise reports of them. It gives the freedom of deciding the nature of the test such as to be a short answer, an essay or multiple-choice to the companies. So, they can create any type of exam based on their very specific technical requirements. This flexibility can be useful for corporations of all kinds, irrespective of the kind of business they are involved in. Businesses can customize simulators to provide a demo of all their tests to the job seekers. This can help candidates in fully understanding all the procedures. This may support them in performing their best in all the exams.

In an attempt to help struggling companies, all the interviews are executed at an affordable price, that too without compromising on security. This means that those exams which require companies to spend a lot of money in the real world are available at a much lower price in this safe and secure environment. So, how is it cost efficient? Firstly, papers used for exams will be get reduced due to cloud-based storage solutions. Cloud-based storage solutions allow companies to safely store all their data without the use of large quantities of paper and storage space. This way, all the data related to an applicant can be stored in a single place using well-encrypted cloud storage solution. Referring to selected applicants even after a long time becomes easy i.e., these files can be accessed anywhere and at any time using the correct authentication details.

Mettl's central management system stores, analyses and reports everything. This removes the need for recruitment buildings and centres where a company has to employ more people and on top of that money has to be spent on maintenance also. This means that the concerned organization does not need to have a branch office in every location and that the candidate also does not have to travel long distances for taking the job interview. This leads to a reduction in travel and maintenance cost both for the company and the applicant. Added to this, a dashboard can be maintained for every applicant. This can be used to record and summarize all of the candidate's information, to monitor the input of any abnormal data, any changes and any updates in the resume.

Mettl.com's observation and analytical service automatically generate the scores of all the candidates. Hence, company staffs don't have to work long hours to go through every interview for selecting the right individual. The results will be generated based on the performance of each applicant. A relative scoring system is used depending upon the particular exam. In addition to this, comparative studies of scores with other benchmark candidates will be presented. Such studies can help organizations in selecting the best out of the lot.

All the exam processes are conducted through a secure browser. This feature disables any other electronic device, software or application that may help the applicant in passing the exam. The AI-based auto proctoring service is primarily present to monitor the behaviour of candidates and to stop them from using dishonest practices to get the job. It also includes the facility where the company can watch every move of the candidates remotely from any location. They also have to be proved to be original. That is why the program authenticates candidates through a three-step identification process and by the prior submission of all requested documents.

Conducting exams online has many perks. A person can now job apply for a job in any part of the world and can take the interview comfortably from his/her home itself. That is more options for the organizations. Conducting tests based on their specific requirement allows companies to choose people who can do the work at the highest of standards and in the fastest time possible. Hence, corporations can avoid spending money on the wrong individual and avoid the cost of a wrong hire.

Article by Tony John
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Author: Umesh09 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The digital mediums are really bringing in paradigm shifts in designing the entrance exams for making the appointments in a firm or company. In this respect, mettl.com appears a promising one.

It is true that such systems are being introduced in the market so that the various organization can utilize them. Now the students have to gear up to attend the exams online in these sites. They should check them beforehand so that at the crucial time they do not face any difficulty.

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