5 Tips On How To Combat Stress During Your IIT JEE

Are you preparing for your IIT JEE examination? Managing stress is very important to ensure a smooth and result oriented exam preparation. Learn some tips to manage stress when you prepare for your IIT JEE exam.

Exams are dreaded by most students and the two terms 'exams and stress' almost go hand in hand. Even the well-prepared students panic during exams. IIT exams being one of the toughest exams to crack is sure to stress the students out. Students stress out thinking of remaining portion to study, tough questions and bad results. While stress is inevitable, it actually takes a toll on student's study progress.

Stress will not allow you to achieve your full potential. Your mind will lose focus from the preparation plan because you are constantly thinking about all the wrong things. The burden of expectations from the parents and the increased competition all add up to the stress. IIT JEE is a huge deal and hence joining a coaching centre becomes really essential. You can find several options regarding IIT coaching centre conducting motivational lectures as well. Some amount of stress is actually necessary to take your IIT exams seriously and work hard for it. But if you are dealing with excessive stress, here are some tips that will help your combat the same and use it as a driving force.

IIT JEE Exam Stress
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5 tips on how to prepare without the stress

1. Healthy routine- During this kind of tough exams, students often tend to ignore their physical and mental well-being. It is very important that a student preparing for IIT exams consumes nutritious meals and follow a balanced diet. Students should follow a healthy sleep schedule of at least 6 hours of good night sleep every night. This will recharge their mind and body for improved concentration.

2. Watch video lectures- Video lectures are considered more effective than your usual method of studying. They are also a good option for quick revision of topics that you find difficult in the IIT JEE curriculum. There is no pressure if you have a slow grasping power. You can replay the video lessons, again and again, that will help you get thorough with your subjects. Most video lessons also come up with a self-evaluation that will help you to test yourself

3. Online guidance- Digital technology has allowed us to study online. You can find online courses for different subjects in your IIT JEE curriculum that will prepare you for the exams. Students also get to balance their time and dedicate their time to self-study. Online courses are considered cheaper and more convenient as it allows you to learn difficult concepts at your own pace. Online courses also benefit you with a flexible schedule environment

4. Music- Without any doubt, music can be really therapeutic. Many students actually use music to concentrate better while studying. You can also use music as a stress buster.

5. Don't cram- This is one of the most important things that you should never forget. Cramming is not an option for you if you are preparing for IIT exams. The topics for IIT are very tough and you need to understand the concept thoroughly. You can enrol your students in some of the top IIT Coaching Centre near your city. These coaching centres provide you with professional help and specialised subject teachers who will help you to simplify the tough concepts for easier understanding.

Online guidance can as a driving force really motivate you to study hard and achieve the goal you have set for your IIT exams. To conclude, taking excessive stress about exams only make it worse. It is best to not think a lot about what will happen in the future but rather being in the moment and being dedicated to your IIT preparation. We hopethis article helps you to control your stress.

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Author: Umesh09 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A brief but useful details of things to observe to reduce stress while preparing for exams.

In my opinion the main cause of stress during the exam is lack of preparedness. Students who start studying early will be immensely benefited as they will have sufficient time to revise and concentrate on topics which were left unattended in the initial study phases.

Another thing is late night studies. Many students just wander here and there in day time and then go for late night sessions of studying which is actually very harmful for the health in a long run. The scheduling of tasks properly in the 24 hrs time available to us is an art and those who can use these 24 hrs to accommodate their constructive activities are the successful people in life.

Long back when I was doing my graduation, we started early preparations in especially Maths subject as the syllabus was huge. Meanwhile, we had one and a half months winter break and one of my professors asked me if I was ready to write some hand notes he had prepared to write a Maths book in the Hindi language. He asked me this as I was supposed to have relatively better handwriting than the other students. I was not sure what to do but my father told me to do it, I took it and finished in about 20 days and gave back to him.

I forgot this episode but later during my exams, I found that I need not do any revision for that particular paper as everything I wrote was in my memory and I was, in fact, solving those questions while copywriting them. I got almost full marks in that paper though in others I was somewhere between 80-85% only. It may appear as a blessing in disguise but it happened.

So early preparation is definitely going to help. Even for exams like IAS or other coveted administrative services it is desired that a knowledge base in the mind of the student should be created right from the class XI itself.

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