15 Powerful Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses ( Budget-Friendly)

Starting a business, be it huge or small, can be a challenge and so is the overall maintenance aspect of it. However, a challenge should never stop you from what you want to achieve. There is no limit to become a great entrepreneur. If you have the correct marketing ideas for small business or any business along with the right tips and tricks up your sleeves, then you will be good to go.

Starting a business, be it huge or small, can be a challenge and so is the overall maintenance aspect of it. However, a challenge should never stop you from what you want to achieve. There is no limit to become a great entrepreneur. If you have the correct marketing ideas for small business or any business along with the right tips and tricks up your sleeves, then you will be good to go. If you are looking for those tips and ideas which can get your small business to function adequately, then you are at the right place. Here are 15 simple marketing ideas for small businesses:

  1. Blogging:

  2. As you might be aware that almost everyone today uses the internet for literally everything, so you could imagine how important it is to have an online presence. How does it help? Before deciding about which service or product to go for, people generally do a little research on various search engines platforms. So you can think of the number of potential customers you are losing by not having an online presence. By blogging you are actually giving the customers a way to reach your services or the products. It gives your potential customers an idea about your product or the service that you are offering. It also helps in creating a loyal customer base.

  3. Never Ignore the Micro-Influencers:

  4. You might be thinking of using an influencer's assistance- a celebrity to do the promotions or the advertisement of your product would be a good idea. There is no doubt it will be good for your business but not for the small business owners who can't invest so much money in the advertisements. Well, don't get your spirits low. You can always get a micro-influencer to promote or advertise your business on social platforms. It is not always necessary that only a celebrity with 10 million followers on social platforms will bring you the desired results. A local celebrity with certain thousand followers could also bring you the result as they have a loyal fan base. Getting your product endorsed by a young YouTuber, for instance, can push your brand to the next level.

    Not only they will be a lot cheaper and affordable for your business, but they will help to connect their fan base to your services or the product. So what are you waiting for? Instead of continually being upset that you can't hire the most famous and known influencer on the list to promote your business, do a little research and find the right micro-influencer for your business.

  5. Work on networking:

  6. Having networks in business is always good especially for small businesses. By expanding your business networks, you are actually increasing your customer base and creating a market for your service or the product. The rise of online networking has created greater opportunities for new entrepreneurs. There are many platforms that can be used to network with experts and learn dynamics within the industry.

  7. Video Blogging can do the deed:

  8. You now know the benefits of blogging in the commercial world. So why should you not opt for video blogging, or as it is referred nowadays- "vlogging" to promote your business? Well, who doesn't like to watch videos? It is a lot easier to watch a video of some minutes than reading the long and never-ending blogs. And that is why you should definitely have vlogging done for your business as well. It will help to increase your visibility online and assist you to go higher in the rank list of the search engines which will further help you to increase the number of customers. YouTube is the second most visited platform right after Google. Hence, take this opportunity to upload vlogs about your products and services on similar platforms such as YouTube.

  9. Social media marketing:

  10. It does not matter if you have a small scale business or you have a chain of industries, social media marketing is essential for the both. The current generation operates online, no matter what people want- from the fundamental product to any service they need. This is precisely the reason why small businesses should look to be active on social media platforms. This also helps to promote and publicize your business to the global audience.

  11. Infographic Marketing:

  12. The design of a product is as important as the product itself is. It is a natural human tendency to get attracted to something that looks more appealing to the eyes. But the design is not concerned with the looks alone; it is much more than that. Now, what does the term Infographic mean? Well, as the name suggests it means information graphics or you could say information designing. What would you prefer to read? A boring white sheet of paper with endless data or a professionally designed short but informative page which explains the concept in detail, which one do you prefer? This is precisely why infographics should be used to promote the operations of a start-up or small business.

  13. Email Marketing:

  14. How many people do you know or could think of who doesn't have an email? Yes, that's right. No one (at least I can't think of anyone). That is why email marketing is one of the most powerful assets that your business marketing could utilize. It is even more effective than social media marketing in some ways. How so? Email marketing is a more promising method to target your potential customers as it could be personalized. So, start increasing your email database to increase the customer base.

  15. Content Repurposing:

  16. First of all, you need to know what content repurposing means to understand why it is beneficial for your business. It merely involves content that could be used for more than one purpose. It is one of the handiest marketing ideas for small business. As you already have so much to deal with it will help you accomplish many objectives together without putting too much effort. Not only this, it has many more benefits. With this, you could reach a broader audience, and it also helps in getting the maximum profit off at the end of a financial year.

  17. Work on customer experience:

  18. A customer will only return to your product again if he/she has a good experience with it the first time. The main problem today for the small business is that there are so many options available for the customer that they could quickly turn to some other brand in just a moment. No one really gets a second chance. So you should be really careful about the customer experience.

  19. Customer Referral Program:

  20. Ever wondered why most of the online sites offer some discount on the referral of the product or service? Well, it is done so that the word about the service or the business could spread. Wouldn't it be nice if one of your customers refers your product to someone they know? And that way, others could also rely on your product since they know the person referring to it. This can increase your customer base as well.

  21. Online contests:

  22. People generally like to be competitive. By issuing online contests, you could increase the traffic of your site and hence boost your customer base as well. By giving small rewards through such competitions, you are grabbing the attention of the target audience and deviating that towards your products.

  23. Online challenges:

  24. You might have heard about so many challenges and contests that have taken various social media platforms by storms. And that is why you should put up small challenges with rewards to pull the attention of the people to your business brand.

  25. Partnership with related brands:

  26. A planned and calculated partnership with a related brand can be really beneficial for small businesses. How does it help? Well, when you collaborate with a new brand and product, you are opening the doors to a whole new market segment, new customer base, and new competitors as well. But you should also keep in mind that the brand shouldn't be completely different as to what business you have.

  27. Host and sponsor events:

  28. Despite being in the internet era, people still go out for events and parties which in fact is a great platform for promotion. No, you don't have to host the party or event but rather sponsor one. It is a pretty straightforward method to get the people to notice your brand. All you need to do is to wisely select the event that you should sponsor. Sponsoring just any event out of the blue is not going do you any good to your brand as the attendees won't even know about your marque which would be a waste. So choose wisely which one to go for.

  29. Give away Programs:

You might be thinking that how giving away something for free is going to help your business grow right? But according to many professional marketing consultants, it is beneficial in the long run. While it may seem that your business will face losses, but have you ever thought why the big service brands or the stores often have the free give away? Well, firstly, it generates a buzz about your product or service within the target market. This is exactly what a giveaway looks to achieve.

These were a few of the marketing ideas for small businesses. If you can implement the 15 of the above-listed marketing tactics correctly, your customer base will surely grow and so will your business.


Author: Umesh11 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

An exhaustive article on marketing techniques for small business.

Today, we are in the age of media and marketing. Nothing propagates to the minds of consumers or users until it goes through the internet channels. The marketing has taken up new dimensions and only those who are well aware of these techniques can be benefitted by their prudent and gainful use.

As per the present trend the time is not far when all the business will be conducted online and the whole process will be digitised. So it is imperative that business organisations has to take a note of it and start using these techniques in their transactions.

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