Diet and cooking tips for Health Conscious People

Everyone wants to have a good physique and health. Exercising and diet control are the key to achieve this. In this article some tips are given for replacing the high calorie food with the low calorie and regular exercising to reach the goal of good health and weight control.


Maintaining a good figure and attaining good health is a dream for many of us. People are doing a lot of efforts and taking various measures to keep their physique in good shape. This article gives some tips for achieving these objectives and those who want to go for balanced and nutritive diets will find some ideas here helping them to reach those goals.

It is a fact that a balanced diet along with sufficient exercises paves the way to a healthy life but when it comes to action many people feel resistance to act in those directions. Self-control and determination is the only key to get success in this endeavour.

How to start

Health consciousness does not require resolutions to be adopted to take care of it from a stipulated date. It is to be started right now, from this moment onward. The firmness of mind and determination is the prerequisite for adopting the journey of taking measures for good health.

The basic concepts of dieting

Dieting does not mean to stop eating and take a little food. It is a wrong concept in the minds of some people. Dieting means to eat foods which are minimal in calories and carbohydrate. The selection of foods is to based on this basic criterion. There are people whose daily energy requirements are in the range 1500 to 2200 Kilo-calories but they deprive themselves of food and take hardly 1000 to 1200 Kilo-calories. This slowly creates a situation of degeneration in the body and the process of malnutrition sets in eventually bringing in various types of ailments and diseases in the individual.

So, depending upon the activity level of an individual the energy requirement is calculated and the food is to be taken in accordance with that.

The basic concepts of Exercising

Exercising is a must for keeping the body in good shape and condition. Those who can not go to a gym or other work-out places can exercise in the house itself. If nothing can be done then a long walk is the best way of exercising. It is beneficial for the health but one should remember that over-exercising is again not good and in many cases, it has some adverse effects on the body and its well being. A balanced approach is required in exercising also. On average, one hour walk is sufficient in most cases.

Cooking and diet tips

There are many ways in which one can reduce the calories and cut down on the carbohydrate in the food. Some of these are detailed below.
  • Switch from oily food to roasted or boiled food - This is the most important thing that a person should observe if he is really serious in cutting down the fat in the food. Many people try this technique but they also complain that the taste of food is not good if they do not put oil/ ghee in it. If it is so then it is advisable that they should put some spices on food as per their taste and the flavour of the spices will compensate for that. Some of the mouth-watering spices are Kasuri Methi, Cardamom powder, roasted cumin powder, asafoetida, chat masala, mango powder etc. Even adding garlic cloves makes some foods like mushroom and onions very tasty. Basil, thyme and rosemary are other optional spices which are in fact good for the body due to their medicinal value.
  • Reduce carbohydrates and increase protein and fibre rich food - This is another most important point for proper dieting. Many foods like rice, banana, full cream milk, potato are very rich in carbohydrate. The intake of these foods is to be reduced and one has to replace them with wheat, oats, green vegetables, fat less milk etc. Foods which give a sense of filling but are low in carbohydrates are welcome.
  • Avoid junk foods - This is one of the challenging proposition as this is responsible for so many unnecessary calories getting into our body. Samosa, Pakodas, Chhole-Bhature, Pizza, Chat etc are very tasty but do not provide us with nutrition and minerals. These are junk food and required to be consumed minimally. They are in fact to be replaced with seasonal fruits.
  • Dilute the rich foods - Milk is a rich food but if you take it 2-3 times it is high calorie. So in such cases dilute it with some water. Avoid sugar in tea and coffee. If possible go for without milk. Use toned milk curd as an accompaniment to spicy vegetables and cut down on the vegetable portion and take curd instead. These measures on a long run give magnificent results.
  • Feeling hungry, take a glass of water - Many times we are hungry. As soon as the food is served we start gulping down it. One technique is to drink a glass of water and then start eating. It reduces the intake of food to some extent.
  • Avoid soft drinks - This is another area which requires a lot of control on oneself. When we are thirsty we yearn for them. But control and go for lemon water in its place. Add black pepper and a little honey to the lemon water to make it tastier.
  • Reduce on meat and chicken - Many people take almost daily some chicken and meat dishes. We have to cut down on them to one or two times a week. These heavily spiced and oily items are the real culprits for our weight gain.


Dieting is a difficult proposition and requires a lot of patience and self-control. With the change in food habits from high-calorie foods to low calorie, it can be achieved. Exercising is a must for keeping the body in good shape and vigour and a combination of dieting and exercise is the sure way to achieve a balance weight.

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Author: T.M.Sankaran15 Feb 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Systematic and timely food consumption is one thing to be practiced before choosing food items. Selection of food items depends on the type of work one is engaged in. Also the place of living is another thing to be considered. In cold countries the food items consumed will be different from those taken in hot countries.

For those who are doing heavy jobs, that is those works wherein physical involvement is high, nonvegetarian foods are better. For those who are involved in jobs that require lesser physical exertion and are to sit most of the time vegetarian and occasional non-vegetarian foods can be the best choice. Fried items may be occasional choice. Fruits must be included at some time. Intake of water also is a must.

Author: Umesh17 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Now a days many people have become health conscious and they are observing the basic measures for this important objective.

Self control and discipline are the primary requisite for this endeavour. Regular exercise and intake of low calorie but nutritive food is another most important aspect and one has to sustain it for longer periods if any real benefit is to be derived.

One has to be careful in selection of food items as today there is a lot of adulteration in the market and this is affecting the health of the people.

Author: Anauj18 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 12

There are a few errors in the above post.

A calorie deficit is required if weight loss is to be achieved. Anyone who cuts down their caloric intake will start burning fat reserves. There is nothing wrong with cutting calories. Health problems occur when a nutritional deficiency is created. The key is to eat a low calorie, nutritional rich diet. Substitute normal meals with a low-calorie meal. A salad with a few seeds and nuts and some olive oil dressing is a healthy meal, packed with nutrition.

One cannot lose weight if the caloric intake is the same as the body's energy requirement. One must create a calorie deficit of around 500 calories to allow the body to turn to its stored fats, for its source of energy. However, at no time must the calorie intake be reduced to below 1200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men.

The author has classified wheat, oats and fat less milk as being low in carbohydrates. That is not correct. Wheat and oats are high on the carbohydrate index. There is a marginal drop in the carbohydrate count of fatless milk, as compared to full cream milk. Wheat and oats are loaded with carbs. They are suggested in a healthy diet because they have a low Glycaemic Index (GI). That means that the starch in the carbs takes longer to convert into sugars.

It is wrong to suggest that Samosa, Pakodas, Chhole-Bhature, Pizza, Chat etc., do not provide us with nutrition and minerals. There are a number of healthy ingredients added to all these dishes. These foods are bad for another reason, mainly oil content and processed ingredients.

Meat and chicken do not induce weight gain. They are rich in proteins that build muscle. The more muscle the body has, the more calories it burns. It is the accompaniment or the way a meat dish is prepared that is the culprit.

Thyme, rosemary and basil are herbs, not spices.

Guest Author: SSJHA2118 Feb 2019

There exists some difference between the people of the previous generation and the generation of the existing time with respect to health consciousness and following the strict regimen of diets and the inclusion of daily exercises.

The more we burn fat by increasing body metabolism, the more will be the chance in attaining a slim body. In Ayurveda, much stress is given to the point that food is to be consumed only when one feels adequately hungry. This is the stage where there will be complete digestion of the foodstuff.

Now coming to the terms of calorific values, it will always vary depending upon the nature of work one is indulged in. A labour doing a manual work in the field for nearly ten hours in a day would require more calories to sustain his manual work but at the same time, burning of calories takes place in an enhanced manner because of nature of work. So the carbohydrates consumed by the labor does not affect his metabolism to accumulate fat. However, the situation is completely different for a student or an office goer. They need to follow less intake of calories (around 1500 cal) but at the same time, they need to take adequate Proteins including eggs, fish and chicken apart from seasonal fruits to be mentally active.

However, the unhealthy practice of taking soft drinks, excess intake of coffee and tea etc is to be curbed. Even sugary items are responsible for surging body weight and hence a prudent analysis with respect to our intake is required to maintain a healthy weight.

The article is worthwhile to read except in some points which need minor corrections.

Author: Neeru Bhatt21 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Thanks for the various observations by the members. My main emphasis was to avoid junk foods and go for healthy foods. So in that perspective wheat flour is better than the refined flour (Maida).

Anyway the corrective and critical comments made by the members are noted and I thank and acknowledge the same.

Author: Reena Upadhya04 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has provided valuable information in her article and given various tips related to cooking and diet which will help all those health conscious people and those trying to lose weight.

I would like to add here that eating food that is prepared at home is the best way to remain healthy and allow less number of calories inside the body provided it is prepared using right ingredients necessary to make it nutritious and low in calories. Food that is available outside the home is rich in calories and mostly deep fried. At home, we can control the number of calories. We can make it as healthy as possible. Food that is served outside comes with hidden calories that we are not aware of. It is because they hardly concentrate on the number of sauces or cooking oils they are adding in its preparation.

Also, sometimes it becomes difficult to avoid eating outside. In such cases, order soups, salads, and foods that are not deep fried. Restaurants usually serve large portions. It is always better to split the served meals with others. In such cases, we will be decreasing the portion sizes and thus allowing fewer calories to get inside our body.

Many of us have a sweet tooth. Desserts or ice-cream come in with lots of calories. Eating a healthy meal and then finishing it off with a dessert in actual terms is not a great idea. Moreover, very few people eat a piece or two of dessert. Most of them give up and crave for more and thus end up eating a large number of calories. Thus, try to skip dessert and replace it with fruits. Eating a piece of fruit not only ends the craving for sweet but is also healthy when compared with desserts.

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