What to look for when you are planning to buy a water purifier in UAE

Confused with the overload of choices of different types of water purifiers in the market? Here are some tips on what to look for when you are planning to buy a water purifier in the UAE

If you stay in the UAE and you are looking for a water purifier in the UAE, then you need to keep a few things in mind before buying the purifier. There is a range of water purifiers or water purifying companies in UAE, for example, Aquapro, Aquaguard, Pristine Water Technologies, Kent Water Purifiers, Livpure, etc. Therefore, it is quite logical that you will get confused while buying a water purifier. You can although keep some points in mind, before you go to the market to buy a water purifier, in order to make a better selection of water purifier.

What to look for when you are planning to buy a water purifier in the UAE

  • The retail store-It is very important that you buy a genuine water purifier and no fake product. In order to that, the buyer must visit a genuine electronic retail store. If a buyer buys from a random street shop, then the chances are high that he will be duped to buy a fake water purifier of a renowned company.

  • The water supply-The buyer must investigate the water supply of his or her area. If it is via borewell technologies or via deep pumps under the ground, then RO or a combination RO and UF technology are best suited for that locality. If the buyer lives near a lake or a river and the water comes from the same, then UV or ultraviolet technology will be best suited.

  • The technology-When we are considering the technology of a water purifier, then there are lots of things to consider. There are varieties of technologies that are available nowadays to purify water. According to the client needs the purifying technologies followed by the purifiers change. For example, for household purposes earlier, RO technology was enough. Nowadays, it is found that water purifiers having only RO schemes are not able to retain the good minerals in the water. Therefore, although the water is pure, it is not healthy enough. Therefore, if your requirement is just pure water, then you can definitely buy these RO water purifiers. On the other hand, if you want the water to purified to such an amount that the necessary minerals are retained, then you should go for a combination of RO and UF or RO and UV scheme. In modern days, one more technology is required to remove the bacteria and virus from the water and that is TDS controller. This is also a necessary feature in a water purifier. So if you are buying a water purifier, then do look for the feature known as TDS controller. If it is not there, then it is better not to buy the water purifier.

  • The warranty period-The body and the various internal parts of the water purifier are ensured with a warranty period of six months or one year. Along with that, the buyers get a free service for two to three years. This free service will vary depending on the water purifying company and the country where the service is provided. The warranty for the product, however, remains the same for almost all companies and all countries. While buying the purifier, one should buy a purifier that provides above-mentioned technologies with a maximum amount of free service period.

  • User recommendations-Nowadays, due to the provision of customer feedback on the official websites of the purifiers, the reviews and recommendations of the former users are mostly available. The buyer should look for positive reviews of these water purifiers. Say, for example, a customer decides to buy Kent water purifier in UAE, then the user should check the official website of this company and see the feedback of the customers who have already used their purifiers for quite a while. It has been found that the various models of Kent water purifiers are very popular among the UAE households and also the travellers who keep backpacking water filter with them. Again, these potential customers can take the feedback of their neighbours and friends who have bought the purifiers shortlisted by those customers. They can tell the problems(if any) that have cropped up in the water purifiers after they bought it.

  • Awards and Accolades-This property will only be true for a few reputable water purifiers. Such water purifying companies may have received any special award or accolade from the government of UAE. It could be regarding the customer service, or the latest technologies applied for purifying the water or anything else. The customers should see that whether the purifying company that they have selected has received any recognition of this sort.

  • The above facts are few of the pointers that a buyer of a water purifier should keep in mind before buying one. These will help the customer in choosing a product that has a satisfying service and some of the best purifying features. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying one of the water purifiers in the UAE, just make sure you look for the above points first.


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