How to Study - the most effective ways to ace in your studies

Humans have been studying for as long as they can remember, but still some struggle with having a grip on their studies. In this article, I'm going to explain the most effective way of studying through maintaining a grip on your mind and organising your place of studies, maintaining proper notes, pre-reading topics, participating in seminars and much more.


Everyone wonders how those 3-4 lined answers from the elementary school turned to a three-page essay that they have to submit this Monday, on their precious Saturday night. They wonder how a simple concept turned to a complex nightmare and wonder where they lost their grip on studies. Even if being surrounded by books most of their day, some people are not able to grab an ounce of knowledge out of it. The reasons—procrastination, inability to meet deadlines, disruptive environment and many more causes. All this leads to dropping grades, increased study pressure, stress and finally degraded health.

Are you feeling it? The creeping tension of studies that lays heavy on your shoulders? Well, I think you are in desperate need of help. So here comes your help. Following are the simple guidelines on how to ace in your studies.

Be present at each lecture

Being physically and mentally present in your class may sound exhausting to you, but it's the key to unlock your hidden potential. Try to be attentive in the lectures and ask questions on the topic you didn't quite get. You may think you will look like a fool for voicing out your confusion but you won't as it's coming from an equally shy person.

Pre-reading for lectures

Who pre-reads topics that are to be explained in lectures tomorrow? The straight A's one and thus you. Start pre-reading for your lectures; it might sound boring but when you understand everything that's coming out of the professor standing in front of you, you might even cry happy tears. Experiment by reading a page about the topic that is to be covered in the next lecture and if you like the results make sure to turn it into a habit.

Notes are your best friend

Being a student myself, I rely on my handwritten notes very much. Jotting down whatever your teachers speak won't help you with your studies. Rather, note down the important matter that your teacher especially writes on the board. Colour coding your notes helps in classifying the information.

The 2-minute rule

It's very common to find yourself in a situation where all you want to do is to stuff your face in your soft pillow and drown in those blankets, while a soft sound of your mind stressing in over the test that is scheduled in two days plays in the background. Well, everyone has experienced those. But force yourself to just pick that book for two minutes and read. It may happen that you studied for more than two minutes but if it doesn't, you still got whole two minutes worth knowledge.

Time management

Studying effectively revolves around managing your time. The more time you saved for your studies is inversely proportionate to how much you spent on your homework, assignments etc. So it's better to organise them according to the due dates. While organising my assignments I always add a few days to the deadlines, thus making sure I got extra margins on each one.

Start doing those essays

Start working on assignments as soon as you get them. Slacking will lead to nothing but doom and soon it would be a day before the deadline and you would question yourself. So start planning as soon as you get the assignment and try to incorporate it in your schedule.

Preparing question banks

A great method to study is to think like the examiner and then prepare for that topic. Whenever a new chapter was discussed in the lecture I would take five minutes to analyse it then form each and every type of question that could be framed out of it. I maintain a thin notebook and jot down the questions and when I studied I wrote the answers, so at the end of each chapter, I had a high-quality question bank supported by best answers.


Limiting your reading to your textbooks won't enhance your knowledge multi-fold, so try to read from other sources, newspapers, magazines, blogs etc and try to gather as much as information you can about the topic you are presenting an essay on. Try to cover as much as you can and present your views in a persuasive manner.

Study in short sessions

Studying in shorter periods (for example 30 minutes) accompanied by breaks (say for 5 minutes) will increase your efficiency and retention power.

Divide and learn

Cramming up information will only lead to wastage of time and efforts, rather try to break the information in smaller chunks and establish a relationship between each component. This will clear your concept and will force your mind to work on those topics.

Studying is an art and I may describe thousands of methods of studying effectively but at the end of the day, it's up to you to study or not. Each and every individual has their way of studying, so experiment and find your own way of studying effectively.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao26 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A nice write up from the author. This article is very useful to the students and they will understand a subject better after following the tips given by the author.
Like a teacher, a student should also prepare well for the next classes. If he can read a little about the subject that will be taught in the next day class will make him understand the lesson well and he may be able to ask doubts during the lecture.
One should be open to asking his doubts. The question may sound foolish to others but if you are not getting your doubts clarified you will remain a fool life long.
Without understanding the subject, reading and reproducing the same in the examination may make you pass the examination. But it is of no use for you afterwards for getting a job. It is good to understand the subject well. That will make you a better-learned person and you will have good chances in your life.

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