How to stay away from unethical or undesirable paths

It is almost very clear that there are too many distractions for each of us to get distracted and stay away from the clear, ethical path. We are also distracted by short-term objectives for monetary gains. We can avoid all such useless distractions if we can adopt a few simple steps. Some details pertaining to these simple steps is described in detail in this article.


What is the secret of peace of mind and happiness? What can we do to stay clear of so many distractions that we see all around? The answer is not that simple. However, when we take very simple steps, we can easily go to the next level in terms of being highly value-driven. More specifically, the key steps are: a) Sticking to spirituality b) Learning from highly ethical people c) think about where we will all go ultimately d) think of the huge peace of mind benefits and e) repeat the "happily share" moments.

Sticking to spirituality

This is the easiest. Across the nation, most of us who are spiritually inclined, do have it us to withstand any temptation to go unethical. We will still pay all our taxes. We will grumble about GST applicable to even our life insurance policies. We will grumble that we pay close to Rs.90 for a single liter of petrol. We may grumble that we spend upwards of Rs.900 for a good breakfast in a very good vegetarian restaurant for just three or four of our family members.

Yet, in our background, there is someone guiding us. We pray to God in exactly the same way our father or mother or both did. We might travel abroad on official work to any corner of the world. But when we are back home we are back to our poojas as well. This is the beauty of spirituality. It does teach us to be within the law and not break it. It teaches us to have sanity in our lives, irrespective of whatever happens in the external environment. The corrupt politicians are simply distractions. The corrupt relatives who make enough money to travel abroad once in six months, do not distract us from our path of ethics. We tend to e guided only by our fathers or grandfathers who would have had a huge influence on us.

So be it. Let us not stay away from this path. If someone calls us "conservative", fine enough. Let us be branded so. Across the nation, it is always seen that spirituality does teach us only the good. Yes, some of us might be affected by even cancer, but the guts to withstand it and go away from this world will be far better in each of us who is spiritually inclined.

Learning from highly ethical people

A few years ago, a very ordinary headmaster of a Government school near Coimbatore, was affected with a severe kidney problem. The poor man, who was always ethical did not have the means to battle it out in the costly private sector hospitals in the city ( there are at least five of them today). When he was just wondering what to do, his son booked him an air-conditioned seat in the prestigious Kovai express and asked him to come over to Chennai, where he could be treated in an Ayurvedic hospital. It so happened that the person seated next to him was his old student, who had gone on to become a leading surgeon in the Government hospital in Chennai. The old man was not able to recognize the man, the doctor did. When he came to know of his problem, he took on the mantle of treating him thoroughly. One of his kidneys was replaced with a donor from among his close family members. Thereafter, the old man survived for a full 14 years. Yes, he had to undergo a severe diet control, But he saw through the trouble.

The doctor was on record that he was doing nothing for such an honest role model. He talked of those good old times when the headmaster would go all out and teach English and social science to him outside of office hours. He would nurture the talent of anyone who was poor but talented. He was ever optimistic. The doctor merely said that he learned so much from the headmaster.

This is exactly what happens when we learn values from highly ethical people. Let each one of us learn this simple lesson.

Think about where we will go ultimately

Death reduces us to a small pot of ashes within seconds. The electric crematoriums do a splendid job in these modern times.

This is just what will happen to each of us at any point in time. One moment and we are gone. We do not take back a single pie. This is the simple law of nature. This is exactly what our saints, our spiritual Gurus and our really good people whom we see all around us, teach us. Once this realization hits us hard, we will be far better people. We will be people who will be very ethical in whatever we do. We will be people who will never deviate from the ethical path, no matter the distractions.

It is not only about money. Even the highly educated professionals do have it as a habit, to stray from the path of "one life, one wife" and start having a relationship with someone else. It is always seen that the man is more guilty than the woman in such cases. When the legal wife comes to know about it, all hell breaks loose. The marriage sometimes ends in divorce.

All this can be avoided if we start thinking of this simple truth that can hit us very hard like a full bucket of bricks. Yes, life is so short to deviate from the moral path. Let us not do any such mistake. If we do it, our children will be watching us. When we cross sixty and then become rather tired for every single bit of work, we would realize all our mistakes. But that would be too late. This is exactly why we should be very careful in these matters too.

The distractions are real. Particularly at work. If we are in positions of authority, the woman might even suffer and not speak out. Yet, our moral and ethical standards would have plunged to the lowest levels.

Think of the huge peace of mind benefits

Just think of the okay that we receive from the IT department. If we try to hide something, the guys will simply come after us. There is absolutely nowhere for us to go. The only possibility that is absolutely ethical is to pump in as much as we can into instruments like the PPF.

Those who are basically non-vegetarians are now understanding what it pays to just cut down on the consumption. Not only does this save money, but they also improve their health. And their mental health too.

Such savings balances the income tax that automatically gets cut by the employer. This author has personally seen all the benefits of paying all taxes on time. It helps us to concentrate on "what next?" goals, like writing more than 250 articles the magical 365 days. That would mean around eighty articles in less than forty days!!

This is the sort of goal that keeps many going. Each of us has goals. Each of us is as smart as the other in one way or the other. Once we din this into our ears, life becomes that much easy and more enjoyable, without deviating from the ethical path.

Repeat the "happily share" moments

This is another thing that we can do. The headmaster in the earlier example started chatting about his experience with the doctor, his old student with all family members. When he had a five day holiday, the doctor came calling. He visited his old school and told the student about all that the headmaster did to him. This "happily share" moments became a talk of the town in that particular locality. The happiness was multiplied.

When our path is good, the results will also be good. There is absolutely no other way.


The aforesaid discussion is indicative. Life's real-world experiences teach us many things. Even when there are huge distractions, let us not deviate from the ethical path. Let us not take it on ourselves and become very irrationally. If we do so, we will face the consequences.

The above points are themselves only indicative. We might add many more to the list. Life goes on.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao23 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good write up but may not go well with many young generation people,
How many people really believe in spirituality and go for puja. Many of us go to God for what? To ask a favour from him. How many people will go to God and pray him for universal happiness? How many people pray for peace and growth of the world rather than his personal issues. I don't know whether we can call it spirituality? But a spiritual man will always be happy with whatever he has. The beauty here is that a corrupt man will also do puja in the house for hours together and go to temples regularly. So, will spirituality really keep us away from unethical ways?

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