The fun and enjoyment associated with picnics

Are you waiting for a vacation for the expedition? Why not go for a picnic at the weekends? It's always fun to go on a short trip with your family or friends and return by night. In this article, an overview of the fun and enjoyment associated with picnics is provided.

Weather plays a role in our outdoor activities, especially, in a tropical country like India and when the weather is comfortable we plan to enjoy our holidays in different ways. We are in the second month of a new year, the vacations are over, but we can enjoy our weekends during this season in various ways. A picnic is one such activity that is enjoyed by all.

Why picnics are always interesting

The most interesting part of a picnic is it's an outing and everything is completed within a day. Since you do not have to wait for holidays, just plan an outing on the weekends with your friends and family to have fun in the open. It's exciting to eat out in the open and have fun. It's a break from the monotony of eating out at restaurants. One interesting part of the picnic is the taste of the food. There is a wide scope of experimentation and anybody can take part in the cooking. When many of you have a say on the cooking, I hope nobody will mind if the taste alters.

Though nowadays, many people are packing their foods while going for a picnic, the excitement associated with preparing food at the spot and eating them is something to be cherished.

The role you play there

For many, it's a routine to attend weekend parties with friends. While the atmosphere at the parties is quite different, you can still find a well-arranged picnic very enjoyable. The advantage here in a picnic is you have a say on the selection of dishes that are prepared for lunch and breakfast. You can also choose the picnic spot along with a few of your associates and while choosing have a look into the amenities available there. While a large vacant space or a park is essential for kids to enjoy during the day time, there must be some rooms to keep your belongings. Most of the picnics are a whole day affair, so if the elderly or the kids feel tired they can easily move inside the rooms to have some rest. There may be a big dining hall in the picnic spot or you may opt for having lunch in the open. There are many picnic spots available with various amenities and look one that suits your group and budget.

While the children are playing in the open, you can also go back to your good old childhood days and start playing with them. The children enjoy a lot when adults are participating with them.

Funny aspects that you cannot miss

Now let me tell you a funny aspect about preparing the lunch in the picnic spot itself by the members of the group. Generally, in India, till now at many households the cooking or all the activities related to the kitchen are done by women. Now, in your group, if most of the males are afraid of cooking, it can be understood that they cannot cook and never gave it a try. Any men can take the initiative to give it a try in a picnic spot. It's a guarantee more male members will come forward to help. Now in this new found venture, if you add more spices or less salt in any dish you alone are not to be blamed. The blame will be shared by all the males who tried their hand in cooking for the first time. Don't worry! Your wives or mothers will not criticize you. If they at all start criticizing, it will be fun, really fun. You won't be able to guess how the time passed by indulging in all these activities.

Final words

While it's always good to enjoy and have fun along with your favourite dishes, it's important not to make the picnic spot untidy. Dispose of any leftovers in the proper place and do not waste. Keep a watch on the kids. Nowadays, not many open fields are there. So, kids will enjoy a lot in the open and if there are any fun rides in the picnic spot their joys will compound. Accompany them and have loads of fun with your group.

Article by Sankalan Bhattacharya
Sankalan "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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Author: Neeru Bhatt24 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Outdoor picnics are great to rejuvenate ourselves.

I remember in our student life we used to visit a temple during holidays. It was a hilly area and we used to cook our lunch and tea etc near the temple in the open space by collecting the scattered tree branches and sticks and grass blades.

It was real fun to cook over the primitive stone wood stove which we usually used to assemble there itself. Only issue was that the utensils which we took with us used to become black from the outside due to smoke and fire.

We could easily prepare some vegetable and poori followed by tea.

The activity used to last till about 2 PM and then we used to play some games and by the time we returned home we were charged with new energy and vigour in us.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao24 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Picnics are some sort of recreation in our busy lives. It is good for students as they can be away, for at least some time, from their books, home works and studies. It will be good for the housewives as they can enjoy the outside environment without worrying about the house and activities in the house. This will be good for the employees as they can enjoy the time forgetting all the troubles and tasks in their daily life. That way a picnic will bring some change for some time in the lives of all the people in some way or other. The picnic will be enjoyed by all by participating in small games and competitions.
But in some picnics organised by the organisations to their employees somehow or other, the top boss tries to bring in the office affairs with other participants individually or collectively and spoil the entire situation. That should not be done and no one should spoil the situation.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha24 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Picnics do create a positive impact on the minds of youngsters. I do recall my old days while studying in high school. The principal used to announce the date and venue of the picnic and we could notice a pleasant surprise among the students. It appeared as if the days of the picnic are nearing very slowly and we could often imagine the greenery at the site of the picnic. Every year the site was to be changed so as to have exposure to the different eye-catching places. Such arrangements were full of funs for the students. The real pleasure was in collecting the woods and cooking different varieties of dishes. Needless to say, the activities were full of fun giving us immense pleasure. Our teachers narrated different experiences as to how they used to enjoy in their school days.

To cut short the story, picnic organised by all sections of the society would add pleasure provided serious talks are avoided. Exploring the natural scenarios such as rivers, hills and jungles of that region could escalate the pleasure. The purpose of the celebration should be common - how to make it a memorable one?

Author: Umesh24 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A picnic is a word which brings happiness on the faces of all the family members, old or young. It is an invitation to the lap of mother nature, an opportunity to go out and see the nature in its virgin form.

I want to add that going out for the picnic has many surprising effects on the people and it is claimed as one of the best methods to cure the mentally retarded or unhealthy people. Even a trip to the park gives revitalising energy to a disabled person on a wheelchair.

In earlier times, many temples were constructed far from the main town and were placed on the top of the hills or on the banks of the river or near some places having abundant greenery. The reason for that was that people can go there in groups and enjoy the picnic type activity. Otherwise one can worship God even in a temple in the housing complex itself.

So the utility of picnic is immense in our life and the author has also brought many such points in his exhaustive and interesting article on the subject.

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