8 reasons to learn French you need to know

France is one of the strongest countries in the world; military, economy, influence, culture and so on. With its long history, this country has established its influence in various Francophone parts of the world, especially in Africa. Therefore, French is one of the most important in the world after England and Spain. Together with Mandarin, French is increasingly popular and is needed in many countries without a strong French culture. From day to day, French courses continue to emerge, both conventional and online. Today you can find online French courses easily; one of them is by clicking this link: https://www.bestadvisor.com/best-french-courses-online

Amid the growing development of teaching French in various parts of the world, we have one question. Why is this language so important? Here are 8 strong reasons why you should learn French as soon as possible.

There are a lot of reasons!
There are many reasons to learn French, including enjoying Paris to the fullest. Do you need reasons to learn French? The language of love; the language of culture according to some. We are not going to get involved in debates of that kind but you have to know that we love the French language. What we will love, we fall in love! And yes, of course: English will remain the king of kings; however, in a world as globalized as in which we live, knowing two languages (Hindi and presumably English) is no longer enough. And there are many and varied reasons that defend the learning of a third language.

French is usually the most common option among Indian people when choosing a third language, being the language that is most taught in schools and institutes in some parts of our country after English. Despite this, many people believe that the language of our neighbors, today, has hardly any use. Big mistake ... And we intend to prove it. Today we bring you 8 reasons to learn French as soon as possible, just in case you had any doubt. Just keep reading!

1. French is one of the most spoken languages in the world

In fact; French has more than 200 million speakers and is the official language in 33 countries (although 68 are considered francophones). What do you think is not enough? Well, there's more! French is the ninth most spoken language in the world and the only one along with English that is practised in the five continents and that can be learned in all the countries of the planet. The reason for this is that France had many colonies in the past.

2. The importance of new technologies

After English and German, French is the sixth most used language on the Internet. But it is that in addition to occupying the 'Top 10' of the intranet, French is one of the most important languages of this increasingly technological world, thanks to the great international media of French language: TV5, France 24, Radio France Internationale and so on.

3. An insurance for your professional career

Because languages are one of the aspects most valued by companies in the selection process. The question is: which languages are the most important for companies? We will not deny it: English is essential. But as a third language, French is very well considered, especially if we plan to work in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, some countries in Africa and, of course, France. In addition to being highly valued in the automotive, textile, gastronomic, engineering and international organizations such as the Red Cross, the UN or the IMF, among others.

4. Learning French facilitates the learning of other languages

To note, knowing French facilitates the study of other languages. Mainly the Latin languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese ...), but also English: French is the basis of more than 50% of the current Anglo-Saxon vocabulary. France makes a big contribution to many European languages so mastering this language can give you an advantage in learning other European languages.

5. And it's easy to learn

Because for the same reason that French makes the learning of Latin languages more bearable, Spanish or Portuguese or Italian facilitates the study of French.

6. A language to know the world

Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux ... They are beautiful cities, a must. And they are all French cities. We do not have to say how practical French can be if we decide to go sightseeing in France. But knowing it, we will not only be able to enjoy our trip through the Gallic country even more. Monaco, Switzerland, Canada, the Seychelles, half Africa ... They are all destinations where speaking French can be very useful.

7. A language to study in French universities

In case of you want to study in France, in one of its many prestigious universities or in the major trade and engineering schools (ranked among the best in the world), it is essential to know French (and also have a very good level). In addition, if you master the language you will be able to access scholarships from the French government for the third cycle of study in France in all types of disciplines, and also obtain an internationally recognized diploma in French.

8. The language of culture

French is the international language of cooking, fashion, theatre, visual art, dance and architecture. Knowing French allows you to enjoy the original works of French literature, but also cinema and music. Without a doubt a language to know new cultural borders.

As you can see, French is not at all a "secondary" language. Its importance both in the workplace and in the tourist, cultural, etc. it's huge. And hell if you fall in love once you get to learn it! If this is your goal, we are sorry to say that we do not have our own French courses (no matter how much we love this language). We hope you will be of great help to enter fully into one of the most beautiful languages and countries in the world.

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Article by Tony John
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Author: Umesh24 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Learning a foreign language is always a great task as it adds to one's knowledge and academic level immensely.

In our country, we are learning the English language by default as English is now not a sign of British colonialism but is an international language of communication. Other than that most of us do not get the opportunity to learn any foreign language. Some students who are going to study in countries other than the US and the UK may get an opportunity to learn a new language.

If we consider the foreign languages, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic etc are definitely attracting the students based on the importance of these languages for studying abroad and making a career.

We may view this as an additional effort from our side but learning a third language is very common in the European countries as it gives leverage for a career across the whole of Europe.

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