The Perks of an Aeronautical Engineering Degree that you should be aware of

Learn more Aeronautical engineering courses and its career prospects. Check out some of the best colleges offering Aeronautical engineering courses in India.

Aeronautical engineering can be explained as a study about the design of the components and systems of an aircraft. This engineering degree aims at imparting practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of materials required, assembling parts, testing, and post-manufacturing maintenance. Students graduating in this stream attain a grasp of aerodynamics, aerospace materials, structures, propulsion, flight mechanics, stability and control.

Aeronautical engineering

It is easy to confuse Aeronautical Engineering with Aerospace Engineering, which makes it critical to highlight the difference between the two. The major factor to consider while understanding the two studies is that aeronautical engineering is a specialization which comes under the umbrella of aerospace engineering. Workers in Aeronautical engineering often work exclusively with an aircraft, while Aerospace engineers may also work with weapons or spacecrafts for scientific purposes.

An Aeronautical Engineering degree is a unique degree which is in high demand with a constantly growing user base. Manufacturers also feel the need to regularly innovate their products in order to keep up to pace in dynamic business environments. In this article, we will go on to emphasize the perks and benefits one can accrue having completed their education in this field.


One of the striking features of this degree is its uniqueness in practicality in today's world. The need for aircrafts will ceaselessly exist and educating yourself in this field will propel you into a pretty niche career segment. Not many individuals out there can even think of understanding how an Airbus A320 engine functions, let alone understand how to take it apart and then put back together, or even designing one of their own. This degree as much about getting your hands dirty physically as it is about learning up books. The learning in this field never stops. Engineers are exposed to new designs, ideas and technologies and on a daily basis.


Engineers among a variety of fields believe that the rewards and satisfaction gained from their respective fields are intangible and cannot be expressed in monetary terms. The commercial growth of space offers the opportunity for many firsts as science and industry move beyond the realms of the Earth. Opportunities in this profession are rich and varied.

Career Prospects and Growth

Due to its high demand, the pay-scale and entry-level job packages are attractive and high enough to spike curiosity levels. Logically thinking - manufacturing big planes is, unsurprisingly, big businesses and companies are eager to hire graduates with well-honed skills. Graduates might work as manufacturers designing the tools and devices used for repairing planes, or even as consultants monitoring the manufacturing process. Having attained a degree, Aeronautical engineers have got an awful lot of intriguing– and well paid – options at their fingertips.

Exposure and Accountability

This degree demands and harnesses a deep understanding of mathematics, information technology, physics, the internals and mechanics of engines, and even aspects of chemistry. Additionally, engineers often find themselves in charge of teams, having to delegate roles and consider possibilities in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of their workforce. Like most degrees, it requires high levels of hard work, however, for anyone looking for a challenge, or a passion to develop genuinely practical skills in the real world, an Aeronautical Engineering degree might just be the way forward. Engineers can impact the world by facilitating research, developing eco-friendly fuel alternatives, and by streamlining production in order to minimize waste.

There is a large scope of growth of employment opportunities for engineers across both public and private sectors. One could join government services such as the Ministry of Defense or even the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization) is also a prominent example of aeronautical engineers. Giant aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing also aim to employ graduates from this stream. A host of job opportunities for aeronautical engineers are also available in countries like USA, France, UK and Germany. Therefore, aeronautical engineers from India flock to these countries in search of employment. This can be proved by how a large percentage of the workforce of NASA is constituted by Indians.

The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies commonly knows as UPES, in Dehradun, is one of the top premier institutes offering a BTech in Aeronautical Engineering. At UPES, students are introduced to the real world and taken for industrial/corporate visits in order to grow their learning curve and acquaint them with the aviation industry. Through an interactive teaching methodology, the School of Engineering allows the students to explore, discover and understand various aspects of Aeronautics.

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