Is it the right time to Immigrate to Canada ? (about Age and 2019 Elections)

Do you want to study abroad in Canada? One of the most popular destinations for higher studies. This article will give you an insight into the reasons which makes Canada, one of the best countries for higher education.

If you want to study abroad, then one thing that you should first decide is the country and more specifically the city you want to study in. There are more than half a century of countries where studying abroad is very popular and Canada is one of them. It is one of the popular countries of North America, where a lot of students from all over the world come to study. If you have just completed your higher secondary or graduation and you are looking for a university to study, then you may think of coming to Canada to study. In India, you can find many experienced Canada study abroad consultants, who will help you to go through visa processing and other services smoothly. Now, you will require some reasons to come to study here, so here are a few which makes Canada one of the best destinations to come for higher studies.

Is it the right time to immigrate to Canada?

The 2019 elections

If you are a middle-aged citizen of India and you are working in a government, semi-government or even a private organization for a long time, then probably you have nothing much to expect from this immigration program. The priorities of your life will be to gain higher positions in your job, for example, becoming a manager or managing director or some other top official of your company. Let's say that your family contains four members among which you and your wife or husband is working. Then in the event of upcoming elections, you and your spouse will have definitely gained some benefits from the government in this year's budget. For example, if you are individually earning Rs.5,00,000 then you will have to pay no income tax on it. Along with this, the government of India has increased the interest rates for recurring deposits, fixed deposits, and small investment deposits. Are you ready to leave these benefits and the comfort of your job and security and come to immigrate to Canada? You will have to hunt a new job in Canada and then again start your life struggle again in Canada afresh. Are you ready for that? Your age demands some comfort and security regarding the family.

Unskilled workers

The above discussion was for those people who belong to the high-income class or upper middle class, and upper class of India. Now let us look into the unskilled workers or the people who belong to the labor class of India. Now, it has been seen in the former immigration programs of various countries that there is a high demand for unskilled workers in foreign countries. Therefore, it is quite expected that this will remain the same this year. Again, the same question arises as a worker are you ready to leave the comfort of the job that you already have here to find a new job in Canada which you cannot be sure that you will be able to get or not? However, one point here to consider is that, if you belong to the labor class, then your salary in India will not be very high. Hence, you can try and take this risk once. You will require some vocational qualification to be able to apply for immigration. For example, if you are a carpenter in India, then you would require a vocational degree in this field(maybe a certificate of a 1-year course from a reputable organization) to prove that you have the expertise that is required. You will have to go through the list of the jobs that are available in Canada for unskilled workers and corresponding NOC number for that. You need to match your job with that NOC number.

Students studying in Canada

If you are a student from this country who have recently gone to Canada to study, then you can also think of applying for immigration and setting in this country. You will fall in the age group of 16-25, which means you are just about to start your career. You will get some extra advantage as you are currently studying in a Canadian college. If you are about to complete your graduation in a college in Canada and you want to look for jobs in this country itself, then you can definitely think of applying for the immigration program after you finish your graduation. However, the same risk of getting a job, settling down in a foreign country and monetary security lies with you too. If you want to settle down in an abroad country then you can take this risk, struggle for some initial couple of years and then apply for the citizenship of this country.


To conclude, the answer to the question that whether you should apply for the immigration process of Canada totally depends on your current status in this country and on this fact that how comfortable are you to risk it all and go to a different country, which is totally unknown to you. One way, however, to know this country better is to apply for higher studies in this country.

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