Top 10 benefits of regular dental check-ups

Have you ever wondered why doctors always insist on getting regular dental check-ups? All of us go to the dentist when we face a problem but read on to know why it's important and the benefits of regular dental check-ups with your dentist.

Are you the one who has been regularly missing the dental check-ups and do not give much importance to your oral health? Then, it is high time to sit back, relax and think. Ignoring dental and oral health care is not at all a good idea. The oral health of an individual is responsible for chronic diseases of the heart and the lungs. It is also responsible for the proper functioning of the brain. There are many benefits of regular dental check-ups with your dentist.

Yes. The mouth is connecting the entire body together. The mouth is like the bridge of our body. So missing the dental check-up is not a wise step after all. Book your next appointment with the best dentist in Ernakulam and get a thorough check-up of your precious little mouth.

Still not sure? Then check out the top 10 benefits of a regular dental check-up.

  1. Always and forever

  2. The regular dental check-up will ensure that our healthy smile stays intact for a longer time or even last a lifetime. Detecting early signs of tooth decay and fixing it shall definitely save the tooth from a painful extraction.

  3. Know the condition of your teeth

  4. The X-rays during the check-up will definitely let the dentist take a deeper look into the roots to the teeth. X-rays will detect whether a root canal therapy is in line or the cavity filling has come off.

  5. That twinkling smile

  6. A regular check-up with the dentist gets the plaque removed. If the plaque is not removed it hardens and forms plaque or tartar. The tartar leads to a severe dental cavity and bad breath. So to keep the cavity at a distant visiting the dentist is a must.
    shining teeth

  7. Shiny white teeth

  8. The dentist also removes all the stains and uneven shades of yellow from the teeth leaving you with healthy, shiny white teeth. What more motivation can one ask for than the sparkling smile in a selfie?

  9. Long term benefit for the heart

  10. Gum diseases are closely knit with cardiovascular diseases. Clean teeth lead to lesser chances of gum diseases. Therefore the budding threat of heart disease is less likely to happen.

  11. A general discussion about health with the dentist is motivational

  12. General talk about the overall health can motivate the much-needed kick for you to start a new physical routine that is due pending. After all, our body is like a temple. It should be clean, healthy and totally functioning in good condition.

  13. Have mercy on your digestive system

  14. For proper digestion of food, the teeth need to chew the food properly sizing it into bits and pieces. But if the gums or the teeth do not permit chewing properly then the ingesting bolus is not effectively sized into bits and pieces for proper digestion. So it is important to properly chew the food we eat.

  15. Detecting any other existing disease

  16. During the dental check-up, the dentist might detect non-dental diseases and refer you for further treatment. Bone loss, vitamin and iron deficiencies, osteoporosis may be detected by the dentist if you are suffering from any of the above. Dental check-up reveals more serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, HIV and glandular fever to point out a few.

  17. A stitch in time saves nine

  18. In this case, a check-up in time saves the set of teeth. An early dental check-up can reveal any loose filling or a gum disease at the bud. A small tooth fracture can lead to a root canal procedure in the future if left untreated. Nipping the diseases in the budding stage relieves the individual of any pain in the near future. This small step also saves a lot in the long run.

  19. Save yourself from unnecessary dental surgeries which were avoidable

During the dental check-up, every aspect of the mouth is under the microscope. So nothing goes undetected. Leaving the fracture or the filling unattended will cause build up in the mouth and even breed bacteria. These issues may take lengthier and expensive procedures to treat. It may cause the loss of tooth also. In order to prevent all these huge diseases and save yourself the agony, it is better to go on and get the dental check-up up to date.
Walk-in to the best dental clinic in Kochi if you have missed an appointment in the near past.


Author: Reena Upadhya08 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The author in this article has described 10 amazing benefits of regular dental check-ups. Most of us neglect it as we consider it not so important. We only visit dentists when we suffer from uncontrollable pain or some other symptoms that bother us. Most of us without fail go for physical check-ups but when it comes to the oral cavity, we neglect it. Oral care is as important as physical care because the oral cavity is related to the entire body system. The body cannot remain healthy in the absence of a healthy oral cavity.

ADA which stands for the American Dental Association recommends dental check-ups every six months. Some of us are at high risk of suffering from oral diseases and thus need to visit dental clinic more frequently for check-ups. Pregnant women, diabetic individuals, individuals who smoke excessively or consume tobacco in some form or the other and those who have compromised immunity are at high risk and thus should frequently see their dentists.

Kids are scared of dental treatments and dentists. Thus, if parents go for regular dental checkups, they will be inspiring their kids to do the same by setting an example. Those parents or guardians who do not follow this rule are discouraging good oral hygiene traits in the little ones. They need to teach the kids that regular dental checkups are a part of taking care of oral health.

Teeth that are not strong, misaligned or prone to caries cannot chew the food properly. Thus, all these factors affect digestion. Thus, regular dental check-ups help greatly. Dentists may suggest various processes that will enable strong teeth by helping to prevent caries, removal of caries, extraction of extremely mobile teeth, replacing the lost ones. They may also suggest crowns, veneers etc.

Author: Nimmy16 May 2019 Member Level: Silver   Points : 4

The world's most common health problem is Dental. Foremost care about oral health has to be taken by every individual.

1. Consuming Sugary or sticky foods/drinks and not cleaning well.
2. Plague formation.
3. Dry Mouth.
4. Not brushing your teeth properly, preferably twice a day.


1. Toothache, sudden pain.
2. Sensitivity.
3. A change in the colour of the enamel.
4. Swelling.

If you neglect the symptoms they become severe and you may suffer daily pain, difficulty in eating, tooth loss etc. You will not be able to identify the cavity formation. That is why it is important to regularly consult a dental specialist.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha16 May 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Our assumption is that neglecting dental care is not going to affect any vital system ie digestion, heart, liver or kidney system etc.
Dental and gum problem may arise because of the following lapses-
1) Consuming excess sugary items and not properly following up by brushing or cleaning later on.
2) Not sticking to foods offering enough vitamin B and Vitamin C.
3) Plaque may occur because of excess acidity formation.
4) Non-maintenance of a healthy schedule of brushing the teeth twice daily after meals.
5) Excess consumption of tobacco, betel nuts etc causing discolouration of teeth apart from erosion of gum contour. This may give rise to other disorders as well such as liver problem, high BP, Kidney and heart problems etc.

The poor care of dental hygiene would result in the cavity in the teeth, tartar, discolouration of teeth etc. So it is very vital to have a regular check-up of teeth and gums in order to know the latest status of dental health.

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