Benefits of Developing Modern Web/Mobile Apps with React.js

React.js is an essential JavaScript library for both web applications and business apps created on mobiles. Read the article carefully to know the reasons behind this.

If you have a business organization, then you need a proper website that can process data speedily. In order to design the website, the developers have to depend on Javascript. There are a few libraries in javascript that help in developing the website in a better, speedy and dynamic manner. React.js is one such library that is created to enhance the business by creating faster web pages that can track files from the servers quickly and process information from them quickly. In order to do that there should be a certain amount of search optimization, which can be enhanced by the React.js library. There are so many React js development companies in India which provide excellent service for web/mobile applications. React.js has become an essential library for both web applications and business apps created on mobiles. Let us see a few of the reasons behind this.

Benefits of Developing Modern Web/Mobile Apps with React.js


  • Components or Modules

    - This library helps in making application modular. The app that is to be developed will have a lot of features and the features will get modified or improved every month. Therefore, the app designers require certain libraries which can help them implement the commonly used routines. There is no need to write the functions for those commonly used routines as they are required in most of the apps. Therefore there is no need to write the code for those common components of the app. For example, there should be a code to handle the error in the app, then instead of writing the same code over and over again, each time the error appears it is better to call it from the react.js library. Again say, the app will be modified from its current version to a newer version. Then, in that case, there should be certain functions which will form the basic architecture or the basic components for the newer modifications. The modified version of the app cannot start on altogether new functionality. Therefore, these basic functional components can be provided by the react.js library.

  • One-way data binding

    - Now, certain libraries of javascript ensure two-way data binding and some one-way data binding. React.js helps in one way data binding and that helps in bringing a high level of abstraction. As earlier mentioned, the code here is developed into various components or modules. Among them, some are the child modules and some are the parent. These components can communicate among them with the help of message passing. However, when the app needs modification, then some of these child modules will get upgraded or modified. In that case, these modifications will never influence the functionalities of the parent modules. This way the user will get a high level of abstraction while using the app. The upgrading of the app also will be of a lesser headache to the user.

  • Availability of tools

    -This library of javascript comes with a few free tools that help in developing the apps with ease. These tools help in upgrading the components, managing the components and removing any redundancy, accessing the parent components independent of those of the child ones, and much more. Therefore, the developers just need to learn how to call the tool and how to incorporate them in their coding template.

  • Corporate support

    -React js app development has become popular today and therefore quite a number of corporate companies employ this react js library for their web and mobile application development. This results in promotion of this library to companies which are now just startups. Some of the popular business models that use react.js are Dropbox, IMDb, Facebook etc. The main reason for its popularity among the corporates is that the amount of search engine optimization or SEO that can be done with this library. SEO is a very important thing that the corporates require for their organization's website to become more popular and bring a lot of business.

  • Simple to learn

    - Lastly, react.js is simple to learn as it is just a library module. There are some simple instructions which the developer needs to understand in order to incorporate other components and modules with this library. Therefore, even if a developer has not used this library earlier, he or she can learn the use of this library while actually using this library for developing the app.

In conclusion, although react.js app development has a lot of benefits, one big disadvantage of react.js is that the documentation of this library is not in enough details. This creates a problem for the programmers when they join a project which was done earlier by somebody else on react.js. However, this problem could be solved by the programmers themselves. They can enhance the documentation of this library, once they understand the use of certain modules used by this library. Other than that this library has always proved to be highly effective for business modules. Therefore, it is highly recommended for both web and mobile app development. Today, many web and software development companies in India use react js development in order to provide customized web/mobile apps to their customers.


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