How students can overcome exam fear, pressure and tension

Every year exam season starts from March to April in India. It is usual in every family at least some of the members will take their final exams in this season. So the students and the parents pay a lot of attention towards these exams. In this article, I give an account of how students have to prepare themselves for their exams as well as how to overcome pressure and tension during this exam time.


Examination time is a tension time for students as well as their parents. Students have to concentrate well on their studies to do well in their exams. The fear and tension become much more on students as the parents and teachers from both the sides put pressure on them. Parents and teachers have to see that the students should not feel psychological or physical pressure during their preparation for their exams and so that they take exam event as a festival. Students should get sufficient relaxation time in between their successive study time which helps to refresh their mind as well as for their body. Students, parents, and teachers have to follow certain methods to make their exams' event a happy one.

Ways for students to overcome the pressure of exams

Students every year have to face final or annual exams to promote themselves to next higher level of their studies. So at the time of exams so many doubts arise into their minds like whether they can score well or not in the exams or whether they can do better in a particular subject or not. Such type of thoughts will bring psychological fear, tension, and pressure in the mind of the student. But if the student prepares himself/herself in an organized way well before the exams, one can take the exams in a bold and confident way.
  • Exam fear enters into students mind as the exams come closer. Students fear that how their parents, relatives, and teachers feel if they get low marks in their exams. So students should remove such fear from their mind to face the exams more confidently and boldly.

  • Students fear how they will write if the exam paper comes tough or if questions come out of the topic which they have not prepared well or whether they can write properly even if they get known questions etc. This type of thinking in the student's mind will hamper the effective preparation of the child for the exams. So parents and teachers have to remove such type of fear in the student's mind.

  • Student may know how much ability he/she had and how many marks range he/she can score. But pressure from parents and teachers compel them to score beyond their reach. This conflict brings a lot of pressure on them. So parents and teachers should not set such targets which are beyond the student's capacity. In such a situation the student may fail even what he/she capable of scoring some good marks.

  • Students should decide the way they want to prepare themselves for the exams, the way they want to attempt the exams. Students have to develop a positive attitude, self-decisions and positive self-belief in them to face the exams boldly rather than thoughts taken from outside.

  • Students have to arrange themselves to reach the exam hall at least half an hour well before the exam starts. Students have to see that they should carry the materials that are required for the exams like hall ticket, pen pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, mathematical instruments etc. for the examination. Students should stop preparing at least two hours well before the exam. The confidence levels of the student decrease as they prepare under pressure till the last minute of the exam.

  • Students should not read while they are traveling through the bus, auto, car or any vehicle to reach the exam center. Students get feared and confused when they think about the things what they have not prepared at the last moment. So students have to boost themselves in their mind that they are not going for the exam to learn but write answers only.

  • After reaching the exam center, meet your friends who are always positive in their approach and talk them with jovially to relax from the exam tension.

  • If you feel tense in the exam hall, close your eyes for a few seconds and do breathing exercise to relax. To boost your confidence levels think about the exams you did well in the past.

  • In summer season don't wear tight dresses and silk dresses in the exam times. Always wear loose cotton dresses which makes you comfortable in the exam hall.

Role of parents

Parents have a greater role in reducing the fear, tension, and pressure of exams of their children. Parents have to keep the following things in their mind while they are preparing their wards for the exams.
  • Parents have to share everything positively with their wards. Parents and children have to discuss together to frame a time schedule for the preparation of the exams well before the start of the exams. Proper relaxation time also should be availed in between successive preparation time.

  • Parents have to see that more time to be allocated for difficult subjects in the preparation schedule for the preparation of those difficult subjects.

  • The atmosphere of the room in which the children are preparing for the exams should be comfortable for their preparation. Gadgets like mobile phones, T.V., Laptop etc. should be away from them. The study chairs provided for the children should be comfortable for them otherwise they face neck pain or body pain problems. Don't allow them to sit on the Sofa or on the bed to prepare for the exams.

  • Children may not show interest in eating food during exams time because of their worry about the exams. But parents should take care of their diet and must provide nutritious food in a timely fashion. Otherwise, their brain won't be active because of the lack of providing energy to it.

  • During exams time to complete their revision children do not go to sleep late at night. But it is not at all good. Children should get at least 6 to 7 hours of quality sleep at night. This makes their brain and body provided with rejuvenated energy. This will help them to recollect the learn things easily and fare well in the exams. It is always advisable to take rest at night rather than working hard late at night.

  • During exams time parents should provide the children with the necessary help they needed in their preparation. They must create the atmosphere of the room in which they are preparing for the exam is quiet and peaceful. They should keep the study room neat and tidy.

  • Parents have to spend more time with their children while they are preparing for the exams. Parents have to remove the exam fear of their children through encouraging words. Parents have to promote a sense of confidence in their children by saying that they are already doing better and can do wonders in the final exams.

  • Parents and teachers should not restrict their children in playing games with physical exercise during exam times since they provide mind and body relaxation. This, in turn, increases the positive energy of thinking.

  • Teachers and parents should not scold students repeatedly about their failures in the past which has a negative effect on their performances. Parents have to make their children adopt a positive approach and positive thinking towards any problems they are facing in their education.

  • Parents and teachers should not discuss the mistakes they committed in the previous exam while they are starting for preparing for the next exam

  • Parents have to make their children think that failures are the stepping stones for great success in their life

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao10 Mar 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Yes, examinations are bringing a lot of pressure not only to the students but also to their parents. These are the days of competition. One should work hard to be successful and attain their goals. This competitive atmosphere is only giving a lot of pressure to the students.

Students should try their best and face the examinations but they should not get pressurised. They should know their strong points and weak points and try to concentrate on their weak points to overcome. They should not compare with others and feel inferior.

Parents should also know the capabilities of their children and should not put pressure on them by telling about other students who are doing better than their kids. Everyone can't become a Tendulkar. The parents should assess the capabilities of their children and see that they perform to their maximum level. If they pressurise more there is every chance that the children will become ineffective.

Author: Umesh11 Mar 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A nice article on the aspect of fear of exams in the minds of the students.

In my opinion, this fear of exam in the minds of the children is the outcome of how they are brought up and how their aspirations were channelized by the parents during their tender age.

Exams are not a taboo matter. They are the steps to our progress for making a fruitful career in our life. If the children are guided to fight and win for becoming a big person in life then they will start to take it as a game of courage and competition and will be motivated to perform better to win and succeed. So during the upbringing of the children, the parents have to deliver this role of mentor and guide. Studying is not a bargain. It is a matter of your life and career.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha11 Mar 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

The article seems to be relevant for both the examinees and their parents who always remain in an anxious state prior to the commencement of the examination. With the approaching date of the examination, the examinee gets terribly upset with the negative thoughts hovering in his mind especially the bad performance due to poor preparation.

Definitely, the role of parents in alleviating such negative emotions is crucial and a supporting atmosphere encouraging the examinee for sustained study irrespective of outcome is desirable. Most of the times it has been seen that the students become over sensitive with the adverse comments of their teachers and parents and hence a prudent approach from the parental side would help students in overcoming the anxiety associated with the examination.

The parents should offer general guidance such as preparation of notes incorporating the essential points in each chapter and multiple revision of such notes will make them comfortable. The parents should include nutritive diets including sufficient proteins and essential minerals to boost their stamina apart from adherence to a good sleeping pattern for at least seven hours.

The right guidance of the parents, encouraging the students to follow the study schedule consistently and nutritive diet and the proper sleeping regime would keep the students away from unnecessary anxieties prior to an examination.

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