A happy life is one that is inspired by Love and guided by Knowledge

This article talks about the secret to a happy life. What do we mean by love? What exactly is knowledge? And how can these two help us in achieving happiness? To know about all that, read this article.

What do we want from life? This is a question that each and every one of us must have asked ourselves at some point or the other. The answers will obviously be different for each and every one of us. Some of us might want an eight-digit annual income while others might have more modest aims. Some others may be running after non-monetary goals. Yet, there must be some kind of commonality in the answers which we give to that question. All of us ultimately want happiness. The satisfaction of having work done properly, the pride at having our efforts being recognized or simply seeing our family being happy may be enough to give us happiness.

In leading a happy life, two basic things are absolutely necessary. These are love and knowledge. Love means an extreme form of affection – whether for a person, a place, an idea or a work. Knowledge means having the necessary information or understanding of how to get something done. All other elements of a truly happy life originate when love and happiness combine together in the right proportion.

Why do we need both love and knowledge?

To understand whatever has been written in the preceding paragraph, it might be helpful to look at some cases. Let us take the example of a person who loves the village where he was born and where he has spent the whole of his life. The village is now suffering from erosion on its river banks due to the nearby river. The person knows that if an embankment is built, that erosion can be prevented. He campaigns for the construction of the embankment – by filing petitions and by organizing protest movements. Eventually, when the government fails to act, he conducts a fundraising campaign to get the embankment constructed. Even now, when he looks at the embankment and the potential danger from which his villagers were saved, he is filled with happiness beyond measure.

Or take the example of Jadav Payeng. This person loved nature and the environment around him. He knew that trees were necessary to prevent environmental degradation. Therefore, he dedicated four decades of his life to planting trees. Perhaps the same happiness which was experienced by the person in the first case fills Payeng's soul as well when he sees the forest he created.

Or you can even think about any person who loves his family. The person wants to provide his mother with his time, with his love and with the more mundane needs like the daily medicines. He wants to provide his wife and his children with every possible comfort of life. But he does not have any job. Nor does he have any job-oriented knowledge. How do you expect him to fulfill the needs of his family? Instead of happiness, a strange frustration would fill his heart and mind.

In the same breath, you can discuss the example of a particular scholarly person. There is no subject in the world which is unknown to him. The various sciences, as well as various languages, are known to him. Yet when he ventures into the world beyond the book, he sees lifelessness. To him, a flower is simply a flower. It does not invoke any feelings of joy. His family members are simply human beings who reside in the same house as him. To such a person, even with the best of knowledge, this world and perhaps any world would be dull and lifeless. No happiness would be there for him anywhere.

How, then, do we achieve the ideal state?

What is the point in giving the examples which we have listed in the preceding paragraphs? The point here is that love and knowledge are both necessary for the ideally happy life. For leading a happy life, we must have an object of affection. That can be anything – our family, our friends, our work etc. Secondly, we should have the knowledge as to how we can achieve the welfare of our object of affection. That would give us satisfaction beyond measure. True happiness would then be within our grasp.


Author: Sheo Shankar Jha28 Mar 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Happiness can be restored with full involvement in the area where one is having interest. With the extension of the same logic, a man is involved in upgrading his children with full dedication without minding his physical, mental and financial effort to upgrade their capabilities. The binding force behind it is his inherent love prompting him to take such initiatives. Our weak points are our own birthplace and our association with the friends playing every game in childhood and such association definitely roused our pleasure by way of frank talks. Such reminisces encourage us in doing some constructive work in our native place such as the creation of schools, health centers, etc with the help of interested villagers so that the ultimate beneficiaries are the villagers. Such feelings emanate from our inner core of heart. Money alone would not solve the problem unless we take the other issues into consideration such as our physical involvement, motivating the people in the attainment of our objectives. We may do all these for the sheer love of our birthplace and this will provide us unparallel happiness.

The author has dealt with the topic in the article with lucid interpretations and it is worth reading.

Author: Reena Upadhya02 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The author has chosen a unique topic for his article writing and deserves appreciation for the same. This well-written article describes the two essential elements of living a happy life which is love and knowledge.

Though happiness and love both are inherent qualities, we seem to find them in the outer world. Love, of course, is the driving force that keeps things alive. It creates a spark and inspires people to accomplish something great and out of the world. Accomplishments of course never take place in the state of ignorance. An individual should be well equipped with knowledge that will lead him to the path of success. Thus, as rightly described by the author that love offers inspiration and knowledge serves as the guiding force to accomplish the things and all these things build a firm foundation of a happy and prosperous life.

Author: Umar06 Apr 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Love and knowledge are important elements for a happy life which the author has very well written in this write-up. People in this materialistic world are running after anything but losing happiness and love from the loved ones in the process. The author deserves appreciation for this wonderful post. I hope you post many more informative posts on ISC to spread love and knowledge!

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