Water Conservation the need of time

March 16 to March 22 This week is celebrated as Water Conservation Week. It would be appropriate to write about the water and water conservation on the occasion. Today there is a need to take care of the use of water. As water is a national wealth, we have to utilize it in proper way.

Importance of water in human life

Water has great significance in our lives. Science says that the origin of the earth is actually from water. So water is our life. Water is the national wealth. If every citizen took necessary care of avoiding excess use of water to maintain the natural cycle, then the next generation will not have any shortage of water.

Water Conservation

Water conservation has become the need of the time. If the water is running, then allow it to walk, if the water is walking, then stop it and when it stops immediately percolate it on the spot. We must be careful about this water conservation system. Despite of 71% water content in the world, the percentage of drinking water is only 3%. Therefore, all human beings should use water as much as they need. Our body has 60 to 70% water. It is essential to have that much water for healthy life and hence the water is called life. If water is life, then it should be saved and used properly. Oxygen dissolves in water and this oxygen is consumed by species in water and survives. Because of this property of water its place in the universe is unique. But in daily life we seen that lot of wastage of water. Government tries to deliver importance about saving of water through medium like TV and radio. But only few people who are actually used to save water or use water properly. If we all save water now, then water will be available to the next generations. Otherwise it is said that the next world war will be for water.

Water saving at individual level

Water saving is important at the individual level. Pagoli wells have been constructed by several villages in Maharashtra's Pen Taluka, in Konkan region. This water can be used at the personal level. The water can be percolated in the soil and can be used. Wastewater can be used for our small home garden. Use water from the bucket to wash the car. Water conservation is a national work or task and it became successful when everyone is honest and trying to save water.

Water Conservation measures

In Konkan regionrain fall has about 150 inches but still there is water scarcity in the summer. The solution is to dig the fields from the top of the hill to the base, construct large small and rigid dams, implement the rain water harvesting scheme, recharge the wells and remove the mud of the pond. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had tied the water cisterns on each fort and arranged for proper maintenance of it. The Agrani river in the Khanapur Taluka of Sangli District in Maharashtra is a good example of water conservation. Two years ago, the existence of the river in this village had ended. The villagers called the water expert Rajendra Singh to the village, he gave instructions after study the river from origin and accordingly the binders were dug and once again the Agrani river starts flowing. Actor Amir khan brought revolution in 4000 villages of Maharashtra through his organization called Water Foundation. An example of how water conservation scheme can be well implemented through the participation of the villagers.


There were rivers in many villages. They never tuck. Because the water pulling equipment used in early days were not so powerful. Now there is modern equipment and water is pumped through it. We just pull the water as per our demand but forgotten to percolate that much water, so the water level has diminished. The only solution to this is to use water properly and to assimilate every drop of rain water in the soil. With the help of Rain Harvesting we can increase the level of water by submerging the rain water on the roof of the house. Whatever is needed for saving water cannot be done only for this season. Water savings should become a part of our habit.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao02 Apr 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

When there is no water on earth, there is no life. We understand the value of an item when we purchase it by paying money. We never like to throw away a single drop of milk. We never like to waste a single drop of fuel as it is costly and as we have to purchase it. But if something is available free of cost, we never mind wasting it.

The water on the earth is a God gift. There was a lot of water sources. But due to excessive usages and wastage, the resources are coming down. Now many people know that we have to purchase water for drinking. If the same trend continues we may have to purchase water for other uses also. As a present-day generation, it is our duty to conserve water and see that our next generation will not die due to lack of water. We should inculcate the habit of consuming a minimum quantity of water required and wastage is to be avoided. Rain harvesting pits in the houses will make the groundwater levels to increase. The percolation pits in all multi-storied buildings and apartments are very much essential so that water levels will be maintained. Making rain harvesting pits wherever possible is the best way to conserve water. In many of our houses, the water will be leaking slowly drop by drop and we neglect those leakages. These drops only will become rivers and seas. So it is our duty to see that all such leakages will be arrested at the earliest possible and no water will get wasted.

Author: Reena Upadhya04 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

When we use the water we seem to waste it in more amounts rather than using it. In the process, we hardly understand that we are taking a step in depleting the fresh water from global sources. Freshwater sources are becoming scarce. The ones which are present are becoming polluted day by day. And all this is very scary as the existence of water itself is the basis of the existence of life on this earth. Next concern is the drastic climatic changes taking place in recent times. Moreover, global warming is making things difficult. Earth is becoming a hotter planet. Increase in heat is leading to more evaporation of water from the surface. Decreased rainfall, soil erosion, depletion of underground water all leads to scarcity of drinking water. Thus, it is important to conserve water and carefully use the existing sources so that everyone gets to enjoy their share in the long run.

Author: K Mohan03 Nov 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Conserving water has become the need of the hour no matter wherever we stay in India. The water resources are squeezed and have paved the way for residential apartments. And added to this the severe summer every year has led to an acute shortage of water across the country. We are mainly depending on copious rains which are not occurring timely. Added to this the ground water has depleted and the bores go dry during summer season and therefore we must give more thoughts for saving the water for future.

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