Five major obsessions that no human being should ever have

As human beings, even very unconsciously, we are often obsessed with something. We often focus on such obsessions and forget everything else. However, there are five major obsessions that we should not have. Some dimensions of these five Obsessions are discussed in some detail in this article.


The five major Obsessions that can ruin any human being at any point in time are a) Obsession to earn maximum money b) Obsession towards attracting the opposite sex c) Obsession towards success at any cost d) Obsession towards having too many friends and e) Obsession to always keep talking and impressing others.

Obsession to earn maximum money

This is the worst obsession. As long as one is within the rules and on the ethical path, everything is fine. However, most people try to adapt themselves to the worst means available. Being dishonest and indulging in the corruption of a tall order is also considered fine. This obsession has too many side effects. One of these is to neglect the family and is focused only on the job or the business one has. This makes unbearable at some stage and the man's wife even breaks up with a divorce. The second thing is to focus only on the end and not the means. For example, this obsession leads one to take up Government projects. Bribing officials to the tune of even 35% of the total project cost is considered very normal.

Money comes to the person, after a terrific compromise on all possible values. Dishonesty and stabbing people on the back are very common. Such an obsession with money makes the person also forget God and his or her own religion. Friends who are wedded to some sort of ethics do not like the ways of the person who has this obsession and go far away from him or her. This happens as a matter of routine. This obsession to earn maximum money at any cost is not only dangerous to society but will also trap the person in a cesspool of corruption from which there is no escape. Threats and even physical violence are natural extensions in this game. The best thing is to not to have this obsession at all. Motivation to legally earn all money, after paying all the taxes is fine. However, the obsession is never in order and should not be part of any person's psyche at any point in time.

Obsession towards attracting the opposite sex

This is another Obsession that no human being should ever have. Yet, we commonly see men with their fancy bikes right outside the gates of most women colleges, trying to attract the attention of any girl student. Very rarely do they ever find someone who will respond positively. And this is the starting point of everything that is not so good at all. In most cases, the so-called 'love" lasts only for a few months. In most cases, the girl discovers that the man is a horrible character and breaks up. Jilted lovers even pour acids on the faces of their former lovers. Such instances are not rare too.

The only way out of this not at all desirable situation is to not have this obsession at all. Men who do this are normally not employed in good jobs. Sometimes they are the sons of very rich politicians who do not have any ethics and encourage their sons to throw their weight around. All this obsession towards attracting the members of the opposite sex only leads to misery in both the short term and the long term. In very few cases, the girls also go all out to attract the attention of men. This is also dangerous and is not needed at all.; Once the girl falls into this trap, it will be impossible to come out of it at a later stage. In fact, the worst of consequences follow and there will be no end to it at all.

Obsession towards success at any cost

We often see horrible bosses who throw their weight around, push or even bully their subordinates to do all the hard work and finally achieve all that they want to achieve. At the end of it all, the boss would shamelessly claim that all success was entirely due to his efforts only. Since the boss would have one powerful Godfather at the top, this also becomes the gospel truth. At the end of the day, results only matter. The means is never considered. The boss hogs all the limelight. This is exactly what happens in some organizations.

Such bosses are those who have a big Obsession to succeed at any cost. Their methods are somewhat political too. They literally behave like politicians and often get away with whatever they do, only because of their obsession. Obviously, the subordinates who do not like this high--handedness resign their jobs in sheer frustration. Those who stay on, curse their fate and show their displeasure at times. The braver ones often ventilate their frustrations to anyone who would listen to them. The game goes on and on and has no end at all. This is a very horrible game and only spoils the entire social fabric of the organization. When there are many bosses with similar obsessions, the entire organization becomes a whirlpool of politics.

A very unwelcome aspect is the emergence of a huge number of chamchas, who end up praising the boss for their selfish ends. The boss does not mind small lapses of these chamchas but would pull up anyone else who is not a chamcha. This is even a more dangerous thing as it leads to bad morale and even demoralization of the worst kind.

Obsession towards having too many friends

Facebook is a superb social media vehicle for the meaningful exchange of friendships. Yet, this has become a vehicle for the most unwelcome friendships and even exploitation of the worst kind, as has now happened recently at Pollachi, a small but beautiful town near Coimbatore. This Obsession does not stop with Facebook. Those who have money, always want to have more friends who also have bigger money, often ending up in deals. They want to have any number of friends who would praise them. The Lions Club, in particular, is one social club that is exclusively used to further business interests. The social work that gets done is so little. Any business done ethically is always welcome. It is also a good point to keep acquiring good friends in the same business, more so, if one can learn from them. However, the process should not become an obsession and on Facebook, one needs to be very careful. It is atrocious to even give the phone number to any stranger, be it a man or a woman. None can be believed right away. One needs to understand the modern times where there are any number of cheats. This is one obsession that we all can do without. For good reason.

Obsession to always keep talking and impressing others

This is also one Obsession that is increasingly seen among students and even housewives who tend to brag about their culinary skills to just about anyone they meet with. This is exactly one obsession that should be avoided. The person who listens to such talking always goes back with a negative impression. The person starts thinking that he or she would repeat the same behavior if he or she would even casually meet them. Hence, they try to avoid them to the maximum extent possible.

The Obsession may satisfy the ego of the concerned person to some extent. But enough damage would have already been done to the relationship between friends in the first place. The entire story would not have a good ending and might turn out to be very negative at the end of it all. More so, if the person who keeps on talking is snubbed by any person at any stage. This might make them rethink and when it happens, the entire edifice comes down. The particular person's ego is shattered. It is at this stage that the person sometimes goes astray. This is one Obsession that is best avoided.


Some dimensions of the five major Obsessions that we often get to see around us, have been discussed in the aforesaid paragraphs. It is wise to keep away from such Obsessions and lead peaceful and more happier lives.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao30 Mar 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

True. the desire for earning more money will be very harmful and one should not go for unethical ways of earning. Working hard, struggling more within the rules and regulations will be perfectly alright. But going for unwanted ways and undesirable methods is always dangerous and should not be adopted. Many elder people say if we earn money unethically, the money will also go away from us in the same way and we will suffer a lot in our lives afterwards. This is what we should always keep in mind and we should give importance to values and keep up good practices always.

Working for somebody's appreciation is never desirable. You work for your satisfaction and the result will automatically follow. Expecting to stand out among the others and trying to show off unnecessarily will make you hurt many times. It will not go well always. One should not think that he is great. This should be recognised by others. So one should not have an eye always on somebody else's appreciation.

A person's character will always be understood by seeing his friends. If you are sitting with your friends. You are taking a soft drink and all your friends are taking liquor. If anyone sees you among them, they will think that you are also consuming liquor. So we should be choosy about our friends and we should have a selected few friends whose wavelength matches with that of you. It is better to have a wise enemy than a foolish friend.

A good write up by the author. The selected traits are really harmful to an individual.

Author: Reena Upadhya04 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The author has described in detail the five major obsessions that bring nothing but misery to life. The worst thing about being obsessed is that we fall prey to the evil unknowingly and by the time we get a clear idea about it, we get drenched so deeply that we cannot find a way out of it. Thus, it is important to remain aware instead of practicing ignorance.

Lust is one such deadly sin or major obsession in life that can ruin life to a large extent. Lust is not only restricted to sexual desire of being with someone. It is also associated with being in power, having lots of money and also lust for sins. Since age-old times, lust is considered to be the worst enemy of mankind. Those who can get rid of lust from their lives can get rid of other sins easily. It being the worst of all takes a toll on the quality of life. It can trap even the most intelligent minds and leads to confusions.

Author: K Mohan12 Oct 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Good article from the author. Obsession for earning money should be there but not at the cost of neglecting own wants, own family and friends. I am against spending huge money just to convince the opposite sex for a proposal and so on. Likewise, many friends may not be true friends. Some just want to feed on us and then forget. We need to be beware.

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