Understanding why corruption is the worst cancer of mankind

We seem to have moved forward. Perhaps a majority of Indians accept corruption as a way of life. Even if we never approve it, we are part of it and hence we perhaps accept it. This seems to be a new reality. Yet, corruption is the worst cancer. Some deeper implications of corruption are sought to be discussed in this article.


Corruption is so bad. This is a rather mild word. It is indeed cancer and the worst cancer that can simply kill everything good about every single human being in this world. Yet, it keeps on flourishing throughout the world. In most of India, people are always seen to ask, "who is not corrupt?" if one talks about the corruption of some politician. The state of affairs is so bad that it seems to have even affected the Judiciary. Corruption and its many faces can be discussed with specific reference to a) Corruption increases social inequalities b) Corruption teaches dirty tricks to even children c) Corruption demolishes all good values d) Corruption increases violence everywhere and e) Corruption promotes hatred of the worst kind.

Corruption increases social inequalities

When we something happening right in front of our eyes and are helpless about it, it is never a happy situation to be in. This is exactly what is going on in Tamil Nadu. The organized loot of all politicians of all parties is evident in their stealing the sand from river beds like the Cauvery river. Some honest officials who dared to question the illegal extraction of sand were done to death a few years ago. There is absolutely no stopping this corruption. Each and every Minister in the Tamil Nadu Cabinet has schools or colleges or both run by his family members. Every single MLA owns a petrol pump or a lorry service or a big hotel or several TASMAC outlets selling the notorious State sponsored liquor. Every single Minister has made over an estimated seven hundred crores. Most of this loot is in the public domain. Except for a few cases here and there, there has not been a single action thus far.

The social inequalities are so big that the educated forward classes wisely move out of the State, get jobs in Mumbai and Pune and settle down there. They are really fed up with the sad state of affairs. This is not only in Tamil Nadu. One is told that in AP, it is as bad as this. In Telangana, we do not know what is going on. Yet, in every State, there is a massive nexus between the corrupt politician and the corrupt industrialist. The rich become richer and the poor become even poorer. The poorest in Tamil Nadu somehow survive through the twenty kilograms of rice that they get from the ration shops. These same poor are herded like cattle in lorries at the time of every election, and even by-election. Free transport, food, and water are given. They get to make some four thousand rupees during this season. The same person would have shouted at his or her top of the voice for different politicians within fifteen days. Ladies who shower flowers on the heads of third rate crooks like the most corrupted TTV Dinakaran of the Mannargudi Mafia fame are given Rs.500. Similar games are always on the increase. Things will never improve.

Corruption teaches dirty tricks to even children

When this present State Government was re-elected to power and the corrupted Jayalalitha became Chief Minister, everything was lost. A few days prior to the election, a very young boy aged around eleven was seen openly telling his mother in an EMU train that she could earn more than rupees thousand if she went to Tanjore (350 kilometers from Chennai) for a party's meeting!! Like this author, the co-passengers were stunned too. When quizzed, the boy merely replied that his friend's parents were discussing the "deal" with a local thug of the AIADMK and that he would never cheat anyone!!

Just imagine a small child from the North of Chennai, becoming so street smart for the totally wrong reasons. That we have accepted this sad state of affairs as a given is the worst that can ever happen to our children. Yes, the parents were lower middle class living in a very small house in North Chennai. No surprise that the boy was becoming too smart for his age!! And the worst happened. Coimbatore and its surrounding areas re-elected Jayalalitha and she came back to power. She died in suspicious circumstances and there is still a scandal being talked about it. No one really knows when this corruption will at least come down. However, we now run the risk of such children becoming part of the corrupt environment, for no fault of theirs. What values would we be teaching this child when he grows up? Yes, he did say that he was studying in a Government school. Yet instead of learning the right values, he was seen talking about a "deal" with his mother.

Corruption demolishes all good values

The late Kamaraj the proudest Tamilian and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, stopped his car and talked to a child. The boy said that he wanted to support his mother, as she was rearing goats. When quizzed as to why he did not attend school, the boy replied that nobody would give him food. The Chief Minister reportedly cried on the spot. He put on his thinking cap and thus was born the fabulous mid-day meals scheme. Corruption was so less during his regime. When the State witnessed flash floods, the late MGR had to wade through water, as high as five foot to reach the hostel of the prestigious St.Joseph's College, Tiruchirapalli. He met with each student and then asked his officials to collect all details of their parents and their bank accounts. In those days, there was no net banking. He set up a committee with officials of the prestigious BHEL, a public sector undertaking, and distributed the relief funds directly to the parents. He warned his partymen not to touch a single pie. He would slap any corrupt person of his own party. In the year 1982, there was a massive water crisis in Chennai. He made Jeppiar, the then Minister bring water from as far as forty-five kilometers and supply it to various parts of Tamil Nadu. (at that time 45 kilometers was a big distance(

If there is no corruption, such values can be made to work. Today, the World Bank has recorded the mid-day meals scheme as a game changer. However, rampant corruption involving the very same people, is often so bad that everything sort of thinks that he or she can do nothing about it. This is the starting point of all corruption. This is a big vicious circle. It can never end at all.

Corruption increases violence everywhere

The history of communism and even Naxalism is replete with examples where violence has actually followed corruption. The brainwashing of tribals, for example, in most parts of India, is possible because the Indian Government is now so keen on industrial development in the very same forest areas. Apart from destroying nature, we are also uprooting the tribals. This can cause disastrous consequences. When nature and its abundance is sought to be destroyed by corrupt industrialists who bribe the Chief Ministers and their cronies and get the job done, the consequences can be tragic. This has happened in the State-sponsored violence at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. There is corruption in every single deal of any big industrialist. Dhirubhai Ambani was known to flaunt his closeness with all politicians. He taught many lessons on corruption to all other industrialists. The violence increases when social inequalities keep on increasing. There is no way of stopping this at all.

Corruption promotes hatred of the worst kind

The givers increase only when there are takers. When the givers are forced to part with their money, they do so, but with a lot of hatred. In private conversation, most of the junior guys of most political parties would spew venom on the most corrupted Ministers who use all their hard work at the ground level to become popular, but suck their blood in return!! The game goes on. This is exactly why such hatred leads to even murders. Most political murders are only the result of such hatred.


Some dimensions of corruption have been described above. That corruption is now being accepted as a way of life by most people is indeed very sad. We need to find out ways and means to at least reduce corruption to some extent. That is a very big ask, though.


Author: Reena Upadhya03 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Corruption is not only a hurdle in the path of economic development but also do not let humans prosper. Government revenues which are meant for investing in those areas which promote productivity and overall development get looted by corrupt people. Thus, it raises a question in the minds of loyal taxpayers whether there is any scope for them to see their taxes being used in the betterment of the country. When they fail to see the good use of their taxes, there is a good chance that they avoid paying taxes. In worst situations, they themselves become potential bribers. Thus, corruption is the worst enemy of mankind.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao03 Apr 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Corruption is the worst disease that is spoiling the society at every stage. Corruption starts from the lowest level employee in the government sector and will go up to the topmost position in administration as well as minister levels also. With this attitude of people at the helm of the affairs the common man also trying to find ways to get some advantages by offering some bribes. This is making the whole system corrupt. If some people try to bring in a change those people will be sent out of the system to unimportant places. This attitude of the political leaders and bureaucrats is really causing a hell of a problem to the people. Influential people are trying to swallow government money through banks and enjoying their lives. But the taxpayer in the country is the suffering. He will also try to avoid paying tax by some means or others. There are many disadvantages to society because of this contagious disease. A well thought of system should be in place to avoid this corruption. Recently Lok pal has been appointed and we will see how much change in the society will come with this.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha04 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

Corruption has been an integral part for most of the Indians since any resistance to oppose the same would lead to demotion or transfer of the honest IAS officer and even he may be transferred from his present assignment to the other area making his life difficult. This is one of the examples of how the honest already in the job face odds because of their clean character. Corruption has wide-scale ramifications where the inner potential to excel well in their job areas is not that much important but they need to devise the ways how their Bosses could be benefited substantially with their involvement in the unfair means.
Hence corruption has demoralized the honest working force in all the areas of service. The same is also applicable in the Educational departments where a degree with a high score can be had at an exorbitant price and such a system blocks the path of laborious and honest aspirants to grab a post because of his average scoring in the final examination. Hence with the logical extension of the drawbacks associated with this system, it appears that it would eat up the entire humane quality ultimately and people would not be guided with sentiments helping one another at the critical hours but their targets would be shifted to achieve massive wealth for the benefits of their own.

The formulas to tackle the evil design is simple to make the lifestyle as simple as possible where corruption would not penetrate to influence their temperament. Parents should stick to the path of honest means so that their children are their followers in following the lifestyles free from the nasty corruption. This campaign can be started by all the sensible people to reverse the evil design. The author has highlighted all the vital points relating to corruption and now it is our turn to fight with this giant so that this evil is defeated with the combined efforts of the honest people.

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