Understanding why self-motivation is now more relevant and important than ever before

The art of self-motivation is very simple. It simply means that every single human being has to just assume responsibility for his or her life. These are very tough times where the battle for resources from the society is likely to become more intense than ever before. This is exactly why self-motivation is even more relevant and important. A few dimensions of this reality is discussed in some detail in this article.


We seem to be entering into a fresh phase of Globalization. The first phase was characterized by increased movement of global capital to developing markets like Russia, India, China, Brazil and South Africa. Now, the more vigilant and powerful voices, even from the USA, have started advising that they need some sort of protectionism to take care of the lower strata of the society, that was neglected in the larger scheme of things. Advanced technology in every field has an in-built bias towards Capitalism where only certain classes make more money. The really poor quality goods that get sold to the lower middle classes and the poor are also a consequence of this very same importance given to advanced technology. However, the battle produces inequalities of a very tall order. This is happening throughout the world and, more so, in India.

This is exactly why the environmentalists, for example, is seeing red. This green brigade is bound to come up with even more violent protests. The real wages are coming down day after day. This situation is very ripe for conflicts of a very tall order. Yet, we need to focus on the self-motivation of a tall order. This is more important and relevant due to a) Absence of the emotional support system b) Complications of social life c) Increasing expectations of family members d) The transient nature of skills and competencies and e) Need for a calm mind under all circumstances.

Absence of the emotional support system

Even some forty years ago, there was this Joint family system, where relatives either stayed together or in the same city. They would come around for anything good or bad. If a person were sick, there would be ten who would do the rounds and take care. Food was always home cooked food. Today, the hospital is expected to give the food and "caretakers" are appointed on a temporary basis to take care of the sick. The emotional support system is gone. The happiness associated with caring and sharing that was a very unique feature of the joint family in some form has all but gone. The relatives live in different cities. Each member of the family has his or her own problems. This is becoming a big issue. There is no escape from this new reality. In the changed scenario, we need to just have a move on. We need to accept every single practical reality and examine how we can cope with it and deal with it. This will, of course, vary from person to person and situation to situation.

Complications of social life

Even in very small towns, this is one major problem: how to handle the increasing traffic? The two-wheeler explosion is always a work in progress. In the metros, driving on city roads is a real nightmare. By the time one reaches his or her office, at least sixty per cent of the energy is gone. Secondly, the water problem, lack of domestic servant support, the power situation in summer, the impatience of the bosses at the office and so on, take a heavy toll in one's life. The answer is to just take things very seriously and do one's best. If there are situations that demand to stay back far beyond working hours, so be it. There is absolutely no choice. If we can keep our workplace house in order and do everything that falls into the safe zone, and the value-adding zone, we will be recognized. Only such an approach will help us deal with the demands of the society around us and the challenges we face on a regular basis. The answer to two vital questions is very important. The questions are: "what am I now doing?" and "How can I do it better?" Essentially, the focus is on the here and now. Building castles in the air will never help.

Increasing expectations of family members

This is a new reality. Some three decades ago, the women were quite simple. Today, whether the woman is educated or not, she wants to express herself. If she is not employed, the expectations are very huge. This is a real-life case study that dates back to sixteen years. A very dynamic engineer in the maintenance function was forced to stay back in the factory and attend to a breakdown. The report thereof had to be submitted by fax to the Top Management. The owner-managers would keep a tab on every single development. Though the commuting distance is zero, since the engineer lived in a township attached to the factory, he came home exactly at 3 AM. His young wife who was somewhat ambitious demanded an answer from him immediately. The issue was very simple. She wanted to give five sovereigns of gold to her sister who was getting married. The young man had just asked for some time to get the money ready. The woman would have nothing of it. "Get it organized within two days" was the sort of order.

The young man angrily retorted that he had enough office troubles and left in a huff. The big boss had received a big mouthful from the Corporate bosses. The loss was running into thousands of rupees. He ventilated all the frustration of the young engineer. The poor fellow almost had a nervous breakdown. However, the immediate boss of the young man got to know his domestic problem and arranged the money immediately through a loan. He also packed off the young man for a fresh training program to Pune. This situation helped the young man to cool off. After the training program, the young man concentrated so much on preventive maintenance and ensured a zero breakdown record through hand-holding of every subordinate. The big boss who had learned about his ambitious wife called on the family and counselled the wife to understand the other side of the poor man's huge responsibilities. Every single situation has to be managed on its own merits. The ground reality is that every human being's expectations have increased manifold. EMI for smartphones is the order of the day. Even fifteen-year-old children want only smartphones.

The transient nature of skills and competencies

This is a very important issue. No one can be complacent. If you are complacent, the world will simply race ahead. SAP is old-hat now. The new reality is called cloud computing. Training the CEO on a whole range of behavioural skills is gone. Executive coaching is in. Similarly, Total Cost Management is in. Supply Chain Management is now a profession by itself. New skills and competencies need to be acquired immediately. Wise managers are even taking a one-year sabbatical and doing their PGDM from the prestigious Indian School of Business. This acts as a big career boost to them. Self-motivation to acquire all such skills and competencies relevant to his or her specialization is no more a choice. It is an urgent imperative.

Need for a calm mind under all circumstances

There is no need for you to enrol in a training program on "art of living" spending thousands to acquire pure common sense. Spending time with infants, listening to the sweet sounds of birds in the early morning, a brisk walk for twenty minutes, spending the vital thirty minutes every day with family members are all ways to be in perfect form for self-motivation. There is no need to read the hundreds of self-help books that talk a lot of common sense. There are certain books that can easily take you to a new zone in terms of basic behavioural skills. These might be useful. However, do not waste money on the programs by Yoga gurus. Since you may not even find the time or the energy to do yoga on an everyday basis, that money may turn a big waste.


Self-motivation is a must today. The complexity of certain situations have been explained above. We need to re-examine our own roles for more effectiveness. The time to act is now.


Author: Reena Upadhya03 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has presented a very well written article describing the importance of self-motivation in today's time and why it has become more important than ever before. Self-motivation is a driving force that lets an individual continue his journey irrespective of hurdles and obstacles that comes in his way. When the faith is low and self-confidence is degrading, self-motivation comes to the rescue. It greatly helps an individual to face all kinds of difficulties by strengthening his faith and building his confidence. Self-motivation is essential in every phase of our lives. Whether we need to excel, accomplish our set goals, succeed in a certain sector or win a competition, self-motivation always comes as a helping hand.

Motivation does come from outside from the people who care and love us but if it does not then self-motivation helps us keep going. It eases out the difficult situations that arrive in our lives and helps us to overcome them by motivating us to accept the challenges. It offers enthusiasm and helps to live a complete and happy life. It gives a direction to the journey of life. It is a great way to instill positivity inside. In short, it is very much essential for our existence especially when the going gets tough.

Author: K Mohan08 Feb 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

I am fully endorsing the views of the author that self-motivation plays important role in all matters and self-motivation not only enhances our confidence level but also increases the output and at the same time, we are trained well to help others who are pursuing the same goal.

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