Learning to organize our lives for better results

Organizing is a vital managerial function. In our lives, it can make a big difference too. However, it is not as big a rocket science as many would imagine. It requires some common sense. It is important in so many walks of our life. A few steps that are vital to organizing, are discussed in some detail in this article.


Organizing is a skill that needs vital habits to be put in place. It requires a systematic approach as well. There are certain basic steps in organizing and these would become apparent as one goes along. The vital need to do this on a systematic basis, as often as possible is now more apparent than ever before. In this article, we will discuss organizing with specific reference to a) Organizing in our homes b) Organizing at workplaces c) Organizing for tasks related to society and d) Organizing at social functions. Organizing also needs what is called execution, the neat completion of the task and the monitoring that should take place compulsorily.

Organizing in our homes

This is a vital aspect. For example, organizing the showcase in the hall is very important. Organizing places to sit, not only for us but also for guests, is important too. There should also be a little space to move about. Even when the house is being built, in most South Indian homes, the place for the pooja room is meticulously planned. It is wise to not build the concrete almirahs at all. These are not modern and the wooden alternative is far better. It might cost a bit, but that investment can be custom-made, and will also occupy less space. More so, in flats and apartments. Certain builders do this themselves and the cost is added to the final pricing. Look for bargain deals if you are so keen on owning a house in the city. It will, of course, be flat. You just do not have any choice here. Similarly, cleaning of all places will give us an idea of the old stuff that needs to go out. Life insurance policy premium documents, for policies that have already matured, are absolutely useless, for example. The receipts of school fees of your child, dating back to three years, is not required at all. The volume of such stuff is very huge. Yet, we do not even think of cleaning such papers and throwing out what we need. We ought to realize that we always have limited spaces. Junk is just not needed at all. Organizing the kitchen is best left to the wives and children, though.

Organizing at workplaces

Data stored in computers is always risky. It should be ensured that there is a back-up. This has to be done systematically. There should be passwords for secret files. The task of quick retrieving of files is very important too. Similarly, calling the hardware expert to get the computer installed with the latest anti-virus software is very important too. The expert will also advise you to remove all junk files and become better at organizing.

Papers related to ISO certification are vital. These files should be numbered and indexed. The training to get a file at short notice should be complete. There are instances where a death in the family can mean the absence of the vital employee for even ten days. The work should not suffer at all. The subordinates should be able to do all the work that is required. The training should be done very systematically.

At offices, discarding the old papers has to be done very systematically. There are too many bosses who would just mark "file" and hand over the paper to his or her subordinate. A few years later, such papers become real junk. Such papers should be discarded very carefully and quickly. When the papers pertaining to some department has to also be stored in a related department, for the purposes of Quality audit, for example, it is vital to ensure that the related department does it well. It is also important that the employees know where the files are and how to retrieve the files whenever needed. Training in this respect is key. Even a small lapse will lead to very unwelcome and bitter consequences. It is common to find subordinates saying " I do not know" when quizzed on some vital aspects of organizing of all papers related to the manual and its application in the particular department. These lapses are recorded in what are called "Non confirmatory reports". ( NCRs) It is very vital that these NCRs are closed on time.

It is not only Quality audits that matter. Drivers who pick up Senior executives need to be told exactly what to do. Vital documents might have to be handed over by the Senior executive to some other executive in the Corporate office. Constant follow up is essential. If there is a lapse, the Senior Executive would bark at the executive concerned. The HR department personnel face the consequences for such lapses. The task of organizing might look deceptively simple. In reality, it is not. It requires attention to detail and it requires notes too, on what exactly needs to be done. "If my memory serves me" right kind of statements is commonly dished out in most organizations. The precise problem is that one's memory does not ever serve him right at all!! Small notes can help a great deal.

Organizing for tasks related to society

The need for proper organizing is acutely felt in a meeting of the owners in gated communities. It is not enough to just put a notice of a meeting on the notice board. People do not have the time to read it. Whats up messages are vital too. Reminding housewives or even working women can result in far better execution. In certain cases, the office bearers call on the inmates to remind them. It is also essential that those who live as tenants also attend such meetings.

Similarly, it has become vital to have good relationships with the elected representatives and members of the police force at all levels. Any violence or theft in flats needs the cooperation of all, to nail the culprits. Helping the inmates to secure all the evidence is as vital as helping them to return to normalcy. The learning from such experiences should be told to all. For example, it is fine to organize someone from the office, or even through an agency to sleep at nights and take care of the house. The police should be informed too so that they make some queries or are careful to nab the thieves with the help of CCTV cameras in the local area. It should be noted that the scope is limitless.

Organizing for and at social functions

The most important task in a person's life is to conduct his son's or his daughter's marriage. This is a huge task and it requires perfect organizing skills. The list of relatives and friends to be invited should be done very systematically. There cannot and should not be any lapse. Such lapses can lead to very unwelcome consequences later.

The most important thing is to have Plan B and even Plan C, to take care of all emergencies in the matter of the food being served. This is a very vital aspect that should never be neglected. Apart from incurring the wrath of relatives on the side of the bridegroom or the bride, such lapses can also cause very bad damage to all relationships at any point in time. Similarly, the big display of jewels should always be done only for a few minutes. After this, it should go straight to the locker. It is often seen that very costly jewels are lost only when there is carelessness in taking care of it in social functions.

It should also be noted that planning goes along with organizing on all occasions. Be it the office, or the matters related to the society or the simple tasks of organizing at home. Planning and organizing are twins in each step and this needs to be understood in total. The learning from lapses at any place should be documented so that the improvements happen at any time and the organization benefits as a whole. Small steps lead to big success at any point in time. Let us never forget this simple truth as well.


A good deal of "thinking through" any task is vital for the successful execution of any task related to organizing. In each of the tasks discussed above, this is vital indeed. Let us learn to organize our lives far better, for very good results.


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Everything has its place and everything in its place is a sign of good organising.

As the resources are always limited and they have to be optimally used for reasons of profit, growth and conservation, every home, shop, business and nation has to be well organised. The word organisation is attributed to large firms and business because it is expected that they have a well-placed system to organise and manage.

Proper organisation helps in appearance and beauty, ease in working and managing, ease in retrieving and replacing and in overall efficiency.

The above article has touched upon the various aspects in organising at homes, office, society and social functions. These basics can be used as guidelines for organising in any other situation and context also.

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