How to make a clickable links in HTML

In this article, you will know how to make clickable links in HTML code, including internal links, and target links to open the link in a different tab. Useful tips and guidelines have been provided on HTML links.

Are you looking for HTML link guidelines? Are you planning to post the article or content with html links? If yes, please find its brief over here.

There are different types of clickable link from html, so, I would like to let you know the basic and most required clickable html links. This tips will help you. The following html link steps need to follow and post on your article that would result for clickable link. This method not only help your content to increase the traffic on your desired web page but helps to get the additional info by the link users.


Please note that, the external link is not allowed in this site though the procedure for them is almost same like an internal link except changing the website name or URL. Please find the guideline for making clickable link in html format.

Here URL means the required website address or website's sub-section, for example, you may like to add URL '' or '' or '' and the link text, it is nothing but you have to key-in for appearing the subject / title on link, for example, 'XYZ site' or 'XYZ and ABC section' which will reflect the keywords on a clickable link.

Different clickable link example is given below.

Result: India Study Channel

By using the above html format, ISC Home page will result with 'India Study Channel' keywords.

Result: Expert section

By using the above method html, ISC Ask Expert section will result with 'Expert section' keyword from any other section within the site.

Here you can observe 'NO' added as this section is within the website. Adding in the URL also has no issue much but not required since it is within the website.

You can create like this links to different section of ISC. For example, as below for 'ISC Forum' section.

Result: Forum section

By using the above method html, ISC Forum section will result with 'Forum section' keyword. All the above clickable link would open within the same page. How about clickable html link opens in a different tab? Yes, this process is also available. You just need to add (" target="_blank") keywords in proper place (as guided below) within the html code of URL for it.

Please note, you shouldn't miss even one space or one character on any html code or link - you will find error on them if you miss any one of them.

How to make a clickable link that opens a different tab?

The following html code will help you to make a clickable link for opening a different tab. Let's assume you are in ISC Forum section and wanted to open a page of Ask Expert section with a different tab without overriding Forum section. Below link creating in Forum section would help you to reach Expert section without closing Forum section tab.

Result: ISC Expert


Result: ISC Expert.

This is actually an example links to reach the folder/section in the same website from one place or webpage to the other.

Pros of HTML links
Provide additional info on relevant topic
Increase traffic
Lesser bouncing rate

Cons of HTML links
Little tough for the beginners / dummies though they can do it easily if follow the guideline.
Little issue in case domain changes, have to take extra step for this.

Hope the above detail on html link helps you.

Tips: We encourage you to use html link (if necessary only) on your post to increase traffic and related info submission.

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