What factors will decide the fate of a candidate in the General and Assembly elections

A politician getting elected to Parliament or Assembly is not an easy task. A lot of factors will affect or influence the fate of the candidate being elected and to become a lawmaker. In this article, I gave an account of ten different factors which likely influence the fate of the candidate in getting elected to become a lawmaker.


In our democracy, an Assembly or Parliament lawmakers are nothing but the representatives of the people from which constituency they being got elected. While people are electing these candidates as their representatives they filter these people by using various factors. Sometimes some of these factors may not be under their control while they face elections. This may lead even an efficient candidate also may lose in the elections. So here below we analyze the impact of these factors on the outcome of the election results.

  1. Party name on which the candidate is contesting

    A political party is the combination of Party President, manifesto, party policies, vote bank of the party, etc. will decide the fate of the candidate in the elections. If a candidate who is so efficient and not contesting from a popular party may not get through in the elections because that party has no general vote base from the people. In some parties, the President of a party has enormous popularity, because of his/her administrative capabilities or they can mesmerize the people with their speeches. But once the president of such a capability disappears from the party, the party loses its identity. In some cases, one can find the party president's testimony out-values the manifesto released by the party itself. Such a high ranked party president once visits a constituency in the election campaign will have a greater impact on the outcome of the result. In such cases, the party or party manifesto is a myth but the party president's popularity is a reality.

  2. Candidates capabilities decide the result

    In elections, Sometimes the party's popularity or sometimes the party's president mass attraction decides the fate of the candidate in the election. But if the candidate is so efficient and capable, he/she can overcome any drawbacks of the party. We cannot say a candidate's economic background may help them to win an election or not. Sometimes, people will cheat both the candidates by taking money from both of them and then vote whomever they wish to vote. So we can definitely say candidates' own worth will save him/her but not money at all times.

  3. Social media may decide the fate of the candidate

    Social media has the power to transform the mindset of the voter if the party or candidate has the ability to carry the correct message by which the voter get influenced. Every party has their party analytics and data mining wing. Nowadays multiple contests, fall of voting percentage, NOTA option for the voters, etc. making tough for the contestant to score a smooth win in the elections. This is the place where social media will help the candidates to gain some votes which may help them to sail through the tide. The messages send through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have a definite influence on voter's mindset. So candidates nowadays recruiting a large number of techies in their offices to promote positive advertisement for them as well as for their party. Those candidates who are lagging behind in this aspect are pushed to the other side of the victory.

  4. Young new voters are the deciders for the fate of candidates

    Young and new voters have their own thoughts with regard to whom they vote. Their thoughts are different from the elder voters of society. In this 2019 elections, 13.3 crores new voters are going to vote in this election. In this 7 crores are young male and 6.3 crores young female. So these new voters will decide the fate of the candidates of every constituency. As young voters are more inclined to social media and so the candidates and parties are spending crores of money on them.

  5. Women may be the deciding factor for the win of candidates

    Unlike in the past women at present are more educated, independent and are more self-decisive. Voting percentage of women is increasing rapidly in every election which may definitely decide the fate of every candidate in every constituency. So for parties and candidates, it became necessary that they must give much importance to women in their manifestos.

  6. Monsoon season may decide the fate of the candidate

    Most of the people in India are dependent on farming and work related to farming. Farmers mainly in India are dependent on monsoon season. If monsoon season fails and if rains are not normal, farmers may face the havoc of losses in the yield. If such a failure occurs, the brunt of farmers' anger falls on politicians. Farming community may vote against the present government because their needs are not met by the present government. The farming community outnumber any other community in India and they have a definitive say which decides the fate of candidates.

  7. Sympathy factor may decide the fate of a candidate

    If a candidate may lose by whisker margin in the last elections, if the candidate's mother or father or husband who represented the constituency died etc. - this may bring a lot of sympathy for the candidate which ultimately helps in their win. After the death of Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Mr.Rajiv Gandhi swept the polls with a heavy majority.

  8. A sweeping wave may help even a weak candidate to win

    In some elections a small or a big wave starts in favor of one party and by the time of elections this wave become so strong which bring positive favor to every candidate of that particular party. In the last general election, Mr.Modi got this positive wave at the beginning of this election and by the time of elections, it became so strong which helped them to win in a convincing way. In this type of sweeping wave, even a weak candidate of that particular party win easily.

  9. Welfare Programs offered by political parties

    Wefare programs and schemes offered by political parties have a huge impact on voters. Congress party, NTR's Telugu Desam party, Jayalalitha's AIDMK, Karunanidhi's DMK, etc. have introduced popular welfare programs and schemes which got appreciations from all sections of the people. After their huge success, the present political parties and politicians, using them as weapons to win over their opponents. So political parties are now more inclined to include these schemes in their parties manifestos. Rahul Gandhi's basic minimum economic scheme for the poor is such a weapon in this election.

  10. Caste is a factor in the win of some candidates in their constituencies

    It is an old age factor which plays a vital role in winning of a candidate. Political parties basing on the composition of various castes in the constituency allot a ticket to a candidate in order to get full support from a particular caste. Slowly the caste factor is fading from the society in deciding the fate of a candidate's win in an election. But in north India and rural areas of India still, this is a major factor which is deciding the fate of a candidates win..

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