How to overcome the feelings of depression

All human beings at some time or the other, do have feelings of depression. This is born out of a belief that nothing is possible about so many external events, over which we do not have any control. We sometimes have such beliefs combined with our own worries at home and the feelings of depression become even more pronounced. Some nuances of how to get over such feelings of depression are discussed in detail in this article.


We do have any number of problems in our daily life. Some have nagging wives to contend with. Some have cruel husbands to contend with. Children in the age group of 14-16 give us sleepless nights with their questioning many controls that we, as parents, seek to impose on them. The list is endless. If we have strong feelings towards corruption and find corruption of politicians everywhere, we are stumped by such brazen misuse of power. Our blood boils and we are sometimes prone to giving a piece of our mind to some close relative. At times, this also leads to violence.

Yet, we need to remain calm. We need to understand the changing realities of our times. We need to approach every single personal issue on its own merit and do something that is possible to solve it. We cannot read some self-help book in this respect. They might help us to motivate ourselves in spite of all problems and are okay to that extent. But our lives are far more complicated. The natural feelings of depression can be solved if we take some small baby steps. These pertain to a) Keep the body and mind very cool b) Visit any place of worship to be calm c) Do not watch television serials d) Keep away from those who talk negativity and e) Try to do something constructive even in the worst of circumstances. If we carefully listen to some success story, we can easily distill some lessons in this respect.

Keep the body and mind very cool

The real world is the best teacher. When we see people who have some ailment and are yet cheerful, we need to just observe how they organize themselves. We are bound to get deceptively simple solutions. They will always keep their boy and mind very cool. For instance, in summer, they will compulsorily take off to some good hill station for one week. This author knows one family who actually saves money through the Systematic Investment Plan of a leading Mutual Fund. The husband is a chronic diabetic. The wife is diabetic too. Yet, they do feast on something off and on. When quizzed, either of them would reply that life is to eat!! They would do some exercise and do all the regular exercises. The compulsory year-end tour, sometime in the first week of April would set them back by Rs.50,000/. Though their only son lives in the USA, this senior citizen couple lives on their own. The trick is that they plan every small detail. They never gossip. The wife does some yoga teaching but is not a professional. The husband at times dabbles in photography. They take all precautions in summer. They lock their flat and go upstairs to sleep. They are joined by two others who have similar ideas. Life goes on. They have their own feelings of depression but never allow anyone to even know about it. They would visit the hospital off and on but keep quiet about it. This is exactly what should be done.

Visit any place of worship to be calm

Visiting any place of worship is a must. It could be a temple or a mosque or a church. It could be at any place. The most important thing is that it should be peaceful and away from the dust and din of the city. Some are situated atop small hillocks. These the ideal outfits. Once we reach the top after climbing some steps, the fresh breeze that blows all over is bound to refresh our minds to the maximum extent. At this point in time, it is wise to just forget all our worries and be one with God. It is quite easy. The mind should be terribly focussed. When this happens, the rest of the exercise is easy to execute. A very calm, patient and cool mind results when one is with God in such environs. This has been proved to be true again and again. Those who are always cool, have this in their psyche.

Do not watch television serials

This is extremely important too. In every Indian language including Hindi, we do have so many serials that seek to make us very uncomfortable. The extent of hatred that is shown is absolutely ridiculous. Some years ago, a female character who acted as the bad woman in one television serial was mobbed by a few people. One of them almost strangled the woman to death!! This was a horrible Tamil TV serial where the daughter-in-law would be up to the worst of all dirty tricks. It took a long time for the lady to explain that the serial was only a serial and in real life, she was just an ordinary housewife!!

Well, the moral of the story is to keep away from such serials. These serials will only increase our feelings of depression. We are often at a loss to understand the realities of life. The television serials are even worse than the most violent movies. This is because we tend to forget the movie after we see it. But the television serial is continuous and disturbs our thoughts to the maximum degree. This is just not on. We should never watch any television serial. Watching the IPL matches would actually release all our tension. We have some good entertainment and the behavior of the crowd is often very encouraging. In fact, if we are in town and get tickets to watch the IPL match, we should do so. Such real-world events release all our tensions. For example, with its superb record of performance in Chennai, in front of a very good and sporting home crowd, the most successful franchise of IPL, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), provides entertainment of the tallest order. This is exactly what we need. Even watching some old movie, with a very good story is very good. The only condition is that the story should be based on positivity. If we do not watch the horrible television serials, most of our depression would be gone just like that.

Keep away from those who talk negativity

This is extremely important. Those who always talk negative things about life, about everything that concerns them are hardly the kind of people who can inspire us. Our feelings of depression might as well be compounded to an even more degree. We need to come out of such relationships in toto. Such people only spread hatred. They are best avoided. If possible, we should even shift our residence to some other location to avoid such people. If they are our own relatives, we better stay away from them at all times.

Try to do something constructive even in the worst of circumstances

Can we go through some old photographs of our children, who were just three or four years old then? We would remember all their pranks. Can we meet up with someone who has got an award for some good social work? Can we join him to some social work as well? Yes, we can.

This is just one small possibility. Can we teach someone good spoken English free of cost? We can even do this in a municipal school. We can join someone and go to an old age home and just talk to the inmates there. They just need this comfort. They do not need our money at all. And if we have some talent like writing, singing, dancing, painting and so on, it is worth the salt to just do whatever is possible to keep ourselves busy. And similarly, we can also focus on our savings, When we cut down on our wants, the extra amounts can be pumped into some recurring deposits that will come very handy to us at some point in time, when we need the money for our expenses. The list of all " constructive things to do" is limitless. Once again, we should look around and learn from others. The real world is the best teacher at all times.


A few baby steps to conquer feelings of depression are described above. The list is not exhaustive. It is only indicative. Some innovation can always happen. We need to do our best in any given situation.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao03 Apr 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

We all at any one point of time will have the problem of depression. When things will not go as expected we will get the feeling of depression. We feel as if we have lost everything and we don't have any ability to do any work. It will continue as long as you think about the result and we will not come out of that depression. We should work to our maximum extent and we should not worry about the end result. Sometimes the works may turn in another way because of some external reasons. In such a case we should not worry. We should analyse the situation and understand the reason why we failed and we should do the same mistake again.
When we are in depression we should get our mind diverted to other issues. You should not think much. You can play with children and you can start reading light reading books or practice meditation. When you start these activities automatically you will forget about the problem and you will come out of the depression. Consult the people who will suggest you some way out and you should select a person who will encourage you and see that you will come out of the problems. You should not contact the people who will make you more worried.

Author: Umesh04 Apr 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 10

Depression is something which most of us sometime or other in our life experience and it affects us so strangely that we do not know that it has gripped us. It is said that depression is created from the sense of not able to perform or some negative thinking in life. Though there are many reasons for this dreadful condition these are the most common.

A child is brought up in a particular environment and to some extent that also contributes to bringing depressive feelings in him. Sometimes, we simply bang the child for his deficiency and inactiveness but do not help him in doing something positive. This makes the child avoid the parents as he feels that they will simply bang him and then disappear from the scene. Human psychology has a bigger role to play in the onset of depressive conditions. It is also believed that the busy people generally do not get depression.

I want to narrate my experience in this regard that long back when I joined a good job in a company then we were about 35 persons who joined together, which we commonly call as a batch. After 2-3 years of working the first promotion, list came and some 10 persons of our batch got it but rest of the persons (including me) did not get it. I did not take it seriously as I was not knowing the performances of others as we were posted in different groups. Some of us were very much perturbed and talking a lot of things like nepotism and favoritism and regionalism. A few of us were showing depressive conditions also and were apparently very disturbed.

As per my perception, there was no such thing like favoritism and I had a feeling that it was all as per the laid down promotion policies and procedure as well as our annual confidential reports. Anyway, after 2-3 years some of us who did not get the promotion got it and after 4-5 years the next level promotions were declared and some of us (including me) got it but many who were senior to us did not get it.

So, what I want to emphasize is we have to see things in a rational and proper way and should not fall trapped in negative territory. The negative territory is like a big drench from where it is difficult to come out. Keeping a positive attitude and remaining busy in work as well as activities is the key to avoid depression.

Author: Reena Upadhya04 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has described a few simple but effective ways of overcoming the depression in this article. Depression is a difficult condition in which the person suffering from it goes into a deep state of mind where solitude and negativity surround him. There is this rush of negative feelings in him and always feels sad and worthless. It is a state where a person loses hope of things getting better in the future. When the hope is lost, the will to work is lost.

Follow a healthy lifestyle. The person who is suffering from depression may not be able to do it on his own and thus family and friends can help him by introducing one good habit at a time. Changes in lifestyle can bring in a remarkable improvement in the thinking process of an individual. Changes in physical health will affect the mental well being and since depression is a mental condition, one can see slow but gradual improvement in the condition.

Sleeping for adequate hours is important especially if suffering from depression. It is important to let the mind relax and rejuvenate after getting exhausted from feelings of sadness and stress. Try to develop a sleep routine so that it becomes easier to go to bed as well as wake up at the same time. Get rid of caffeine from the diet plan. Caffeine hinders sleep and thus try to avoid it as much as possible.

Exercise on a daily basis. During the depression, it may not be possible to go to the gym regularly. However, simple exercises within the home or a brisk walk amidst nature can offer dramatic effects on the well being. Exercise energizes the body and oxygen circulation to each and every part of the body including brain increases. Exercise is a way to remain motivated the entire day.

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