The importance of coordination in all aspects of our lives

Coordination is a very complex task in any aspect of our lives. It is very important everywhere and in every task that we do. There is always something more than the mere task and there is the big picture, which needs to be taken into account. The importance of coordination is discussed in detail in this article


The dictionary definition of coordination is "the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively". There are several aspects of this coordination that needs to be considered to do a good job. In this article, we will discuss the importance of coordination with specific reference to a) Coordination in our daily lives b) Coordination in our official roles and work tasks c) Coordination in important social functions d) Coordination in service organizations and e) Coordination of all tasks related to global organizations.

Coordination in our daily lives

It does not require more than mere elementary common sense to understand the importance of many simple things in our lives. If we store some vital password of a savings account, the task of coordination will not be complete unless and until the password is shared with our wives or husbands and children. The complexities of net banking also need to be explained in detail, so that they can take the money from their accounts, whenever needed. We can easily transfer money but they should know all the details. Take the organization of files and documents. If we index the files properly, we can easily trace any file without any difficulty. Once again, the most important documents should be accessible to all in all cases of necessity, even when are on official tour. If we do not give them any information, in a crisis, all hell breaks loose. We will feel helpless. Once again, we need to coordinate so many tasks related to the education of children. More so, if they are in standard eight or any class above it. The various study portions should be understood by the child, in the larger context of their practical meaning. This is exactly what we can call coordination. If for example, if your ninth standard child asks you what is globalization, you need to have the patience to open up a power point collection and explain each point to the extent possible. If you are ignorant, you should compulsorily put on the child to someone who knows everything, so that he or she will not only appreciate the concept but be possibly aware that she needs to know a lot more than is necessary at all times.

Coordination in our official roles and work tasks

The task of coordination is vital in all offices, more so, on the shop floor. There are hundreds of activities done on the shop floor. Many people think that the task is mere production. It is not. The temperatures have to be controlled. The production process is always very complex and has too many variables that need to be perfect. Any small lapse will result in a disaster. For example, we often hear of break-down of machinery. Why does this happen?

It happens because the machine was not properly maintained. The Japanese have put together a whole lot of ideas into what they call as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). This is a basically pro-active methodology of preventing a problem of maintenance to occur at all. It is similar to maintaining our two-wheeler. If we clean it regularly, give it water wash off and on, oil it regularly and so on, the vehicle will be in perfect condition. We do not do it. We carry the same mindset to the shop floor. The Japanese do not take any chances. TPM rests and will work only on teamwork. They have in-built mechanisms to involve the entire workforce in the process. Their evaluation methodologies are perfect. They assess every aspect of whatever they see and then certify an organization. The documentation in this respect is very complex and detailed. TPM is the ultimate in terms of coordination.

Total Quality Management, which simply dictates that quality should start with the quality of raw material, goes one step further. It evaluates the quality of materials supplied by the suppliers and then takes on the delicate task of perfection in each of the inputs within the factory and the production process itself. This is ensured when there is a lot of multi-tasking abilities in people and also the willing cooperation of each team member, in perfecting whatever needs to be done. Communication, review of work done, perfection in terms of obtaining feedback and acting on feedback, based on solid evidence, is all part of coordination.

Coordination in important social functions

Take a marriage. There are hundreds of activities to be coordinated. The stage has to be tastefully decorated. The professionals who do it have to land there on time. The reception requires the services of too many people. The photographers and the experts who handle the video services are important too. Their equipment needs to be in good working condition. The most important aspect of food needs to be coordinated very well. In A to Z marriages, everything is left to the main contractor. If he does a good job, the coordination need not be done. If he does a shoddy job, people from either side have to necessarily jump in and correct all that is not good. This should be continuously done and the perfection should be there to the maximum extent. The supply of money needs to be controlled and accounts should be maintained at least to some extent. The scope of coordination in so many other tasks also needs to be perfect.

Coordination in service organizations

What we see in every big retail store is basically coordination of the tallest order. Nothing is left to chance. The margin for error is zero. If the customer is not satisfied, he will never come back. The coordination tasks start with the customer, identifying his particular needs, engaging him in conversation to find out his background and so on. In every supermarket, there are conscious attempts to get all such information organized very well. Ditto in the case of online marketing organizations like They would ask for customer feedback and take it very seriously. This is perfect coordination at work.

Coordination of all tasks related to global organizations

The availability of cloud computing facilities on a global basis has changed the entire landscape of global organizations. The task of coordination is now left to IT experts who organize information and ensure that vital information is shared on a global basis. There are no silos. In organizations such as Unilever, the flow of knowledge is perfectly coordinated and the learnings are reportedly shared on a global basis. This is as it should be. The scope of making it even better is there in all organizations and global teams only do this every day.


What is particularly important in the vital task of coordination and how it becomes important in a changing world, even in our own lives, has been explained in some detail above. The last word is yet to be spoken on coordination. One can always refer to the best practices to understand what more needs to be done, in terms of perfection.


Author: Umesh03 Apr 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Coordination is the backbone of any project. The coordinator has a vital role to play and any failure in coordination will have an adverse effect on the process of the project. As I see it, the process of coordination requires certain basic ingredients without which it will never be effective and fruitful. The first and foremost thing is the assignment of responsibilities and understanding of the overlap between different persons given certain tasks. This is necessary as the individual workers should know their boundaries and areas of operations. Their efficiency will help the coordinator for better overall execution. Another aspect is the extent of freedom of decision making the coordinator is given by the owner of that event or project. This is a very crucial point as that will help in quick decisions and waiting times for approvals will come down.

Author: Reena Upadhya04 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

Coordination as very well explained by the author in this article is essential in each and every aspect of life. In its absence, there will be a lack of proper guidance. Work will still be carried out but in the absence of proper direction. When there is no direction, there will be a disintegration of activities. Thus, the purpose of reaching the goal is lost somewhere in the process. Consequently, it is very much possible that timely goals and objectives could not be met and the reason being the lack of coordination in the team. Every individual or team is given certain responsibilities or activities that they carry out. Only in the presence of coordination, these activities integrate and objectives are achieved.

Coordination not only binds every individual player together who carry out their tasks freely but also offers complete motivation to them. Every task doer can take his/her initiative in the process and is also offered aid as and when necessary. Thus, there is no sort of hindrance from any point of action. Task doer enjoys carrying out a task. This satisfaction motivates him and thus he performs more enthusiastically at every step.

The main purpose of integration or coordination is to accomplish goals and achieve objectives at the earliest. All sorts of misunderstandings, conflicting behaviours, unnecessary rivalries are avoided. Where there is coordination, unnecessary delays or any sort of wastage do not take place. Everything is well organized and smooth. In totality, in its presence, one can reach the set goals and objectives at a quicker pace and smoothly.

The most important aspect of coordination is that the outcome is highly efficient. Thus, whether it is our personal lives or professional, whether it is a small organization or global one, the importance of coordination cannot be ruled out in any way.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao08 Apr 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Coordination is very important in our lives. Coordination among the members of the family is very important for the smooth running of the house. If there is no coordination the family will become directionless. Finally, we will not know what is exactly happening in the family. Wife and husband should coordinate with each other in all aspects of the family then the family will run very smoothly. Two bullocks of a cart should have good coordination among themselves so that they will pull the cart evenly.

In our official works coordination plays a very crucial role in the success of a project. In a project, all the participants should have coordination among themselves so that the works will progress in the desired path and at the desired speed. The leader should coordinate with the various members of the team and should bring all of them on the same platform so that the things will move in a positive direction. In achieving the goals coordination plays a vital role.

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