Learning the art of satisfying social needs of people

In the real world, we come across millions of people who would like to relate to people. Some are born extroverts. Some are introverts who like to first observe what is going on and then open up to relating with others. What is common to both is what are called "Social Needs", that are a vital part of one's motivation at any point in time. Some nuances of satisfying the basic social needs are discussed in detail in this article.


Social needs relate to the need of every single human being in this world. It is the basic need to love others through care and affection and be similarly loved in return. We can see this everywhere. Even among unemployed graduates who roam around on bicycles aimlessly. These people share jokes, get to interact with others on a regular basis, even while doing odd jobs for their survival. The basic Social needs are relevant to various situations. We will discuss the Art of Satisfying such needs with specific reference to a) Satisfying social needs at home b) Satisfying social needs at work c) Satisfying social needs among friends and relatives and d) Satisfying social needs through societal engagement.

Satisfying social needs at home

Contrary to public perception, the simple truth is that infants also have social needs. The moment the child recognizes his or her parents, it indulges in a lot of attention seeking behavior. The simple mechanisms available to parents is to introduce the child to all relatives. Advanced research indicates that the child reciprocated very well to any stimulus that extends to what is called " positive strokes" in psychology and in the field of Transactional Analysis. This is extremely important. If the infant is fed with positive messages and also gets to see positive people around him, he or she will feel very happy. This will result in the child growing up in a nurturing environment. The child will start telling the names when he or she is just around ten months old.

Similarly, the need for çhildren, as young as just two years to play with other children of the same age or with children just one year older, ought to be recognized and encouraged. In fact, it is always seen that children who are encouraged to play with children of lower economic classes, do not have any inhibitions and become very broad-minded when they grow up. In fact, they develop empathy of a very tall order, when they keep growing. Similarly, the children who are below ten years old would love to share their little achievements, their fun at school and so on at the dining table. By actively encouraging this, parents are effectively satisfying the social needs of their children. They should indeed do so.

Satisfying social needs at work

There are good mechanisms like the Quality circles, which are essentially small voluntary groups of workmen who meet outside office hours to solve their work-related problems. This is the best method. Apart from these, employees often get to celebrate birthdays of workmen on the shop floor, exchange jokes and so on. Very effective HR Managers engage with line managers to ensure that this always happens, as a matter of routine. Similarly, in the IT industry, there is tremendous scope for fun at work and for the exchange of jokes and so on. This is vital and it will not only satisfy social needs at work but also enable an atmosphere of creative work. The workplace cannot be concerned with work on a mechanical basis, without even satisfaction of social needs.

Similarly, the intra-departmental and inter-departmental meetings are also very common and do take care of all social needs. Apart from the most urgent tasks on which there is some serious discussion, there are also jokes and good lighter moments in such meetings. This should also be very much encouraged. The youngsters are also made to make any number of presentations and this also helps a great deal. Let these methods be continued in all seriousness. The number of instances during which individual employees can also meet with superiors to exchange ideas for a day is increasing day after day. There is this practice of " A day with the CEO", where the employee even gets to have lunch with the CEO and share his thoughts and ideas. This is an excellent practice that should be allowed to take shape in every organization.

Satisfying social needs among friends and relatives

Today, the IT employees do have fun-filled weekends during which they really freak out. Most of them gather together to enjoy all the lighter moments and get to experience the highest level of fun. They do the cooking, exchange jokes, sing, dance and go out to the movies and even do the trekking. Such trends are now beginning to happen with the manufacturing sector employees too. This is also extremely important. Once the employees release all tensions on the weekends, the employees return back, fresh and in a good frame of mind to work hard for the next six days. Networking with relatives, particularly between sisters and brothers and their children, living within the same city, needs to be encouraged far more than what is being done now. This is all the more so, as the children never get to become close to their cousins. Those who stay in different cities, meet up once in seven years, if at all. At least those who live within the same cities should meet with each other, every fortnight. Unless parents take particular interest in this matter of vital importance, nothing much is going to happen.

Satisfying social needs through societal engagement

The Lions Club, the Leo Club and such other social clubs where the meetings take place only to socialize and to further business interests in trading, does not do any justice. These are just commercial meetings. The answer is in the new things like the ever-increasing humor clubs, tree planting, eye camps, the medical camps. spending time with the old and the disadvantaged, spending time with the mentally retarded children and sharing lighter moments and so on. Only these are the most meaningful outlets to satisfy the best of social needs. The scope of increasing these experiences is really very huge. There is a tremendous scope for innovation here.


Some real-world methods that obtain in modern organizations have been discussed above to some extent. The scope for expanding the range of such experiences is not only there in corporate organizations. The satisfaction of social needs also needs to happen in families, to a much larger degree than what is now going on.


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