Time for a big paradigm shift in Indian politics

The last five years has been marked by a massive amount of Centralization of power. This has lead to a situation where the Prime Minister's office is overactive and does everything. This is not at all good for the social fabric of the country and the people. We need a total paradigm shift in Indian politics. Some ideas relevant to this theme are sought to be discussed in this article.


A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions. This kind of fundamental change is needed very urgently needed in Indian politics. In the past five years, there has been a terrific decline in the standards of public discourse and also in the nature of the social fabric itself. There can hardly be any doubt about the role of the Prime Minister's office in the past five years. The Prime Minister has advocated the dictator kind of leadership. The dangerous doctrine of "one party, one language and one religion" is extremely dangerous in India. This just cannot work. When the employment did not improve at all, the anger of the people was reflected in the results that saw the emergence of the Congress Party, the very same party that many had virtually written off. Be that as it may, the narrative for a new India will be centered around a big paradigm shift in Indian politics. This can occur, only when a) Regional aspirations are also taken into account b) The State Governments should also have a say in vital matters c) The language issue should not become a comp0lex isue d) The stress should be on results and e) There should be the absence of dictatorship.

Regional aspirations are also taken into account

It is extremely important to give due importance to regional aspirations. Mr. Chandrabaabu Naidu was promised a special package for the new State of Andhra Pradesh. Yet, after the election was over and the BJP came back to power, this promise was never kept. Farmers from Tamil Nadu were agitating for their rights for days on end, right in New Delhi. Yet, the Prime Minister did not have the time to even meet them once. The State of Tamil Nadu had a horrible cyclone after which there was massive destruction of property of thousands of people. The Prime Minister did not have the time to visit the State. In a few days, he showed in the reception of a famous actress. This sort of a cold-shouldering of sufferings of a particular class of people of India does not augur well for the unity of the country itself. A total paradigm shift is needed to get everything in order and render justice to every State of India, and not merely the States where the ruling party in the Center, is in power.

The State Governments should also have a say in vital matters

The State Governments should also have a say in determining how to manage their affairs. Capturing all the powers of the States is not healthy at all. The NEET examination for selection of students to Medical colleges, throughout the country is not in good State. It is in the fitness of things if the State Governments had been taken into confidence. and they had been given fifty percent of the seats to be allotted on merit to students of the particular State. Similarly, in every State, the Central Government is trying to force its way to dominate the entire scenario. If there is any dissenting voice, he or she is immediately branded "anti-national" or "urban-naxal". This is as ridiculous as it can get. There is an urgent need to re-define the role of State Governments in the emerging scenario.

The language issue should not become a complex issue

Hindi was sought to be brazenly imposed on an unwilling population of South India. This language is eminently placed to become a good link spoken language. No one has any issue on this account. However, the Hindi fanatics have sought to make it a single language that every Indian should read, write and speak in. This is as ridiculous as it only can get. There is absolutely no use of Hindi for anyone in each of the five States, each of which has its own rich language. The language of administration should automatically be only this language and not Hindi. English can be a common official language. After all, the literate population of India, are very good in English and it is a global language. Hindi can never be a sole language that will dominate all other languages. This is one fact that we should understand.

The stress should be on results

People all over India, are more bothered about drinking water. There are too many problems. Education and health are very important too. Political parties that can deliver results in these areas and also do it systematically, will benefit by and through such a sharp focus. Otherwise, people will become very impatient and ask all the very inconvenient questions. This is already happening in so many places. One cannot afford to antagonize masses through false promises. Results matter. Promises don't. Even if a political party does not promise much and had done something far better, that party will continue to live in the minds and hearts of people.

There should be the absence of dictatorship

In the past five years, the Prime Minister of India, acted more like the President of India. This is exactly what is not required in this country, which is a parliamentary democracy. It is only democracy that will work in this country. The ruling party needs to give due importance to the views of everyone and then act. There cannot be one person taking all decisions in such a big country. India cannot afford another demonetization. The one that we went through was disastrous.


We need a total paradigm shift in the Indian political scenario. We cannot and should not wait for miracles to happen. We need to start a big public discourse and set in motion, a change process, rightaway.

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