Understanding why unethical means is never desirable or justifiable

Those who are unethical never succeed in life, be it a politician or a business enterprise or an ordinary individual. Only ruthlessly ethical companies are always held in high esteem. Honest leaders find their ways into textbooks of schools for centuries. We will discuss some negative consequences of unethical means with a very large number of real world examples. The focus is on the most negative aspects.


Ethics is what separates the good human beings from bad or very bad human beings. Since we often see so much of corruption that we see all around us, we seem to take everything for granted. This is not only sad but also not in keeping with the normal and accepted ways of behavior of any society. Yet, we do see so many good companies and so many ethical companies. We can still learn a lot from such companies. The unethical means adopted by any individual or organization has too many negative consequences. Chief among them are a) Setting of very bad examples for children b) Encourages "me too" behaviors c) Increases social inequalities and dirty tricks everywhere d) Increases Greed of a very tall order and e) Destroys the social fabric.

Setting of very bad examples for children

This is a real-world story. The names are not mentioned. Unethical means do not mean only money. If someone has extra-marital relationships for the sake of sex or whatever, the same becomes a point of discussion everywhere. The girl child in the family, just 13 years old, was badly affected and ventilated it to her classmate. This girl was seen discussing this with her mother. Since the family was very close to this author, the mother was very badly embarrassed. Why should that uncle "love" that aunty? This question was posed to this woman. Though the other girl's house was situated in another part of the city, this girl was so disturbed. That was because her friend was shattered, she said. The mother patiently explained that she emphasized with the girl. She advised her daughter not to even think of it. Pat came the next question: what will you do if father were to do it, mummy?

This is exactly what happens in so many cases. All this is so harmful to society. The children do not keep quiet at all. They keep on discussing these kinds of issues. This 13 old girl was so keen on some explanation from her mother. This vulnerable age is always something that is very dangerous. Sometimes such thoughts become a problem and they go astray as well. Imagine what would happen to the thoughts of the girl whose father had the extra-marital relationship. She would feel hurt if someone talked about it. Her mother would also face the music. Similarly, if children talk about unethical ways related to corruption, the parents are helpless. Those who adopt unethical means of any kind should always consider the disastrous effect such behavior can have on young minds.

Encourages "me too" behaviours

This happens everywhere. It is very much a part of human nature to fall for temptations. Every human being has his or her strengths and weaknesses. When those who are leaders are women, and they actively indulge in corruption, that leads to the maximum number of " me too" behaviors. Normally, many people who are honest resist becoming corrupt or adopting any short cut at any stage. However, they sometimes give in and their weaknesses take over. For example, corruption starts with the smallest of gifts from those who are corrupt. It then takes other forms. For instance, the purchase head of a particular pharma organization had a very tempting offer. The supplier would take care of everything the moment the family reached Mumbai for a holiday. Apart from accommodation in a five-star hotel, all the food expenses and local tour expenses were taken care of, by the supplier.

The total expenses for one week came to around one lakh rupees. However, the supplier expected higher prices. The purchase head had a big say in the deal. He swung the deal in favor of the supplier and then in every deal, the purchase head went on to make money. The corruption money was safely deposited in a cooperative bank in the name of a very dependable distant relative. It was planned so well in the form of recurring deposits, that were then non-taxable. This guy had the guts to share all his corruption secrets with his subordinates, promising them that their interests would also be taken care of. One subordinate whose mother was admitted to a hospital for a kidney problem. The boss negotiated with the supplier and some sixty percent of the bill was paid by one corrupt supplier. The game reached a situation where someone wrote a secret letter without mentioning their name, to the unit CEO. Unfortunately, this fellow was himself corrupt. He had enjoyed the hospitality of the very same suppliers in different cities. His weakness for booze was totally exploited by the suppliers. Hence, there was no action taken. The whistleblower resigned in disgust and joined a very ethical organization. The entire group was well known for high ethical practices.

Increases Social inequalities and dirty tricks everywhere

With the active support of the BJP, one corrupt fellow of the AIADMK sought to engineer a split in that party. The most corrupted Sasikala of the Mannargudi fame smuggled the entire lot of MLAs to a resort some eighty kilometers from Chennai. Booze and even the supply of call girls happened. Since the party was still in power, they elected the present Chief Minister. The AIADMK corrupt guys ganged up against the worst corrupted fellow of the Mafia gang, whose name is TTV Dhinakaran. Today, the dirtiest of games are played out by these two corrupt entities and all common people openly discuss the dirty tricks. The people of Tamil Nadu are getting used to the worst of corruption and are helpless as well. All dirty tricks are known to every single fellow, who only perfect it to the maximum extent possible. Since at least eighty-five percent of guys are involved in corruption, the common man only tends to ask" who is not corrupt?". The moral degradation is so complete. Money is a big issue. The means to become corrupt is another. This is the most unfortunate thing born out of the dirty tricks that get played out in the public domain. To give one simple example, a transfer of a Government teacher to a place of his or her choice is said to cost one hundred thousand rupees at the bare minimum. The teachers who refuse to give money, are transferred to some remote place, where they slog it out. Of course, the inequalities are very huge and happen every day, when illegal money changes hands.

Increases greed of a very tall order

This is the worst thing. Greed knows no limits. This can happen even in matters related to sex. The entire Pollachi sex scandal happened only because of greed for sex and money, that was earned by threatening the women. Today, this scandal is the shame in a country, where women are given maximum importance and respect. This is exactly the most undesirable consequence of the worst form of unethical behavior. However, unethical behavior can happen to even the most normal people and is related to control of the mind to the maximum extent possible. If the mind is not under control, very strange things can happen at any time. We are not discussing the solutions here.

Destroys the social fabric

Imagine this situation. Every child born in India is part of a very corrupt society. It is absolutely ridiculous to argue that all forms of the most undesirable and unethical behavior are universal and that corruption is there in every part of the world. Yes, it indeed is common everywhere. But to argue that whatever we do is fine is akin to missing the woods for the trees. It is not desirable in India and this is what we are talking about. The future of our children would always be under tension. They would also learn all the dirty tricks and this is a big cause for worry at any point in time. It is so today. It will be the same for even thirty years from now.


This author has always felt that unethical behavior should never be encouraged anywhere. Such behavior is so dangerous for a society such as ours. We should do our best to constantly wean our children away from all such unethical behavior and all negative consequences.


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