What students can do in their free time after the exams are over

The final examinations for the tenth and twelfth standards have finished and so are many of the major entrance exams. That means that before the results are declared in late March and the college admissions start in early January, students have an immense amount of free time before them. This article tries to discuss what students can do with all the free time on their hands.

What most students do not realize is the importance of the hundred-odd days which they get immediately after completion of their board exams. Granted, completing the exam is an arduous task in itself and students have the right to take whatever rest is possible. But it is equally important to realize the importance of each and every day in your life. Quite often, after completing the exams, a student will bury himself or herself with his or her smartphone or laptop and before they realize it, it's time for college admissions. So, what should you do with the massive amount of free time that you get immediately after the exams? If you are still in doubt regarding this question, then you might just find this article useful.

Think about the future

The first and foremost thing you should do immediately after completing your board exams is to think carefully about what you will do afterward as your profession. The future is unpredictable. But you still need to have a general idea about your career. Take whatever advice you can from various sources – your parents, elder siblings (if any) or even this site itself. Take all your likes and dislikes as well as abilities into account. Remember, you should only take advice from the external sources. The final decision should be still yours.

Or it might be equally useful to think about the stream of study which you will choose as your career. There are innumerable students who went into the 'Science' stream without putting much thought into it (or due to pressure from their parents) and who later regretted their decision. If you are not such a person, then you might at least know someone who is. Take a deep breath and think carefully – "Am I good enough for the stream I am about to choose?" "Do I love the course and would I be able to spend two years of my life studying it?" Even students who have just appeared for their twelfth standard exams can think about their further course of study. If needed, you can even study the books and get the hang of what your 'dream course' is all about. This was what I did after I appeared for my Class ten exams. When I realized that the Science textbooks are not my cup of tea and the Humanities textbooks are much more interesting (and easier), I did not think twice before taking Humanities at the +2 level.

Job oriented short-term courses

During the immense amount of free time you have, you can even go for a short term course. These courses can equip you with various requisite skills to combat today's unpredictable world were merely having graduation is not enough. Just to give you an indication of the importance of these short-term courses, clerical jobs in several government departments these days generally require a certificate showing that you have computer skills. If you live in Assam, CEC or Computer Education Centre is probably the best institute to go for computer-related certificate short term courses. Or a quick Google search can fetch you several names of good quality institutes, wherever you might be. Better still, you can check out this site itself. I can guarantee that you will find something that interests you in the Courses section. Remember to check out all the details related to eligibility (some of these courses require some kind of basic qualification) and fees before enrolling.


So far, we have looked at things which can be done within the home. But getting cramped for too long within the home can be an awful experience. Travel to any place you want to go to. Take your friends and family with you as well. Besides providing a great deal of refreshment, travel can help you in developing a much broader horizon of thought. Besides, you might even be able to extract a great deal of knowledge which is probably absent from books.

Playing on the drawing sheet

Do you remember the time that you spent in your pre-primary days, experimenting with various colors and creating cute little drawings? The hundred-odd days of holidays after the board exams may be the perfect time to rediscover that spark. It is not as if drawings like those would fetch you any job or money, but not everything needs to be measured in terms of money, isn't it? In fact, drawings can help in providing quality refreshment and according to an article on Lifehack, these can also release all the bottled up stress that had been accumulating since the start of your exams.

Express yourself… on the web!

Do you like to express your thoughts on various subjects? Do you have a good command over language and are you proficient enough in terms of organizing your thoughts into a well-written piece of text? Then you have a good chance of making it big in the online writing industry. It is quite simple nowadays with blogging platforms like Wordpress or Blogger – you can create either a free or a paid account and start writing. Do take care to promote your blog and follow basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. If you are unsure of how to go about it, you can create a free account here at IndiaStudyChannel and start writing. Not only would you get paid, but you would also learn great things from the various editors and senior members. Armed with this experience, you can go into blogging with a shot of confidence.

Final words

The time after the examinations can be a tricky one. There is a need to use this time efficiently. However, don't forget that this is a holiday period – you are allowed to take it easy! Just remember to strike the right balance between learning and having fun. May the holidays be great for you!

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Author: Umesh18 Apr 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A very good article by the author for utilising the time after the exams are over. Generally, the students will be in a fun and frolic mood after the exams are over. They will go to movies, enjoy with friends, go for outing, etc but that is not the end of the road. Today we are living in a competitive world and we have to utilize our time efficiently and effectively. It is all right that after such a long study spell one will like to enjoy also, but we have to give limited time for it. Enjoying from morning to evening is not a proper thing. It is simply the wastage of precious time.

Preparing for a future career is one of the most important activities one can think of. If one is not interested in studies or have no concentration for it then what I can suggest is join a temporary job for one or two months and earn the experience which will enrich you multifold and then you will understand the value of money as well as time. It will change the way we think and perceive things. Believe me, it works.

I belonged to a lower-middle-class family when I completed my class XII and I did not have any money to go out or enjoy in the market with my friends. I took a decision myself to work in a club in the evening for 2-3 hours which fetched me a good amount from the standards of that time and I purchased my first table tennis bat with it. I later bought some fiction books also. I also enjoyed in small eating places with friends. It was for a short time as I had to discontinue it as I had to join my BSc classes. That was a great experience and I learned a lot in those 1-2 months which I did not learn in so many years!

Author: K Mohan24 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

After doing the final examination, surely the students would be feeling free and wants to enjoy the time for sure before embarking on some serious thinking process about the future. Free time students means, meeting with their old friends, classmates and also the other friends who have been helping them to crack the exams. But students should also meet the teachers who have been instrumental in changing the very perceptions of life and seek more advice from them because a teacher knows every student better and the advise would be very encouraging and fruitful. And going to places in the vacation do happen as the parents would also plan to go out and the whole family would be in jolly mood to meet people and relatives because the boy or the girl has scored good marks and that makes them to enjoy every moments of the trip with over joyed atmosphere. But students should also consult their seniors as to what they have done for the career building and future prospects.

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