How to make others say "This-guy-or-woman-is-awesome" everyday

The word awesome is the toast of Generation Y. The same crowd that earns one hundred thousand rupees effortlessly and is raring to go. How do they say " awesome" about someone? Based on understanding a cross-section of these people and their experiences and others working in service industries or even manufacturing, the rules seem to be deceptively similar. Some dimensions of these rules that define the game are discussed in this article.


Contrary to all public perception, very young men and women in the age group of 22 to 30, earning very high salaries and the most regular customers of the likes of Swiggy, are very keen observers of people. They do hold in very high esteem, someone in whom they can trust. This holds good for people across the spectrum. They tend to trust others who really help them. They look for very honest servant maids to whom they even give their residence keys so that they can work at their own convenience. To that extent, it becomes very obvious that you can also be called "awesome" by such people and even other older people, if and only if, a) You need to build credibility b) Works towards establishing Trust with all c) Walk the talk, even on small matters d) Be a friend, philosopher and guide to all and e) Be consistent in your talk and action.

You need to build credibility

Whether you are a student, a housewife, an employed professional or self-employed, you can really win over others and be termed "awesome" only if you build credibility. A friend of mine narrated a recent experience. A person from Orissa, recently transferred to Chennai, sought the help of this friend to enable him to find rented accommodation in a gated community near Besant Nagar, a very posh locality of Chennai. Initially, the owner, living just two minutes away in his son's own independent house, was very reluctant to entertain an unknown person. Yet, this banker friend of mine spoke to the owner continuously. He was a strict vegetarian, he pointed out. He had only his wife to live with him. The parents would come from Orissa very rarely. Trusting my friend, the owner let out the house. There were 23 other houses in the same complex. A small gated community. The Orissa gentleman became a good friend within two months. He literally knew many by name and offered every possible help, like transporting an elderly person to the hospital immediately in his car. The inmates, who initially kept away from this Orissa gentleman, warmed up to him. His wife got the best of vegetarian dishes prepared in Orissa style and offered the same to neighbors. Her Hindi was not very good. Yet, she used the sign language and learned Tamil words so fast. Within six months, she was able to speak some broken Tamil. The couple was incredibly honest. It later turned out that the young man's father was a freedom fighter. The residents went all out of their way to make them comfortable, as much as possible. This is exactly what can happen if someone is honest and sincere. Even in a new city, the couple was referred to as "awesome".

Work towards establishing Trust with all

Trust is not a simple joke. It is built over the years. It is built when others start believing you. It happens when others see you as a really good person. Not as selfish person. The more you keep on working on such good values, you can easily build trust. The Orissa couple referred to above, were able to build this trust, only because they believed in good human relationships and were able to jell with everyone. There is no short cut. The rules of the game are the same, everywhere in the world. It can work only when the basic building blocks are firmly in place. Trust does wonders to human relationships. You can easily seek the help of anyone. People will flock to you whenever you approach them. There are hundreds of people in the lower economic classes, who appreciate very honest people. They often look forward to role models. Once they see that you are someone who can be trusted, it will become obvious that you will be easily termed awesome. I have seen even people living in slums who are incredibly honest. They referred to one local elderly person as "arumaiyana manushan" in Tamil. It translates into " a wonderful person". A little probe was interesting. He lived in a small house with his son. His wife was no more. His son would do some cooking and go to work. He would eat the simple meal and help the slum people to write letters, advise the poor to open small recurring deposits with the local post office, convinced the postmaster that he should allow the smallest of recurring deposits for even Rs.20 per month, and advised them to give up bad habits, by talking to the men who were drunkards, very often. All this, without seeking any help. I was stumped when I got to know his age -- 72!! Well, the word "awesome" does not apply to only young people.

Walk the talk, even on small matters

The 72-year-old man was able to do all that he did only because he treated everyone with respect, and helped everyone. He never accepted anything in return. One slum lady, who ran a small eatery for the slum people, told me that he would very rarely have just one cup of tea from them. He was a teetotaler and was highly respected for his values. Similarly, I was pleasantly surprised to meet with a group of 22 or 23 years old IT employees, who would impress on their Management to spare some money that they could productively use in promoting good social work. They had helped one self-help group. This self-help group was into making some bakery items, and these were regularly supplied to three local bakeries, on a buy-back basis. This was appreciated by the Management which helped the youngsters in other ways too. The IT professionals did have great parties on their weekends. But as far as walking the talk was concerned, they were sincere in doing some constructive social work. One leader among them took a particular interest, though he was around 38 years old. This gentleman did all the coordination. He was helpful in engaging with a lot of young people.

Be a friend, philosopher, and guide to all

It is now becoming very clear that the Generation Y have a mind of their own. Inter-religion and inter-state marriages are so common. In one particular case, a Bengali girl, madly in love with a Tamilian boy in the same IT company, sought the help of the house owner herself!! Though this lady was educated, she was an ordinary housewife. But her chartered accountant husband had taught her very good values. She patiently listened to the girl, verified about her background and was doubly sure that the boy would not ditch the girl, She did a real integrity check, through some people known to the boy. He was damn serious too. The lady spoke to both families and the girl's family came to Chennai, all the way from Durgapur. A massive counseling session followed. It was reported that the girl's father initially insisted that she resign her job!! However, the period of fifteen days was enough for them to conclude that the boy was too good. The lady in question acted as a real friend, philosopher, and guide. The boy's parents came calling from Madurai. They were initially very violent too and even threatened police action. However, the lady tactfully explained the entire situation. Though the language was totally different, the parents of the boy were enabled to understand every bit of what the Bengali girl said in English, through interpreters who could translate English into Tamil. The boy's parents took a full fifty odd days to say yes. This was even after some secret monitoring of the girl's movements!! The young boy and girl referred to the lady as "awesome". Though none are still known to me personally, I could see the honesty and intent. The lady's role was too good. The simple marriage was conducted in Tamilian style, after the Bengalis agreed to it.

Be consistent in your talk and action

This can always happen when you are consistent. Even if you take one wrong step, people are likely to reject you. Similarly, they always look for consistency. If you say something and do something just the opposite, they will reject you. Consistency in your words and action is a must. It can happen if you are very serious. Only then, the word "awesome" will apply to you.


Winning the word "awesome" is not common sense. It is not rocket science, either. The aforesaid true life experiences only reinforce the basics. Only a few of the basics have been discussed in the aforesaid paragraphs. The journey is very exciting. The key is to try and keep perfecting each value as you go along. Of course, there is no short cut at all.

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