How to become an IGCSE Teacher - Career in IGCSE teaching

A lot of schools that were earlier affiliated to some local board or system of education are now shifting their curriculum suiting the requirements set in to International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE board. This education system is internationally designed and internationally accepted. This means, whether you are a teacher or a student, you will gain for this syllabus. If you have recently graduated from a reputed college and you wish to be a teacher in IGCSE school then here are some guidelines that you may follow while applying for such teaching positions

How to become an IGCSE Teacher

1. Education-Firstly, you must have completed your graduation before you wish become a teacher in IGCSE schools. The stream of your graduation should be either directly that subject on which you will be applying as an IGCSE teacher or it should be a major subject that is massively related to the subject that you wish to teach. For example, if you wish to teach English in an IGCSE school, then you should either be a graduate in English major or in Comparative Literature where English Literature is one of the major subjects. Similarly, if you wish to teach Biology, then you should have a degree in Biology or Microbiology or Botany and so on.

2. Familiarity with ICT - As the schools following IGCSE syllabus are highly enabled in information and communication technology or ICT, you should also be familiar with this domain. You may have to conduct classes virtually, or you might have to solve assignments on digital boards. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether your subject of expertise contains information about these technologies or not. You should learn such technologies on your own and make yourself competent enough for conducting the classes using technology. You will also have to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies available in the market. The IGCSE schools take high fees from the students, a part of which goes to revamp their infrastructure to suit the modern requirements. Therefore, you will get all the latest facilities in the schools that will help you conduct your classes smoothly and efficiently. On the other hand, you must equip yourself with the knowledge to use the modern infrastructure provided by the school.

3. Experience - This is the second most important aspect of becoming an IGCSE teacher. If you have made up your mind that you want to become a teacher in an IGCSE school, then you should first teach in some other Schools on the subject of your expertise. If you want to teach at the secondary level, then generally an experience of 3 years is enough to qualify you for the interview. If however, you wish to teach the students for further higher levels, then an experience of minimum 5 years in the subject of expertise is asked from the applicants. It will also be very useful, if you can make the principal of your previous school write you a detailed recommendation letter about your teaching expertise. The letter should highlight your abilities as a teacher and your inquisitiveness to learn about the new things happening around.

4. Encourage creativity - If you are already teaching in some school and you wish to teach in an IGCSE school in the future, then you should encourage the students that you are teaching currently to think creatively. You should tell them to think out of the box while solving a problem. You can give them an unusual problem one fine morning and ask them to come up with their own solutions to that problem. This will encourage them to do something on their own. They will also be able to break the monotony of their routine classes. This same thing you will be expected to apply when you get to teach in an IGCSE school. Say, for instance, you are selected as a teacher in an IGCSE school. It will be monitored that
how you are imparting your lectures in the classes. It is not encouraged that, you encourage the students to mug up from some model questions and answers during the classes.

5. Teaching in English - As this course is mainly taught in English and contains a syllabus that is written and read in English medium, therefore, your English communication skills must be good. Here the students who have studied in an English medium school right from the beginning will be at a more advantageous position in the interview. Some IGCSE schools might provide you a classroom with a bunch of students in it and ask you to teach them on your subject of expertise. Therefore, you will have to brush your Commuication Skills and practice teaching your subject in English at home. If your English communication skills are quite poor and you still want to become a teacher in any IGCSE school, then you should get enrolled in a Spoken English school. There you will have to learn the art of communicating in English in such a way that nobody can find a fault while you are delivering your lectures. If you are currently a student in high school or secondary and wish to become an IGCSE teacher, then my suggestion would be to take admission in an IGCSE school right away. If you don't know the syllabus properly, then you will not able to become a good teacher. You can get accustomed to the curriculum long before you come into the profession. Along with this, if you need assistance in coping with your IGCSE syllabus, then you should take professional help. Apachia Institute for Private Training is such an institute in Kuwait. It provides online and offline tuition classes for IGCSE students. You can clear your doubts, get ample amount of assignments from the teachers and come to know about the latest information with respect to your subject. The tuition batches are small and more in number and therefore, you will get more attention of your teachers. You can log in to the official website of Apachia Institute for Private Training and drop in a message in their contact form, to get enrolled in their tuition batches.


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