Important tips to make your bus rides comfortable

Not willing to take up the bus journey fearing the many discomforts in the bus? Well, here are some easy and simple ways that you can adopt while planning a bus journey in order to turn it out to be a comfortable one.

Bus rides are often quite bumpy and uncomfortable. The ride itself is not preferred by many when the other modes of travel are available. But sometimes you really have to give in. Remember how you wished you could travel that extra mile in the bus to visit the spot heard so much about even when you had seen most of the other places around. And that small spot thus not visited had haunted you for a while.
To many the bus ride, even when it is a luxury Volvo bus ride, is a challenge. But see the prize you get by overcoming the challenge. The beauty of the place spells magic over you and you forget the trauma you experienced while traveling to this place. Well, why not reduce the trauma a little. Small steps and ways can make your so-called uncomfortable bus ride into a nice experience.

Small Ways to make your bus ride comfortable

Wear good comfy clothes

You need to feel good with what you are wearing. Take up one of those wrinkle-free dresses that you need not have to care about much. And you would also need to take care of your footwear. Wear one of those easily bendable ones that you can easily take off during the journey.

Travel light

Now, everyone says that. But you really should travel light so that you do not think much about stacking your belongings on the bus. Carry only the necessities. But do not forget to carry your camera and spare batteries. Keep your medicines, etc handy so that you really do not have to struggle for them when you need them.

Keep your money in different places

Do not do the mistake of keeping all your money in the same place. Keep some amount in your wallet and the rest in your bag. Keep your cards close to you. Always keep a record of your card number in case you need to block them.

Carry energy drink instead of water

You need to be hydrated. So do not ever think of drinking less liquid to avoid going to the loo. Well, you can very well carry an energy drink with you. This way, you will remain hydrated and nourished and will also not have to go to the loo very often.

Entertain yourself

Now, this is important as well. The outside views could be nice but you may not wish to see them throughout. And still worse, you will not be able to see anything outside when it is a night journey. So carry your earphones and the fully loaded mobile with your collection of music. Some may prefer reading books. But reading should be avoided as far as possible in the absence of proper lighting. Reading will anyhow not be enjoyable when the ride is bumpy and you tend to lose track of the lines.

Stay aloof

You may not wish to carry out a conversation with your fellow passengers not be a victim of the screeching cries of the child sitting somewhere on the bus. So have your earplugs and eye mask handy when you are not listening to the music and want just to doze off for a while. Carry your neck pillow as well. this will not only provide you the necessary cushion while dozing in the sitting position but support your head against the bad roads as well.

Bring your own snacks

It is better to carry your own snacks and food with you. This way you can avoid the not so healthy yet expensive food available at the places where the bus stops for the breaks. And you can also much your food at your own sweet will.

Stretch every now and then

Even when you have brought your own snacks, it is still advisable to get down the bus at the shops and stretch your limbs for a while. Your back and legs would feel more relaxed this way. And you also get the fresh air.

By carrying out these small tricks, you are sure to feel more relaxed and comfortable during your bus journeys. And a comfortable journey to your destination will make your visit more enjoyable and the experience memorable


Author: Umesh20 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

A bus journey is generally more tiresome as compared to the train. Still, due to reservation and route accessibility issues, people move in us from one place to another. The author has given quite good tips for a smooth and pleasant bus journey.

I want to add a few points in this respect. Those people who are not much interested in music can instead keep some audio books of choice with them and hear them during the journey. It is as good as reading a book. So, this is one good use of the bus journey time especially when you have no one to talk or companion to share your time. Another thing is that whenever the bus stops for a few minutes, utilize this time for stretching and doing some little exercises to bring the body from a postural sitting to a standing mode. Another thing is keeping some healthy food and relish it during the journey. Seasonal fruits, roasted peanuts, sugarless biscuits, and dry fruits are some of the preferred foods during the journey. Avoid oily and spicy food as that can create acidity and other digestion problems which is very inconvenient during bus journeys.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta22 Apr 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Nice tips are given by the author through this article. Train journeys are always preferable because a person gets space to walk around. My father being diabetic never prefers to go through buses on long journeys because of the frequent urge of urination. Also, it's better to drink fluid in control as you cannot ask the driver to stop the bus just for you. It's advisable to book the seat near the window as you may enjoy the views. It's better to keep a blanket or a sheet as in summer too when the AC is on, you may feel cold. It's better to check the seat before occupying it as sometimes by bad luck you may get a broken seat which may make your journey uncomfortable.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha22 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

To many of us, a Bus journey would prove to be a trying time adding unnecessary stress during the entire journey hours. But believe there are certain ways and if followed them religiously add make your journey comfortable. Some of the points to be followed under such conditions are listed below.
1) Long gossiping with the strangers is to be avoided because, at times, such talks may not be comfortable ultimately giving you undue stress.
2) Make it a habit of reading such items which could stimulate you mentally. This could range from the lives of the great Indian - heroes, and Scientists to the books suited to your hobbies. A prolonged watching of smartphone for an appreciable time could cause absorption of dangerous rays emitting from such gadgets.
3) To remain hydrated during such a journey, a little amount of water containing lemon juice to sip would be ideal.
4) To avoid unnecessary sounds during the Bus journey, plug the ear with some cotton swab to dilute the intensity of sound.
5) Alertness is required to protect your belongings.
6) Use the journey-break especially when the Bus stops for the refreshments of passengers, to come out of Bus for some minor movement.

The article does provide valuable tips during the onward journey in buses and the tips would be a boon to the commuters.

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