Understanding the need for safety and security in our lives

Safety and security are very important in today's conditions. The joint family is all but gone. The nuclear family is the order of the day. None of us have time for anything. Yet, we always need safety and security in our lives. Some dimensions of these two variables are discussed in some detail in this article.


Picture this situation. Thanks to some rather stupid advice that all life insurance is a waste of money, one breadwinner refuses to take even the bare minimum of life insurance for his family. He was a worker. He took to booze at times. In a contractual job, with benefits like ESI, PF, gratuity and EPF family pension, the worker was so confident that nothing will happen to him. Just 31 years old. So, the age would mean the occasional booze at any marriage function. It was just 2 PM. Three guys were so heavy on booze and on the way to the marriage hall to have lunch. Two survived. The third, who drove his motorcycle, lost his balance, hit a big stone as he fell down and was rushed to a nearby hospital who did some first aid and referred to the nearest big Government hospital. On treatment for ten days, the guy passed away on day eleven as he never recovered from his head injury.

With monotonous regularity, the aforesaid instances happen. The family is in deep trouble now as the widow is young and is forced to take up some small employment to save herself and her two children, aged seven and four. The true case-study is just an instance. There are hundreds of such instances. Life insurance is not only for security and security. It is a symbol of love for our near and dear ones. Be that as it may, it becomes absolutely essential to have safety and security in all aspects of life. It is very relevant a) In families anywhere and anytime b) At work in any situation c) On the roads and d) In the society in general.

In families, anywhere and anytime

Life insurance is always the best. However, it is wise to invest in pure term policies where the premium is very less. At the Indian Overseas Bank, it is wise to invest in an accident policy for a ridiculous premium of just Rs.118, which covers death in accidents. One can really never visualize what will happen to us. For instance, we travel by train. Apart from praying to God that nothing should happen to us, we do not have any choice. If there is a derailment, and we are gone, at least our families should never suffer. We should look around for cheap policies. The rest of the corpus should be invested in good mutual funds, even in systematic investment plans. (SIPs). This gives far better returns, that is not only risk-free but also too good in terms of safety and security. At the moment, the HDFC mutual fund is too good. Similarly, investment in Public Provident Fund is always advisable, as the returns are totally tax-free. There should be two accounts in each family and regular amounts should be invested. The minimum per year is only Rs.1000.

Now as regards the security and safety of the girl child, whether the child is two years old or ten years old or older, she should never be allowed to interact with any stranger and a male. Even the nearest of relatives are dangerous as we do not know the beast in a man will wake up. Never leave the child alone. If there is any situation where this becomes unavoidable, it is wise to lock the house, request the neighbors to keep a good watch over the house and shift the girl child to some relative's house or friend's house in the same city. If the age, just 16 or less than twenty needs to travel to a new place to take up an entrance exam or whatever, she should never travel alone. Yes, in the world, the third rate crooks are rare. But they are also increasing day after day. Even twenty crooks in a six lakh population are dangerous indeed. They can roam around anywhere. It is unwise to wear gold jewelry at all. Anything made out of plastic, or glass or whatever is more safe than gold. These are very small things. Fearing the IT fellow, many families keep the gold in their homes. This is basically stupid, as the thief may come calling anytime.

At work in any situation

Even talking too many personal things with friends on the intranet, is very dangerous. The Central server in the Corporate Office does have all the passwords. If some nasty comments were passed about any big boss, that can land you in deep trouble. Never talk ill of anyone. Even the workmen and never ever gossip. These may seem very silly and common-sense oriented. Yet, mistakes like these can ruin our lives totally. It is stupid to even think that we can get away with that kind of activity. We can't. Many Managements do look into what is being discussed over the intranet, even if the passwords are unique.

Then comes the safety aspect when working in the factories. Particularly hazardous factories. It is very much essential to wear the helmet and the goggles and even the safety shoes, even if you happen to work in finance and enter the factory. Or in HR and is mandated to go to the factory so many times in a day. This is extremely important. Failure to do so can cause you great harm. Many are lazy and only when they meet with an accident within the factory and down for three months, the loss of pay becomes a burden, they realize their folly. All this can be avoided if the basic safety measures were followed.

On the roads

Wearing the helmet is a real pain. It does give maximum discomfort to anyone during the summer when we sweat a lot. Yet, it is absolutely essential to follow this simple rule. Now comes the even more vital precautions even if we hire a taxi. It should be ensured that the driver is not drunk. Not only is this dangerous, but if caught driving in such a condition, can cause even legal problems. Never compromise. Secondly, he should be instructed to not overtake every single vehicle on a highway, more so, if it is a big heavy vehicle. Most drivers of even two-wheelers zip past at terrific speed. And then the vital thing about such things as it applies to you. If you are the driver it applies to you too.

Except in a big emergency, even if involves the death of someone so near and dear, it is wise to drive early in the morning. A grandfather who had died at 3 PM in the afternoon, would be cremated only the next day. It is stupid to take a car at 10 PM and drive down the 500-kilometer distance. Even if its a rented taxi, it is unwise to drive at night. The best option is to request the relatives to postpone the cremation till evening the next day. Take the same car and start driving at 4 AM in the morning. You can still make it at 11 AM. This is exactly what should be done. Regarding night travel, it is safer to take the private luxury buses than the Government buses, even if the cost is double. The private luxury buses have very well trained drivers. They are never drunk. They park the buses at night at very decent places. It is always safe to travel by such buses, even in an emergency. And online booking is even safer and advisable.

In society, in general

A series of bomb blasts in Sri Lanka has claimed over two hundred lives. These are instances where we cannot do anything about. Yet, there are some tips for safety and security. When we travel by EMU trains, talking to strangers about our jobs or salary or families should be totally avoided. If we notice a bag that does not belong to anyone in the compartment we should immediately act to alert the railway police. Similarly, we should board a night bus in the local area of any city, after 9 PM. If the train is late, and we are forced to take a late night EMU to go home with our family, it is wise to spend even one thousand rupees, check into a decent hotel nearby, spend the night and then go home the next day morning. Safety and security are more important than mere money. Don't have the money? Follow the herd mentality. Sit in one corner of the huge railway station and sleep. For example, thousands do so at Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi or Howrah Stations. Even at the CST Station at Mumbai. Security and safety are a must in such cases. The cops cannot question you at all. All you need to do is to buy the platform tickets. However, it is unsafe to sleep at bus-stations in smaller cities. The crooks can harm us anytime. And spending any amount of money on safe lockers to keep all jewelry is a must and should be followed.


Whatever has been discussed above is neither original nor unique. It is sheer common sense. However, we tend to forget all such common sense basics and put ourselves in deep trouble. The minimum that we can and should do is to advise our friends, relatives, and even colleagues at the office to follow the simple steps. They may be baby steps. But they are very important ones.


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