How to Choose the Right School for Your Child?

Choosing the right school for your kid is not an easy task. For that parents need to do a lot of research. Because school education and environment make a great impact on a child's development stage. Check out this article to get the best tips for selecting the right school for your kid.

In the highly competitive world that we live in today, it is important that individuals are not only skilled on a professional level but are also highly emotionally advanced beings and have a holistically developed personality. And it is common knowledge that with new generations coming in as children occupy spaces in our families, it becomes imperative that they are much smarter than what we are. This is because, with each passing day, the amount of competition faced by individuals every day rises exponentially. It becomes a prerequisite then that our children receive the best education they can and as parents, the responsibility falls solely on us that we ensure that we choose the best schools for our children.
In this write-up, we share with you the tips on choosing the right kind of school for our children.


The primary difference between homeschooling and school education is the fact that in the latter case, children are made subject to both the advantages and responsibilities of collaborative learning. At school, children not only get to interact with peers of their age and learn the various nuances of social interactions and flex their social muscles, but they also get exposed to the most important part of collaborative learning that is the teachers. Besides every other requirement that one must look for while choosing the best school for our kids, the very first requirement that deserves maximum attention is the kind of faculty that a school has. It is imperative that besides being competent, the faculty members are also highly trained at enabling children to identify their own hidden talents and enhance the same so that each child understands that he is unique. And he is allowed to build a high level of competence. It is important that each faculty member recognizes the children as assets to the classroom and thus, instead of the spoon- feeding each of them, they teach the students how to identify learning as an opportunity.

Infrastructural Facilities

As important as competent and caring faculty members are as a factor to help us narrow down on deciding the best schools for our children, infrastructural facilities are no less important. Besides rote learning and delving into the concepts taught in the books, it is important that the school you plan on sending your child to has sufficient infrastructural facilities so as to enable your child to go beyond the limitations of academic learning. A rich library, a high-speed internet equipped computer lab are the basic necessities that schools must be offering these days. In order to be able to draw a sharp distinction between the good and the best, schools are trying hard to ensure that their school campus is equipped with the best in class infrastructural facilities such as swimming pools and smart classrooms with digital equipment.

Locational Advantages

Even if the school, within its campus has high-class infrastructural facilities and competent faculty, the benefits of these things gets undermined if the overall environment of the school is not pleasant. And when we talk about the environment we are willing to take everything into account. It is very important that your child feels fresh throughout the day, even it is a tiring one. If the location of the school is such that it is prone to high pollution levels and is devoid of greenery, not only does it have a direct bearing on the health of your children but also affects them on a more psychological level, thereby proving to be an impediment in the way of their overall development and learning capabilities. In short, you will never see your children in his best form despite you might assume that he or she is trying her best. This is simply because your child may be under the direct influence of the disadvantages of the location of the school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

As the old adage goes, "All work and no play makes a dull boy", it is important and high time that we as parents realize that in order to achieve overall development of the personality of our children, they are allowed to go beyond rote learning and academic life. They must be encouraged to hone their talents, sharpen their emotional content as well as ensure that they have a good physique by constant indulgence in sports activities. Such opportunities allow students to discover their hidden talents and overcome any inhibitions that might otherwise prove to be stepping stones from them becoming great human beings.


As responsible parents, we must remember that our children are not going to compete just with the other children at school. They must rather be educated and grown up in a way that they are able to cope up with the direct competition thrown their way by students both nationally and internationally. It then becomes important that they are allowed access to the most advanced and modern technological facilities which enhance their ability to learn and develop more complete human beings.

Keeping these things in mind, it is also noteworthy that since Kerala has always been home to schools that constantly imparted high-quality education. There is no doubt that Kerala has the highest literacy level in the entire country. Due to this, there is constant pressure on schools in Kerala strive to match international levels when it comes to imparting educations. As a result, certain international schools in Thrissur are emerging. And as per our assessment of all the schools in Thrissur, we have come to the conclusion that it has to be our personal recommendation to recommend you to The International School of Thrissur.


To give you a fair idea about the institution, the classrooms at The International School of Thrissur are all fully air-conditioned to ensure that temperature and scorching heat do not come in the way of your child's learning. They are also equipped with state of the art modern facilities as all the classrooms are digital smart classrooms. Besides, they also have their own 'Radio station' at the school for easy dissemination of information. On the co-curricular side, they conduct literary events such as public speaking elocution constantly, so that students are always driven towards honing their interpersonal skills. Besides, the school is bestowed with facilities like a swimming pool, basketball court, and sufficient infrastructural facilities to facilitate the conduction of yoga sessions, karate classes, rock climbing and so on. To ensure that children imbibe values of compassion and selflessness, the school ensures that children are engaged in some community service. Besides they are also imparted with gardening classes to help them develop an aesthetic sense and love for nature.

We also sent a team of ours to personally visit the campus of the school and allow us to tell you that it is nothing short of the description that we provided you with. All in all, you can count on us and go ahead with The International School of Thrissur, knowing that your child will be spending a substantial chunk of his life there.


Author: Umesh26 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Choosing the right school for our children is definitely a difficult task as there are varieties of schools available around and all of them boast so many good things about their schools. There are other considerations also when choosing a school like its location and fees. If a person can not afford a costlier school then naturally there is no point in trying for admission there.

In my opinion, we should consider a school basically as per the quality of the education there rather than the cosmetic facilities. The children should not be sent to luxurious schools as it will make them weak in their future life. The student life is the time to work hard and live in minimalist mode rather than spending more money and having some costlier gadgets in hand. The student should learn the basic things of life in the school itself.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao02 May 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Why one should go to school? To learn and get educated, to know the difference between good and bad, to know how important the values and ethics for a human being. If these are fulfilled you can say you went to a good school. But there are many schools which are not considering all these points. How many marks we got and what are the chances to get a seat in a good institution - these are only looked at nowadays.

A qualified and experienced faculty will give value to the school. So we should first know how is the faculty in the school we are going to admit our child. Then comes the other points. The infrastructure and playground are next. Another point is the way to commute. For small kids, if the school is nearby then it will be easy. One can go and drop her in the school and go to pick her up later after school. A good article by the author and he has given good information required for selecting a good school.

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