6 Best Places for Trekking in Wayanad

Do you want to know the best trekking places in Wayanad? in this blog describes the best 6 trekking places in Wayanad for team camping.

trekking in wayanad
Most tourists see Wayanad as a place with a beautiful landscape, a place where they can relax and rejuvenate. Wayanad is indeed breathtakingly beautiful, but there is more to Wayanad than pristine forests, gurgling streams and waterfalls. Wayanad has more to offer than just paddy fields, tea estates and coffee plantations.

Have you heard of the Wayanad adventure tourism? It is one of the main tourist attractions and quite popular with holidaymakers. A host of adventure activities can be enjoyed for those with an adventurous spirit. Adventure Activities in Wayanad are best suited for anyone who wants to experience an adrenaline rush. Adventure seekers can indulge in rappelling, cycling, trekking and camping in the wild.

We'll focus on trekking, as it is the best way to enjoy Wayanad while fitting in some adventure. Some of these treks are challenging and require you to be at your fittest best. They lead you into the depths of the forests, make you conquer peaks and cross rippling streams and frothy waterfalls. Are you game for it?

  1. Pakshipathalam Trek

  2. pakshipathalam
    The Pakshipathalam trek is moderately challenging; the climb isn't arduous, but it still is a 16 km trek to the peak that stands at 1740 metres above sea level. You are sure to enjoy the trail, it is lovely. The changing landscape is something that enthrals first-time trekkers. It traverses through calm grassy meadows and wild, thick forests and of course, the well-domed hills.

    The Pakshipathalam trek is best done between November and April; the weather is favourable and temperatures pleasant. It is also the season when migratory birds nest in these hills. You'll encounter flocks of different species of migratory birds nesting on trees.

    Another interesting feature that you'll come across on the trek is the natural caves. Stop awhile to explore them.

  3. Brahmagiri Trek

  4. brahmagiri
    With difficulty levels ranging from medium to difficult, the Brahmagiri trail is more demanding when compared to the Pakshipathalam trek. The trek entails ascending the Brahmagiri hill, to reach its peak, but the panoramic view from the top makes the effort worthwhile.

    It is rocky terrain, particularly towards the peak, where the incline gets quite sharp. The rocky stretches can be hard to navigate, especially for unseasoned trekkers. Though, adventure junkies, who enjoy the thrills of scrambling dangerous trails, are sure to love the experience.

    It is a beautiful climb, scenic to the core – you will encounter tiny rivulets and vistas of green hills spreading across the horizon. You'll walk over clouds and may also spot some wildlife.

    Schedule the trek between November and February.

  5. Banasura Hills Trek

  6. banasura hills
    Ready for another thrilling experience? A trek up the Banasura Hills promises to be just that. Interestingly, the Banasura is the second tallest peak in Wayanad, and at an elevation of 2073 metres, it beckons adventure enthusiasts.

    It is not an easy trek, and trekkers must be prepared to face the challenges it poses. The challenges involve wading through tall grass, clambering steep inclines covered with huge rocks and navigating rock covered trails. The rough terrain requires a combination of grit, skill and fitness to complete.

    The incredible views of the Banasura Water Reservoir and the sea of mist-covered peaks make the trek worthwhile. October to May is the best time for this trek.

  7. Chembra Peak Trek

  8. The-Chembra-Peak
    The tallest among all peaks in Wayanad, the Chembra Peak is an imposing mount. Even though it stands at a height of 2100 metres above sea level, it is an ideal trekking location, for amateur trekkers. The gradual incline makes the trail safe, moreover, guides on the trek, assist trekkers.

    The Chembra peak comes under the Forest Department, and trekkers need the department's permission to undertake a trek. Reach the base early, if you want to trek up to the summit. The Forest Department issues limited permits, per day, and only 200 trekkers are allowed. A group of 10 trekkers can obtain a permit for just Rs.750.

    The Forest Department does not allow overnight camping on the hill, which is rather unfortunate. However, if you want to camp overnight, out in the wild, approach an adventure camp Wayanad kerala to view the packages they offer.

  9. Kalladi Forest Trek

  10. kallad forest
    The Kalladi Forest trek traverses through verdant forests, and that is the trek's unique selling point. The forest is part of the Western Ghats and totally uninhabited.

    You'll trek through tall trees, many of them hundreds of years old. You will come across points that offer spectacular views of mist filled gorges. You will wade through streams and rivers. This will be a trek to remember.

  11. Thusharagiri Waterfalls Trek

thusharagiri waterfalls
Thusharagiri is one of the best waterfalls in Wayanad. Thusharagiri translates to 'mist capped mountain', and the place gets its name from the mist created by the cascading waterfalls in this mountainous region. Thusharagiri can be reached from Wayanad and Kozhikode. It is about 50 km from both places.

The 8 km trek is a magical trail through dense forests that provides a lush green cover. The shrill calls of exotic birds break the silence. And just when you think that is all there is to it, you hear the thundering sound of the waterfalls. There are five waterfalls on the trail, but it is not possible to do them all, in one day.


Author: Umesh28 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Western Ghat mountain range is full of so many natural destinations for the general as well as adventure tourists. I was aware of a few places there but Wayanad as a trekking destination is new information for me. It is an excellent article with relevant photographs at places. Trekking, camping, mountaineering, sightseeing, and travelling are some of the activities which are very enjoyable and freshening to the people and that is the reason that the number of visitors to such natural and picturesque locales is increasing day by day. In our country, domestic tourism is also going up significantly and while earlier it was the privilege of a few to wander around now many families are exploring the tourist places regularly at least once a year during the school vacation time.

Wayanad, as I perceive from this article, has got an immense scope for developing it as a top destination for trekkers and nature explorers alike and with basic infrastructure and other facilities strengthening up the place will be more and more popular in future.

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