How to relax after a tiring day

The corporate rat race has engulfed today's man in such a way that he is not ready to relax even when not at work. But it is also the demand for human health that he should relax after the tiring day at work. The article gives out some of the ways that one may adopt to relax his mind and body in order to keep him healthy and ready for the next day.

Today's competitive world extracts the most out of you. And you, in a horde to be in the race also compromise on your health. The entire day is spent in a battleground with the motive of giving out the best towards achieving the targets and improving the performances.

But have you ever wondered how you kill yourself little by little every day even when you are not at work? Are you really not working when you are back from work? Yes, you are. You are thinking about the next day workloads and the appointments and all the tasks that you would want to carry out the following day or the week.

Come on, you need to think about yourself as well. Relax your body and mind to gain back all that lost energy in the day and rejuvenate you to work even better. You need to be prepared mentally and physically to meet the challenges in the forthcoming days.

Pamper yourself

You have been working for a long time. So it is the time to pamper yourself now. Treat yourself with a bubble bath or a hot shower. This would immediately relax you physically. A hot sip of tea or coffee with light background music is probably the best thing you would need after the bath. A visit to the spa once a while would also be good. And when at home, wear a pair of a good and comfortable outfit - the one you feel relaxed in.

Keep your phone away

Sounds silly! But yes, this is needed for your peace. Try to keep your phone away for a while and be yourself.

Get head massage for positive thoughts

Working 9 hours on the desk must already have stiffened your body especially the neck region. The gruels faced during traveling back to the home would have added further to the stiffness. A head massage in such situations not only de-stresses you but also heals the body stiffness and restores imbalances in the body.

Leave your office worries behind

Your office worries might be haunting you. Still, you need to give time to other things as well. Give time to family and friends. A little chit-chatting with friends, knowing the whereabouts of the relatives and just going out with family does wonders to your thoughts. This quality time spent with your near and dear ones helps in clearing away all the negative and unclear thoughts thereby instilling positive thoughts. And ask what! You are ready yet again to focus on your goals and plan your next day afresh.

Unwind to soothing music

There is nothing as soothing as the music. It has been used in a therapeutic way since ages while treating illnesses. It acts as a harmony bridge between the mind and body. Well, you can go for any of your favorite ones, but the soft instrumentals and the classical have proven themselves in healing anxiety. Further, you may also get some nature-based music like the rain, dew drops or even the forest breeze sound.

Enjoy the evening breeze in the park

You might sometimes want to spend time just with yourself. Stroll out to your nearby park and enjoy the evening breeze out there. This relaxes you to a great extent. This also proves to be a great time and place to rewind the day's activities and plan for the next day.


Meditation has always helped in relaxing the mind and body. Simple meditation of 15-20 mins is enough to take you out of your tiredness and land you in your comfort zone.


Exercising has been the way to release the stress to many. Going to the gym, doing yoga or simply walking for a few kilometers can make you feel good and calm inside. Many gyms are open till late at night to accommodate to your convenience. You can also get your own treadmill if you want to take it up on a regular basis.

Take up a hobby

The hobby is yet another stress reducing method. Singing, dancing, cooking or even playing the guitar can help you overcome the physical and mental tiredness.


Reading as a hobby works in many ways on you. It not only detaches you from the world outside thereby giving you enough time to forget the day's tiredness, but relieves you of your stress and relaxes your mind besides giving you knowledge and pleasure. And it also gives you another perspective of life and helps you face the challenges with more positive thoughts.

Pet therapy

Chilling out with the pets is also one of the easiest ways to relieve you out of the stress. These gifted beings can refresh your mind in no time leaving you to feel de-stressed.

Sound Sleep

A good night sound sleep is the best way to end your day and welcome the next day. You not only get recharged of all your energies but you also prevent the dark circles around your eyes and sleep-related disorders. So try and get some good sleep. And work on it in case you are having sleep-related issues.

And now instead of feeling guilty for not planning immediately for the next day the moment you land up at home, you better relax and nourish your mind to absorb things properly the next day. You are not doing anything wrong by spending some time on you instead of wondering about the next day schedules. Feel relaxed, cast off that tiredness cover and rejuvenate to a new start the next day.

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Author: Umesh02 May 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Life has become hectic and a person is fully exhausted and tired by the time the sun sets and he prepares to go home after the strenuous day. Sometimes due to overexertion, he is so tired that he does not yearn for anything and just wants to idle away his time. Still, there are methods to rejuvenate oneself and pass the time in some creative activities. Playing games and chit chat activities with family members is also a good idea. As an office job is a sitting job so to compensate for a long hour sitting one has to go for a long walk. If the person is feeling physically exhausted then it is advisable to walk slowly maybe with other friends and having parallel chit chatting on current affairs.

Author: Reena Upadhya07 May 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has very well described lots of ways that can enable a person to relax and rejuvenate after a long tiring day. It is obvious that after the day's hard work, an individual will feel worn out. Stress gets build up in mind and body. Thus, it is essential to take a break or time out from work to get rejuvenated and refresh oneself.

In order to get rid of work-related stress, first one needs to get out of work clothes. Wear something that comforts you. It is a simple technique and instantly relaxes an individual. Next, turn on the television and watch a show or movie that comfort's you. Try to watch something humorous as laughter is the best medicine that helps to get rid of stress and tension in no time. It instantly relaxes the mind and body. However, it is not preferable to overwatch television. It is just a mood booster. Don't watch it just before going to bed. Watching it before going to bed hinders sound sleep.

Enjoy sips of herbal tea and relax the mind and body. While we are at work, we drink lots of teas and coffees and after coming home we again indulge in them thinking that caffeine is going to relax in some way. Consequently, we ourselves hinder our sleep. Thus, instead of indulging in caffeine or alcoholic drinks, enjoy herbal teas and try to check the sugar content in them. These are healthy drinks and within no time exert positive effects on our mind and body and help to relax them.

One best way to relax is to get everything off from the mind. The best way to do that is to write down about the up's and downs of a day in the journal. Maintain the journal and use it as planning equipment so that precious time gets saved. Write down the things that make you happy, grateful, stressful, etc. Read it every now and then and in the near future in order to learn that every bump in the road is only temporary.

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