Know more about joints, joint pain and how to overcome joint pain

Joints are the key structures present in various parts of our body which help in the flexible movements of our body. As the person becomes old these joints start degenerating and cause pains and discomfort to the body. In this article, I gave an account of the various reasons for getting joint pains and how we can overcome these pains.


We can compare our body to a complex machine. As the machine becomes older it is prone to get many problems and it starts giving troubles in its functioning. Similarly, our body is made up of so many joints. A joint is a place where two bones meet. To protect the bones from friction as they rub over each other during their movement, around the bones at the place of joints are covered up with a rubber sheath-like structure called cartilage. To reduce the friction further an oily synovial fluid flows in between the joints. To facilitate the smooth functioning of joints, bones of the joints are also supplied with the support of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. But even after these various protective systems, as the person becomes older most of us troubled by joint pains and their consequences. So we try to study why we get joint pains and by what means we can get relieved from these problems.

Why and how joint pains are caused

Joints play a key role in every movement of our body in our daily life. Degeneration of these joints is a common phenomenon in every individual with increasing age. Degeneration of joints is one-way traffic like and cannot revert back. There may be a scale of difference in the progression of degeneration whether it is slow or fast.

There are four reasons for joint pains-weakness in muscles joined to bones, obesity, lack of physical exercise to the body and lack of synovial fluid production in between the bones. The muscle strength which plays an important role in the movement of the joint will reduce the degeneration process. If the muscles of the joint are very strong that much little stress will be on the degeneration of joint. In our ancestral generation, we know many of our family members have no problem with joints even above 80 years of age. The reason for this is they used to have rigorous physical exercise in their routine jobs like work in the farm fields or walking for long distances by foot. This physical exercise makes the muscles to get strong and this will reduce the stress on the degeneration of joints. Because of rigorous physical exercise in their daily life they never used to have an obesity problem which is a cause for the degeneration of joints at an early age now. Physical exercise also plays a role in the secretion of the oily fluid between the bones which reduce friction. So in the present generation people, as the physical exercise is becoming less and less due to the above problems the degeneration of joints becoming more common. Women are more prone to joint pains than men because of obesity, hormones imbalance and due to lack of proper physical exercise.

Many people have a false belief that if they walk more, the easier the degeneration of their joints occur. But scientifically it is a misnomer only. As we do more and more physical exercise, the supply of nutrients become more to bones which strengthen the bones and helps in the secretion of oily synovial fluid which helps to reduce the friction between the bones.

Do's and don'ts for joint pain

  1. Thigh joint pain is the most common joint pain caused at the old age of the people. As the supply of blood to this joint becomes less a condition called 'Avascular necrosis' occur. To cause this condition use of alcohol and steroids is found to be a reason. So one should not use these things to avoid joint pains of thigh.

  2. Without proper knowledge removing water from the knees or injecting steroids or injecting Hyaluronic Acid Serum to control knee pains should not be done. Usually, RMP doctors with less knowledge will do such things to give temporary relief for the patient but which aggravates the situation in the long run. But expert doctors in joint pains will adopt this treatment only to the patients who are above 80 years where there is no chance for surgery to the patient. This process also should be done only one or two times.

  3. Physical exercise like walking or jogging or active participation in sports is a must for every individual. This activity increases the strength of the muscles attached to bones, increases the supply of nutrients to the bones which in turn helps in the secretion of synovial fluid. Physical exercise also will reduce the problem of obesity which has a direct influence in degeneration of joints.

  4. Food and Calcium have no direct role in joint pains. Usually, people think because of eating certain food more in their diet they are getting joint pains. But there is no truth in it. Generally, if individuals consume excess food in their diet than what they require obesity is caused. Obesity is a reason for aggravating joint pains. Some times allergy is caused due to consuming certain food which leads to swelling and joint pains. In such rare cases, people have to avoid such food items. Similarly, Calcium has no direct role in joint pains. So consuming more calcium at an older age to relieve from pains is a misnomer.

  5. At present there is a rumor that through stem cell therapy or protein-rich plasma therapy the greasy synovial material can be improved at the place of joints. Till now no such therapy is there in the scientific world. So patient should not believe such circulating rumors are good.

  6. Joint pains usually have four stages. In the first two stages with medicines and physiotherapy, joint pains can be cured. In the third and fourth stages, surgery may be needed. Patients have to see that they are using modern medicines for relieving pains which have no side effects. Medicines used in the past have side effects and with longer use cause ulcers in the stomach. But modern medicines (Cox-2) used for joint pains will work only on joints like laser guns and do not cause side effects. So patients should visit experience doctors only in that field.

  7. Patients should go for surgery only when they reach the fourth stage otherwise they have to rely on proper medicines, physical exercise and physiotherapy.

  8. Walking through stairs is good for heart and lung patients but not for patients with joint pains. This is because it creates pressure on the shock absorbers of joints. Such patients can go for an exercise like swimming which doesn't create any stress on joints.

  9. There is no need MR scan for older people who go for treatment of joint pains. But patients who go for elder age for this problem should have MR scan to find out the defect. Joint pains may be caused in younger children is due to these three reasons-damage to the cartilage at joints, damage to C-shaped meniscus which is a shock absorber at the joint, damage to ligaments at joints. To find out this MR scanning is necessary.

  10. Patients with joint pains should avoid using Indian style toilets and also squatting for a long duration.


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Due to the sedentary life style and lack of physical activity, the joints start giving problems, especially after a certain age. Joint pain and inconvenience is a source of irritation in our life and today many people are suffering from this ailment. A lifestyle change and adopting good food habits is the most rudimentary thing to adopt in such a situation. Taking sufficient fluids, good diet, regular exercises, reduction of stress and good sleep are some prerequisites for managing the joints pain.

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People suffering from joint pain usually think that they may treat their condition if they remain immobile as much as possible. However, it is not true. People who rest for longer duration are actually weakening the muscles. Consequently, the process can accelerate joint pain. Meet physical therapist to know which exercises are safe and which are not. Stick to those safe exercises and perform them comfortably. Perform some easy cardio exercises such as swimming, walking, cycling on a stationary machine. These simple exercises remove stiffness. The muscles which support knee become strong and flexible.

People suffering from joint pain should be more cautious as it is very likely that an unstable knee can cause them to trip and fall. If it happens they will be causing more damage to their knee. Thus, they need to be extra cautious by keeping their home well lit. Ladder or footstool if they need to use by any chance should be sturdy enough to prevent a fall. Moreover, make use of handrails while climbing or descending from the stairs. Make sure to walk slowly wherever the ground is slippery and wet. A cane or a crutch especially designed to eliminate stress from joints can be made use of during walking. Wearing the right shoes is also important. Wearing wrong sized shoes can worsen the pain. Cushioned ones help to decrease stress.

People suffering from joint pain can even regularly indulge in in-home care such as using a wrap or a brace for protecting the joint. It is followed by resting the joint and avoiding all those activities that can result in pain. Applying ice to the painful joints for 10-15 minutes for a few times in a day is also beneficial. With the help of an elastic wrap compressing the joint is also beneficial. Finally, elevating it above heart level is a great way to relieve stress and pain.

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Yes, Joint pains are a very serious topic nowadays. Generally, Joint pains will occur :
1. Accidents
2. Not doing exercises daily
3. Bursitis
4. Bone Infection
5. Arthritis

Arthritis is a swelling of the joints and may affect any joint in the body, it may affect single or multiple parts of the body. There are many different types of arthritis, with different effects over joints. But these 2 types are very common-
1. Osteoarthritis
2. Rheumatoid arthritis

Some symptoms of arthritis develop very slowly and some appear unexpectedly. These are normally formed by a reduction of cartilage tissues in the joints. Due to obesity, the pressure on joints increases and these tissues are reduced causing joint pains. This can be reduced by regular exercise.

Coming to Bursitis, this is a type of fluid formed around the bones that reduce the friction action which causes discomfort.

The common suggestion to keep away joint pains is to do Yoga Asanas. Surya Namaskar is the best exercise.

Walking, Running, Skipping, Push-ups are common exercises you can practice every day.

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