Short term course on Parenting by All India Teacher Training Academy

This article provides the reader with all the relevant information regarding the short-term course on parenting provided by the All India Teacher Training Academy (AITTA). First and foremost the need for such a course is emphasized. Then the basic course outline, the registration procedure, and fees required, etc. are also discussed.

Preventing a quiet disaster – the need for a course on parenting

At the very outset, the importance of the present course has to be emphasized. This is because parenting is often looked upon as something that has to be acquired through experience and through our own common sense. It is not seen as a subject of study in its own right. Also, a course on parenting won't give us any jobs. Then why take the trouble and pay the money to avail of such a course?

But the above arguments are based on complete ignorance of the present day scenario. At present, the institution of a joint family has broken down. Earlier, older relatives could have given valuable suggestions to younger couples regarding parenting. That guidance is now no longer available. The result is that young parents do not have much idea regarding effective parenting. Also, the pressure of both parents having to devote almost the whole day to their work (despite employers providing creches) also necessitates a focus on parenting. The increasing cases of the youth veering towards anti-social activities or towards emotional instability must be acknowledged as a result of a lack of proper parenting techniques. Quite often parents themselves become stressed out due to pressures of balancing their work and life as well as creating a sense of teamwork and cooperation between both parents and the children. In this sense, there is an urgent need to address this quiet disaster, the lack of proper parenting. This is important not just to allow children to grow to their full potential, but also to strengthen parents to handle the pressures of modern-day parenting.

Course outline

The current course is provided by the All India Teacher Training Academy (AITTA). The institution is ISO certified and therefore can be considered to be a quality institution. The course comprises of twenty-four modules dealing with various aspects of parenting like:
  • the difference between discipline and training versus punishment and control
  • establishing rules, expectations and boundaries
  • creating emotionally strong, resilient and responsible children
  • the difference between obedience and cooperation
  • cultivating patience and mindfulness
  • stress management and dealing with anger
  • conflict management and how to argue
  • nutrition and exercise
  • teamwork in parenting
  • and so on.

Each module is one hour long. This course is conducted online so obviously, there is flexibility as regards the timing of each lesson and so on. However, AITTA expects you to complete the curriculum within three months. You can even complete the course in a shorter period if you can. The course comes with assignments and quizzes, allowing you to test the knowledge that you have acquired over the duration of this course.

Eligibility and other details

The eligibility for this course is a minimum of 10+2 (i.e. HSC passed). For other details, visit

Registration and fees

The registration for this course can be done at the website (in the field marked 'select your course', select 'Parenting'). The total fees required for this course is Rs. 1000. This covers the fees of all the reading materials, assignments and quizzes and no other expense are required. After registration is done with all the relevant details and documents, you are directly taken to the payment gateway where you can complete the transaction and then get access to the course materials. At the end of the course, you are also given a certificate.

A course for parents and teachers alike

As you might have guessed, this course is quite a valuable one for young parents especially first-time parents. It helps them to develop the necessary attitudes required to properly nurture a child. But this course can also be helpful for elementary school teachers who too have to deal with very small children. By giving access to the proper reading materials required to deal properly with children, courses like these can help in bridging an important gap.

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Author: Umesh01 May 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Parenting is an art and very few people are expert in it. In this reference, the suggested course in this article looks promising.
There is a subtle need to understand what parenting is and what are the results of a good parenting and how it is useful in inculcating a good citizen out of a child. The various parameters ranging from love and affection to strict disciplinary regime are to be applied in toto in the early life of the child so that he grows up in the best possible manner. I hope this course will meet all these expectations of the people who join this to learn the subtle ways of parenting.

Author: Venkiteswaran10 May 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

Parenting was a natural and default act all these millions of years. When did turn out to be defective or deficient needing a formal training? None of the living creatures needs formal training for taking care of their children.

Where humans have gone wrong probably is that they are prolonging the parenting period. It is for managing this extra period of parenting that is not available in the inherent default traits and in our genes, that present-day parents falter. Our ancestors clearly demarcated the four stages of Baalya, Kaumara, Yauvana and Vaardhakya (Childhood, teenage, youth and old age). Parenting was during the baalya period. It was a close-by watch and guidance and support in the next two stages.

There is a saying in Tamil "Tholpokkam vandhaal thozhanei pol" which in essence means that once the son has grown tall up to the shoulder of the father, his father should treat him like a friend. Now, unfortunately, parents fail to see that their children have grown taller than them also and continue their (unnecessary) parenting.
That might have necessitated a formal training for parenting like the one provided by this article.

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