The importance of the need for sanity in tolerance and wider appreciation of human welfare

After the Sri Lankan tragedy that killed so many innocent lives, there have been some unfortunately strong voices that have sought to implant theories of majority communities being under attack. This can only aggravate tensions even further. We need to become more tolerant. Some dimensions of becoming more tolerant are discussed in this article.


Tolerance of other religions is important. This can happen when we attempt to seek answers to complicated questions. The answers have to be grounded in realities about human nature and it's abundant caring and sharing capabilities. It should be noted that such capabilities cut across all religions, regions, castes, and communities. Any attempt to create trouble at any stage should be nipped in the bud. There are certain basic requirements in this regard. The more such attempts are made, the better. These efforts should be relentless. In particular, there should be attempts to a) Create more self-employment opportunities b) Promote religious activities where everyone participates c) Have more public narratives to strongly condemn hate speeches d) Take the help of judiciary to stem hatred and e) Create awareness through social media very extensively.

Create more self-employment opportunities

In the North of India, the SEWA, Ahmedabad, had been in the forefront of creating a huge mass movement for the employment of women in constructive activities. These were essentially self-employment group activities. They touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, irrespective of caste or color or creed or community or religion. We need a SEWA type of movements in every State. Any economic activity, done with a fabulous amount of professionalism, will obviously spread goodwill and harmony. The communal elements cannot penetrate at all. There will be no Naxalism or any form of extremism. In fact, the failure of communism in most parts of the world are the direct result of a big realization: work hard with a purpose and anyone can succeed in a capitalistic economy, as the role of market forces is very crucial in such cases. It is also a fact of life that communism is gone in about 95% of the world. It is only State Capitalism that dominates such economies.

Self-employment takes various forms. The previous DMK Government had done such a splendid job in creating self-employment through a huge number of self-help groups in various parts of Tamil Nadu. These groups of women, cutting across caste or religion, are at the forefront of a rock solid economic transformation in the villages. These activities have now opened the eyes of even politicians. They would dare not touch them, as these groups are totally autonomous and wield very good power, in terms of support from thousands of people, of all economic classes. For example, the massive support to the ready to mix and eat spices market has opened up in hundreds of small villages and towns. These are supported by even one section of the prestigious TVS group, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities. These are exactly the type of self-employment opportunities that are needed in any State. They can transform lives and the people involved in such mass movements will bring to bear the big tolerance attitudes. Tolerance towards other religions and their practices.

Promote religious activities where everyone participates

Want to see Muslims and Christians celebrate Pongal along with foreigners? Or even Diwali? Come to Madurai around the 13th of January and stay on for one full week. The local people will guide you to the villages where Pongal, will be celebrated with the most traditional religious fervor and all communities, castes, and religions will be present. There will be no hatred at all. There will always be so much caring and sharing. The Muslims give donations to temples and happily carry the Lord when the time comes. This can be seen anywhere in Tamil Nadu. They are affectionately called "Bhai". They never cause any harm to anyone. This is exactly why the local third rate politicians of the ruling party at the Center, do not find even the one percent support in the State, for any speech that they deliver. Their opinions are never counted. There is a thriving meme industry on YouTube and the support has to be seen to be believed. It goes without saying that these kinds of activities need to be encouraged everywhere in India. Once this happens, the social fabric can be strengthened to a great extent.

Have more public narratives to strongly condemn hate speeches

Mr. H. Raaja of the BJP is considered Tamil Nadu's number one joker. There is so much of hatred for this person. His hate speeches in the name of protecting the Hindu religion is never appreciated at all. The public love to hate this person. The public narrative to strongly condemn his hate speeches is so powerful, as all the Tamil newspapers and TV channels carry all the views of his enemies. ( there are thousands of them, even outside politics). His hate speeches have become jokes for all the unemployed and the EMU trains and night buses are favorite places for people to enjoy all his jokes. The memes have been done perfectly with Vadivelu, a very famous comedian of Tamil movies. These memes should be produced in all languages and they should be very active on social media. The State BJP President is another joker. The record of the party in Tamil Nadu is a big zero and when she talks something, immediately that forms the subject of five thousand jokes.

Apart from social media, intellectuals and sociologists are also involved in public narratives. This should be done on a pan-India basis and every single hate speech and the utterly foolish statements of politicians ought to be condemned with the most stringent responses. Basically, no sane human being is every attracted to hate speeches. This is basically because it is there in human beings to appreciate anyone and everyone, irrespective of his or her religion.

Take the help of judiciary to stem hatred

The judiciary, and the Supreme Court, in particular, have been able to build a good narrative against the communal hatred tried to be spread by selfish politicians. This should continue even more. Public Interest Litigation avenues should be totally exploited. The scope for more litigation will only open up more avenues to condemn the hatred that is sought to be spread. The need is for tolerance everywhere. The minorities should be saved and the extremely horrible practices of any politician, like destroying the statues of the social reformers like the late Periyar in Tamil Nadu, should never be encouraged. The judiciary has already come out with criticism. However, cases should be filed for hate speeches and the politicians should be put in jail. If this is done, the social fabric will be saved and the politicians will start behaving properly.

Create awareness through social media very extensively

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are excellent vehicles to spread the message of goodwill and tolerance. When the good deeds of so many people are highlighted, such acts can and will only increase tolerance. The use of social media for constructive purposes should be made more extensive and very widespread. There cannot be any excuse or let up in this regard.


Increasing tolerance is one sure way of isolating the aberrations of the terrorists,. Indulging in terror is as bad as those who thrive to promote hatred. In fact, the latter is even more dangerous, as it affects the common people even more. We just cannot afford to have hatred in any form in our society. The need is for tolerance everywhere and appreciation of human nature everywhere.


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