What do the millennial want?

Millennial is the new generation workforce. They are the energetic youth with enormous potential who stood up as a game changer in a various organizational setup. In this article, you will learn about what the millennial really wants, what they expect and how an organization can supplement their traits and potential in the best way for the growth of the organization.


In the era of the 21st century, the working pattern all over the world has drastically changed from what it was a decade before. Today, career ambition is at its zenith. People are ambitious and ready to chase their dream relentlessly. In this context, every organization, witnessing vivid changes both in terms of its organizational setup and the workforce constituting it. Now the question is who is in charge to bring these major changes? The answer is the millennial workforce. Out of the total workforce all over the different organization, irrespective of their field, one-third of them are millennial. Their approach to work and lifestyle is different from what the previous generation was holding true. They are ambitious, active, and fast-paced in their approach towards works. They prioritize smart work over hard work. Their motive is to balance the purpose and profit from any project. So let's analyze in deep, what millennial wants and how the organization can modify their work culture to bring the best of this combination. And along with that how a manager should mold their approach towards the situation to provide work satisfaction to employee and profit for the organization.

Flexible work culture

Millennial are more focused towards output. They don't believe in a strict working environment of 9-5 setup. They target goal more precisely and want to work with purpose. They want to have the freedom to work in their own terms. They are full of zeal and love to balance work and social life. Well, this all sounds so indiscipline and unprofessional but trust me it's not. Millennial are self-motivated and self-driven workforce, they know their part of the responsibility and fulfill the same. For them, work is part of life and life constitutes of other perks like travel, friends, fitness, etc. And they definitely don't want to miss any of them. All they want is a flexible working hour, freedom to do their work from anywhere they want. The whole and a sole motive are more comfortable and flexible choices, more collaboration and growth.

What organizations and managers can do

Gone are the days when autocratic and dominant organization motivates and pushes employees to perform well. Now you try to handle an employee, suppress them and you see them leaving the organization. And every time an employee leaves the organization it indirectly hits on employer branding. So managers breathe in and breathe out. Opt for flexible working time. Give them the authority to work according to their comfort zone. You talk about leadership then give them the authority to achieve the set goal their way. Further, you can change the appraisal yearly feedback to continuous feedback on a daily basis. Keep track of every employee work on a daily basis. And be a super supportive boss. Ask their views and help in strategy if they fail to achieve as expected. The focus on what is and how much achieved rather than calculating the expected timesheets of an employee. So enlist these two changes and bring in vigorous growth to your organization.

Millennial are curious

Millennial are well educated and have an ambitious and curious mind. They want to know the reason behind everything. The organization cannot keep them aloof from why and how this action is taken. Everyone is aware of what is going on- media, magazine are at their best decoding different rules, policies and practices of various organization. So millennial are updated and aware. They have the audacity to ask the organization why a certain action is taken and in response to this, they expect rational answers. This is nice to have an aware and proactive employee but over questioning can sometimes frustrate managers.

What managers can do in this case

The more organized and transparent any organization is the more it calls for happy work culture. Managers should call up a frequent meeting and explain the policies, goals, and target. He should initiate two-way communication with employees. Ask their viewpoint. Make them part of the whole goal setting and line up work accordingly. Make the system more organized and systematic, can introduce artificial intelligence in the workplace. For example, speech identification and reply can be installed to answer the basic questions of the employee.

Fast career progression

Today millennial are very ambitious and willing to work out of their comfort zone if the efforts are rewarding. They don't hesitate to move from one company to another and from one city to another. They seek and appreciate everything that promises good career growth. They seek themselves with vision and mission. They have defined a plan of action for the same and uses the organization platform to achieve them. They don't have the patience to wait, if their career goals are not fulfilled they switch to another scope, to attain high in their career ladder.

Duty of manager's role in this case

This situation is really fruitful for the organization if managers take appropriate action. Managers should be proactive and give real-time feedback. Help the employee to use the best of their potential. Don't appear as a hurdle for them, capping the growth rather be a genuine boss who appreciates and promote the good work. Remember employee leave the organization because of the uncooperative boss. Be supportive and provide every possible solution to an employee. Motivate and guide them to take up new courses and seminars that can aid in their career growth. This way employee feels happy and satisfied giving great output for the organization.

Collaborating in the work environment

Yes you read it right, millennials are more sensitive to how they are feeling at the workplace. They want a supportive, friendly and energetic work environment. They want to be part of an organization that values them, care for them. That's the reason wellness program in a company is a real hit. People are appreciating organization effort to touch the lives of employees.

Manager's role in this case

Employee engagement is the real thing now, no company can ignore it. You have to engage your employees positively and actively else the growth of the organization will be hindered, employee attrition rate will increase and eventually the company brand is hit. The manager should develop a relationship with the employee, comfort them, engage in activities with social collaboration and promote the event that benefits them.

Wrap up

Change is the only constant. And it applies to everyone. You have to update yourself with the demand of the situation. Same applies to organizations. They need to have a flexible and organized setup than ever to work successfully with the millennial. They have to identify their traits and work accordingly to achieve benefits. Rigid and outdated policies and rules don't have space. So to harness the enormous potential of millennial seek what they what keeping in focus what the organization wants.

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