An essay on competition

The word competition has varied consequences on account of its implications & outcomes with having much diversified impacts on anyone's life-cycle. There are proofs that whosoever has not complied with the changing scenarios has lost the identity and, seeing it the other way round, those who complied with the changes created their empires & this is being applicable for all of us irrespective of whatsoever our belongings are.

Competition remains an integral part of our lives that can't be avoided on whatever ground and the interesting fact is that we all are involved in it without realizing of this fact that we are doing it. In its absolute sense this is the case with every living entity on this planet may it be the insect, an animal or a human being but what is unique & interesting about it is that we all are doing it unknowingly.

For an instance, can you figure out of about why few of the brands went missing from the market while many others are struggling with their performances with still being highly unpredictable for the future outcomes in comparison to the other similar brands which are doing well in the market? Rationally this is not getting limited to any noun or adjective but instead this is happening in different phases and at all levels of our personal & professional lives with this being consisted of anything that we can even imagine of by being part of this all the times but at the same time not realizing this fact on our own.

The perceptions could be different as per the understanding of each one of us but then how would you see this considering its outcomes in terms of varied aspects of good & bad?

The good & the brighter side of competition

Competition is good for the society & for the world at large as this creates challenges with setting-up of different standards of improvement in the respective fields & the areas by creating an awareness of how to improve on those areas, thereby helping us to progress and move with times or else the same wouldn't have been possible when we lacked with this competition.

The best of the instances can be taken from the sports as well as from the world of businesses wherein we are at different times becoming evident of unique milestones set by different individuals. After a certain duration, we see one record has surfaced while the another one got broken & this will continue to exist till the duration of this human civilization & on every account. The rational and practical aspects of this is how soon we are going to accept this & how soon we are going to implement & act in accordance to this.

We have a number of instances in order to prove the relevance of this wherein in one of such instance this had never been the case that we have the best of goods & services available to our door steps with multiple offers from huge numbers of brands carrying heavy discounts with easy EMI & replacement facilities & extended warranties too with 24*7 accesses to their online stores. In case you don't intend to do the purchasing then you gets your refund & all these & more are available in a few clicks.

What else do we need in here?

The gloomy side of this competition

Every coin has two sides & so is the case with competition too and that's where the world seems to be ruthless & at the same time we are being helpless, unable to do anything or left with the little options to act upon.

Every hour one student commits suicide in India

According to reports available, India has one of the world's highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29 being the academic stress as a major reason behind to this for among both female and male students and the pressure continues beyond one's college life & the same being continue till the retirement & till the time he or she is carrying with the responsibilities.

This is due to the increasing population while the employment opportunities are not coming-up in accordance to this & due to most of the happenings are not taking place in accordance to our capabilities. This creates the highest of stress & penetrating the deepest of their mind & body which more often doesn't match up to with the levels up to which it can be borne.

A threat to the employment opportunities for youth with traditional skills

Due to cut-throat competition, entrepreneurs are left with little or no options other than for adopting the latest of technologies available in order to adjust with the changing market trends. In addition, shifting in the changing of technologies has grown up too fast, posing a threat to the employment of the youths already working the tradition packages.

Take an instance of the postal department of the Indian government, wherein the preferences have shifted to the fast paced internet for all types of communication & mails being available to any of us free of cost with an access to anywhere in the world within a few seconds. This & many more examples can be seen which has resulted into losses of more employment opportunities, creating an increasing stress on the society with unemployed youth who then get involved in unsocial & illegal activities.

Diminishing & pollutant natural resources

There is also competition having a direct impact on the already depleting natural resources on every count. The quality of air in the Indian Metros have already exceeded even beyond the dangerous levels & water is bad so that each home now has got water purifiers. The land too is getting less fertile because of toxic elements being used for more production which although provides a short term benefit, in the long run this becomes unusable for agricultural production.

Commercialization of moral values

Our ultimate goals have now got restricted to commercialization; this can be better described as relating to and centering on money. There is nothing that we may refer to as good or bad relations, but instead there is increasing competition of how mean that we can be. Time moves so quickly that once the best of friends later become enemies, colleagues become competitors & families get torn apart for their materialistic gains of success with most of them who are desired to be achievers are prone to justify the illegal means for gaining fame & this whole don't have any limitation on any account. Competition is offensive & rude in a way that it brings out undesirable qualities in individuals and in society as a whole.

Race for arms & ammunitions

Nations around the globe are competing on every account in order to excel themselves over others & the race for arms & ammunition are not an exception to this. With the lethal weapons abounding and continuing to be more deadly in execution, we can clearly see ourselves on the edge of Stone Age and this has even increased to a much higher level due to the inclusions of robotic technologies.

Conclusive Remarks

Competition is ruthless in the context to being an indispensable part of our lives, this represents the theory where only the strongest can survive. This can also be defined in a way wherein this can be compared with a double-edged sword consisting of both positive and negative aspects with this completely depends upon the intelligence of an individual in order to balance these two forces so as to ensure that competition remains healthy & fruitful & being used for welfare activities instead of warfare activities.

On every ground it's a proven fact that each time we initiate with an action or with a thought we intend to go ahead of the others & this could be in terms of anything, like to excel in the business or position but don't we feel that competition should be there but at matured levels? For example, we often have evidence of parents comparing their child with others' kids right from their childhood which obviously is bad because it destroys the creativity of a child. In addition, this competition has taken many lives of kids who couldn't live up to the expectations of their parents & thus often leading to depressions or leading to committing suicide.

The uncomfortable thing in here is that the implication doesn't get limited to any particular section, situation or circumstances of a living but this got a wide & multiple implication. Every coin has two sides & so is the case with competition & that's where the world seems to be ruthless & at the same time we being helpless, are unable to do anything when we are restrained with its gloomy sides.

This wouldn't be an exception for a valid point that the competition be declared as good only when it's a healthy competition or else the implications shall comprise of complications with problems & issues that may not be having the easy solutions & therefore let's first adopt this on some positive note & positive thinking then only competition will have its way accordingly.


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