Facebook and the latest features

In this article, you will know Facebook's important features which many don't know other than using FB for general purpose like Facebook sign up and Facebook login besides using it to post some info or get info. The additional features of Facebook are, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Developers, Building new products, AI powering Smart features, computer vision, new techniques, and AR / VR, etc.

Are you a Facebook user? If yes, this article may help you to learn even more about FB. We generally use the Facebook Sign up and FB login to enter and see the posts, like text or video content and then put likes or shares or promote our content. We are also just browsing it and join a few groups.

We chat online or get notification from FB. Also, Facebook helps to connect with similar interest person or group or friends or relatives etc. This is normal activity from the user.

Facebook features

There are many features in Facebook beyond the above-mentioned ones. Yes, as stated, Facebook has more features, like, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Developers, Building new products, AI powering Smart features, computer vision, new techniques, and AR/VR, etc. FB is also introducing one more product for youth.

Facebook and the latest features

Though there are some features already existing in FB, they are still coming up with the latest features that would help many as per the latest technology innovation and users' requirements. Find some of the unknown features of FB below -

Facebook Analytics: It is a powerful free product and behavioral analytics tool that helps you understand your audience and grow your business.

Facebook Developers: This feature would get you updates with Facebook's business tools, AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), cloud and more. It also includes the App Dashboard, App Review, Graph API, and SDK, etc. PyTorch is being used at Facebook for developments in a variety of projects like natural language processing (NLP), machine translation, and more.

FB Building new products: They are coming with new products which helps brands, influencers, and digital business, etc. for sharing and promoting their business.

FB AI power: Its artificial intelligence helps you in many ways like audience behavior, activity, data storage, and other associated characters to help your business. AI models across many industries from autonomous vehicles to medical / health treatments. Also, FB AI helps to tackle a wide range of challenges across their products, like spam misinformation, election interference and hate speech, etc.

FB computer vision: This is another product associated with FB that helps you to get the overall vision of the product, performance, detail, and presentation, etc. via associated gadgets.

FB new techniques: FB uses state-of-the-art language, image, and video understanding techniques to detect harmful content etc. This would help the business to move in the right direction.

FB AR/VR features: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality helps as an advanced feature in FB. It integrates virtual reality in the workplace. VR is already changing the way work—find that works. You can see, save and experience immersive content in a VR headset or on a smartphone. WebXR is there as well.

FB Open Source: This feature helps building community through open source technology. You can use it on Android, iOS, and other systems.

FB Engineering: This is not a feature but Facebook Engineering in place to get the best result for its users.

Hope the above information on Facebook and the latest features helped you to learn additionally. It may be helpful for you or your business.

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