7 Ways to Get Scholarship for Study Abroad

Are you thinking about overseas education? Read this article to learn about various ways to get scholarships to study abroad.

Regardless of how you view a scholarship, getting one is a breakthrough in life. For some, it is a chance to explore the world. And for others, it is a relief from the struggles of footing their fees. Scholarship agencies have different requirements for applicants which you should always adhere to follow. Some may incorporate a short essay test online for you to submit as part of the interview. You must make sure that the essay lacks any plagiarism and grammar is perfect. You can use standard software for plagiarism check to make sure this is maintained. The percentage must be zero.

scholarship to study abroad

Many have the mentality that scholarships favor few who have specific qualifications. Others get discouraged, thinking that the process is long and treacherous. The following advice on how to get scholarships will change your view and probably give you the impetus to enroll in the interviewing process.

1. Get all your qualifications ready

Here, everything counts as you want to impress the panel. Be it academic records showing your impressive performance or even an essay that you did well in, have it all at hand. As an athlete, get your medals, certificates or trophies, if any, and present them as proof of excellence. All of these will shape your resume and give you a boost in the application.

2. Learn the evaluation process

It is brilliant to have high hopes applying for a scholarship, but that's not enough. You can apply but still, fail to emerge successful simply because you overlooked the evaluation process. It is, therefore, imperative that you learn the criteria used in evaluating prospects so that you put your house in order. One way to do this is to look at the FAQs on their site and check past winners, if present. Also, take time and carefully go through the evaluation section, never be in a hurry. After you have filled all the fields required, crosscheck the site to make sure that all of your details meet the criteria.

3. Consider less-applied countries

Scholarships for international students are competitive and need your creativity. Having all the required documents or qualifications is not enough for you to sit back and relax. What are the odds of:

(A) you get a grant where 300 students have applied?

And (B) – getting the same grant where 30 students have applied?

Of course, the answer is (B), and this means you need to be smart in your application. Yes, UK or USA, for instance, might be your dream country to study in but also consider the chances you have going there. Instead, look for a country that people don't apply for often, and you might be lucky enough. Remember, it doesn't matter where you are in the world; determination is all that matters in life.

4. Avoid generic statements in your application

Uniqueness is key to sealing any deal. What will differentiate you from the next person, or are you all the same? Avoid using cliché phrases like "I want to explore the world and learn from other cultures." Add some taste in your application by giving the panel your life experience and what you intend to do in your target country. You can use your knowledge on essay writing to boost your application and convince the panel to give you a shot. Go through your application carefully after you're done to make sure it is unique and then send.

5. Get your references prepared

References act as your hype masters that give the interviewing panel confidence in choosing you. They can be your professors, coaches, or a CEO that you worked for. If you have more than one reference, the better it is for you. One mistake many makes is to carelessly place the names of these personalities without consulting them first. Make sure that you call or visit your references and notify them of your application process, this way they are alert.

6. In your essay, create a substantial topic

Some agencies or organizations require you to write an essay that they will use to evaluate you with your details. Take this as a chance to portray your intelligence and talent. An excellent way to do this is to choose a topic that is focused on benefiting humanity and the world in general. The topics are several, and you can't exhaust them all. For instance, you can write about global warming and give solutions to the problem or the learning crisis that faces children all over the world; the ideas are limitless. Applications that require the writing of essays are some of the easy scholarships to take advantage of and put your skills forward. A perfectly written essay might be your shining star.

7. Have a strategy for giving back

Some organizations are looking for this in their evaluation. This is why you need to get your research done correctly. Get an in-depth understanding of the entity offering the grant and what their goals or motives are. Base your pitch on this and give them a reason to pick you. This is an example of your speech to give: 'I will use the knowledge I gain in my study abroad to foster environmental awareness and change how the world takes care of their surroundings, once I am done with the scholarships for me.' This can elevate your chances of getting picked for the grant.

Article by Tony John
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Author: Natarajan29 May 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 10

An informative article with good insights for students about scholarships. It is important to know that getting a scholarship does not mean financial aid alone. It adds quality and is like desirable criteria when it comes to PG admissions and the first job. Being awarded a meritorious scholarship means that you are a cut above the rest of the crowd. So, even if the money is not substantial, one can still apply for a good scholarship and then add it to the list of achievements.

Only top class marks on the report card do not fetch a scholarship. Many scholarship committees also look at overall development, examples wherein the candidate has proven leadership qualities, humanitarian qualities, and organizational skills. For instance being an active member of the local Lions, Scouts or Rotary clubs, active work done as a volunteer for the underprivileged people etc.

While one should not underplay their achievements, it is also imperative that the candidate does not paint a larger than life image of themselves. Honesty and modesty (especially on facts that can be easily verified by the scholarship committee) would be better appreciated than a flowery record that is fudged a bit.

Before applying, it would be worthwhile to know our strengths and do a little background check on the scholarship itself. Indian Students, for instance, if someone has represented India in sports in the junior category, then they can check on scholarships like Indian Oil sports scholarship and start gathering evidence related to their claim and eligibility. A similar approach can be followed for overseas scholarships. Glad that the author has mentioned about evaluative criteria that have to be read well and then go on to present the application in the order requested. The application form and details should be very focused on the point, in relevance to the scholarship and not a general essay about 'saving the world once the scholarship is awarded' kind of write-ups.

Based on one's individual strengths, one can apply for a range of scholarships. Once awarded a scholarship, it is always a good practice to declare it in future applications to avoid misunderstandings and future disqualifications.

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