How to become a better human being

In life, there is so much to learn from very ordinary people. That is people who can teach us some good values and also help us to learn from their experiences. We always realize that they are good human beings or sometimes far superior human beings. The art of being and becoming a far better human being is discussed in some detail in this article.


It has been proved time and again that money does make a difference but not all the differences to one's life. It has also been proved that only those who are value driven can and will make a huge difference in this world. There are plenty of such people all around us. They could be retired or serving Headmasters of schools or teachers doing far more than what they are supposed to. They could be environmentalists doing their bit to make this world a far better place to live in. They could be managers in companies. Whoever they are, there are six major lessons that help us to be or become a far better human being. The six major lessons are: a) Never tell lies b) Never bargain with the poor c) Never have the "somehow achieve success" attitude d) The ends are as important as the means e) Teach the underprivileged and downtrodden children some good values and f) Always look for what more can be done.

Never tell lies

Never ever. A lie once told has to be defended. We start telling more lies to defend the first lie. This then becomes a bad habit. People easily see through us. People then start either avoiding us and even talking to us or do so to a very limited extent. This never gives us any confidence. The moment we tell lies, we start feeling so bad and we also start to imagine that we can never ever make up.

This is not so. We can change for the better, but we need to win over our family members first. Most wives do not like husbands who lie. This author has somehow seen that in a vast majority of cases, it is always the men who lie more than the women. We, as men, somehow tend to think that we can lie and get away with it. We do not even believe that most wives can find out that we lie. If we tell one lie and get away with it, we have escaped only for that day. Men commonly booze and try to cover up. Somehow or the other, the wives come to know and it affects the children too. If the child or children are more than eight years old, they understand everything. They see the man becoming very violent when the woman questions the bad habit. Sometimes the women are beaten. This sometimes happens even in families where the man is educated or even when the mother is educated. This is even worse. It does not help that the children learn the worst of lessons. It affects them. The simplest thing is to stay glued to values. Let us not invent excuses for our lies. This will make all matters worse than ever.

Never bargain with the poor

The flower seller, who comes to our doorstep would say that it comes Rs.20 for her to sell a hand measure of fresh flowers. She does use her right hand. What do most of us do? We would try to beat down that price to just Rs.15 or Rs. 16 per hand measure. We should realize that most of these women earn less than Rs.200 per day, after all their hard work. This is a pittance when compared to the fat salaries we earn per month. Or even the bonuses we get every year. We should thank our stars that we are far better off when compared to these poor souls. We should do something to help them live far better lives and the only way we can do it is to help with the exact prices they quote. In cities, they find it very hard to live and it is only our support that will help them keep their heads above water.

Never have the "somehow achieve success" attitude

All career moves should be done by each of us before the age of thirty. Above this age, when we get married and are settled and also get children who are above ten years of age, our career considerations should also take into account their emotions and feelings. Any jump to a far off location is not only not advisable, but also undesirable. We really do not know if the new job will be far better than the one we hold. If we consistently only think of our selfish lives and careers, without ever caring for the emotions and feelings of wives and children and their careers, we get into the "somehow achieve success" attitude and we better stay away from such temptations. We ought to understand that success in life is a game that far exceeds our selfish endeavors. It is a complete package. Similarly, many of us ditch our parents and pack them off to some old age home, to pursue our careers in a very selfish manner. The parents feel miserable but do not show it. We would have some success that is purely short-term. The joy of living together is lost.

The ends are as important as the means

The means are as important as the ends. We are often stumped by others who achieve their goals through unfair and unethical means. The newspapers are very happily praising one particular RSS supporter and a BJP worker, who had lived a very simple life in Orissa for many years. He has now become a Union Minister. Those who are very honest and are value driven are always respected. They are always ahead in the values race. Only such people can make youngsters learn new lessons.

Teach the underprivileged and downtrodden children good values

We often think of only our family. We never think of someone beyond our family. Yet, we often hear of some retired person who takes free classes for poor children. We often hear of some teacher who goes about planting hundreds of trees with the help of children and volunteers in some village. We hear of some very young IT professionals, who have made a big difference to the lives of old people in some twenty old age homes, without any publicity. There are so many such examples. All that we need to do is to teach some values to children who belong to the lower economic strata in whatever little ways we can. The more we do this, we would have done our bit to build a far better society of tomorrow, in which every young man or woman grows up to be a good human being. That is a human being with a good heart.

Always look for what more can be done

In our lives, the more we make a difference to others, the better. For instance, the self-help groups in so many pockets of India, are doing a great service to the society and the poor people are now coming out the poverty line than ever before. If there are some good socially-minded management consultants, with good knowledge of markets and entrepreneurship, they can easily suggest new business ideas for the groups of young people who may not be knowing what ideas they can pursue a good small business. There are so many business ideas in India and the unemployment picture is very alarming indeed. The only solution is to bring new ideas to as many people as possible. In a similar manner, we also need to check what we can do with all our might in the current scenario. Of course, doing our own bit to make our life far better is also important. For example, what do we do to tackle the pollution problem? Of the increasing inflation? After all, charity begins at home. The task of always looking for what more can be done is a holistic package and we need to understand this simple fact of life. There are hundreds of small things we can do. We need to understand that the cumulative effect of such small measures will go a very long way in making the lives of those who are economically placed lower in the pecking order, that much better.


We can always become far better human beings if we try. It is not rocket science at all. The more we try, the more it becomes easier. It is important to note the importance of values. Once this realization dawns on us, the better.

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Author: Sanjeev Gupta06 Jun 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

A nice article presented by the author. I firmly agree with the author that people who are truthful are always respected and trusted by the people.

We should always analyse what betterment we can do within us. Always try to be honest as an honest person conquers the heart of everyone. Always make a habit of forgiving and forget others for their mistakes. It's of no use to remember anyone's mistake. Give him a fair chance to amend.

Always have a habit of listening to others and then give your point of view. Always be helpful to others. In case you are not able to help a person, try to find ways of how to help them. Always be open to change. Never expect from others and always be ready for giving or donating things in charity. Respect others as this is the only way to get respect from others.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha06 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

The author has nicely dealt with certain humane qualities and if we adhere to such principals our life could be more meaningful. It is easy to tell the children not to speak lie but very often we ourselves tend to follow the same, though repentance is felt later on with our double behaviour. We are very cautious while purchasing something from the economically weaker sections denying their legal demands for their products and by saving a meager amount of money, we feel intense satisfaction. We ignore the pathetic condition of such people involved in doing such works. A liberal approach from our end offering them the right price would encourage them in sustaining their present activities. Whatever we are doing is not enough for society as a whole. We need to intensify our humane activities so that we can restore a smiling face for the unprivileged children.

We can help Sr. Citizens to cross the road, distribute the old clothes to the poor or providing help to poor children by distributing the old textbooks which could be their due requirements. We need to look around our surroundings and should involve ourselves in alleviating the troubles of others with our purposeful jobs including blood donations for the needy. We need to change our attitudes by shedding our obstinate behaviour and should maintain patience while the other party is communicating. A nice behaviour of man is always remembered and he becomes the real legend of society.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao11 Jun 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 10

A good article. All of us are human beings. But some of us are better human beings. How can one be a better human being? To become a good human being what we have to do has been well narrated. I want to add my thoughts as below.

See the difficulties of other people the way you see your difficulties. Don't add up difficulties to others to come out of your difficulties. This is the required attitude for a good human being. Don't treat the others indecently. How you want to be treated by others should be your treatment to others.

Don't talk bad about anybody in his absence. Don't try to spread rumours which will harm other people. Ignore the matters which are not confirmed.

Try to help the needy. When someone comes to you with an empty stomach, don't shout at him and try to give him some food. Then give him your advice. Giving food to a person who is hungry is the best service you can do in your life. Serving human being is more than serving God. Don't give money to a person who is hungry. Give him food. He will be thankful to you.

When you find a fault with somebody don't talk disrespectfully to him. Try to be soft and explain to him the mistake and ask him to change his ways. That will be a good approach.

One should keep in mind that we should not compromise on our values for being successful in our lives. By performing unethical acts you may be happy today but, in the long run, one should pay a penalty for his misdeeds. The people who believe in the values and morals will get his due one day or other. So one should always follow the rules of the land and behave in an ethical way.

Author: Varghese11 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Very good article and a lesson for everyone to follow. Thanks for sharing. But I think we often tend to take a short cut when it comes to complying it in practice. We have come across many people who have lived a simple life- one such person was our former president, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. All of us would like to be known as good human beings but most of us cannot because

-We want everyone to be patient and polite with us but when it's our turn, we get irritated.

-We want everyone to help us but when our turn comes, we have no time.

-We want everyone to tell the truth but when our time comes, a small lie doesn't matter.

-We want everyone to be educated but when our time comes to teach, it's not our cup of tea.

-We want everyone to give back to society but when our time comes, not now.

-We want everywhere to be clean like other countries but when our turn comes, throwing rubbish around is just acceptable.

It is high time we become better humans and learn from our surrounding that If we want to see good, we need to do good.

Author: Venkiteswaran07 Feb 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

"How to become a better human being" or who is a better human being is a perennial question. Mankind is there on this Earth since many thousands of years if not millions.

All religions per se teach and advise people to become good, better and best human beings. Have they achieved this? We used to get some few good human beings once in a while in different periods. We idolise them and gradually start worshipping them or remembering them on occasions. There ends the matter.

The Chaturyuga characteristics in Hindu belief itself says that the Dharma will be reduced by one quarter in each Yuga. Thus Dharma or ideal goodness and righteousness has dwindled over the past three Yugas and is just one fourth in the present Kaliyuga.

But even in this Yuga, people can become good and better by following very simple ways. The first one is to avoid hurting others with words or deeds. Next comes helping others. This is by far the easiest way in the present day to become better human beings. That is why it is said, "Ahimsa paramo dharma"(Non-violence is the ultimate Dharma).

This article notes a few points of how to help others. As said by me earlier, it is one of the two parts of becoming a good human being. The other is never to hurt or harm others. There it is more of don'ts than do's.

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