How to cope with life's complexities in their totality

The water problem. Problems associated with education of children. Complexities of driving in peak hour traffic. Pollution. Scarcity of domestic servants. Very little living space. The complexities of life are increasing day after day. Yet, we can easily cope with such complexities by exploring alternatives.


A very young people, both of whom were employed in IT, with very good salaries, and equally punishing hours of work, decided to turn entrepreneurs. They found a huge tract of land some 55 kilometres from Coimbatore city. They decided to straightaway buy it. They learned the nuances of growing spinach of various kinds. Through organic farming. Today, armed with firm buy back arrangements from customers in gated communities, they are assured of good profits. They have flexible times. Their experience has been documented in a Tamil magazine called " Manvasanai" a magazine totally devoted to success stories in agriculture.

The aforesaid couple is not alone. They are just one of the many couples who have turned entrepreneurs. Bangalore city is a live example of hundreds of startups. Chennai has a fairly good number of startups too. People are now exploring alternatives. The more we look around and learn from such experiences, it does become very obvious that a more balanced life where the scope for display and acknowledgment of emotions and feelings makes the management of life's complexities that much easier. It becomes obvious that this Management is centered around a) Serious exploration of all alternatives b) Taking time off to indulge in natural therapies c) Just letting go on Sundays d) Finding twenty minutes to share intimate moments and ten minutes to meditate and e) Making living simpler.

Serious exploration of all alternatives

This is the first step. If you would like to migrate to smaller cities, do so. For years on end, a distant relative of mine would never move out of Aurangabad, as he was in a senior capacity with the Videocon group. Reason? He would always cite the reason that he enjoyed the city and had enough time to spend with his family. Since Pune was just a few hours away, he would visit his numerous friends and relatives in that city. Since he had two personal cars, there was no issue at all. He had the courage of conviction to do what he did. If you feel drained to a large extent and feel lost, take up positions in paper, cement and sugar companies in senior positions. You will get to live in huge independent houses where you will be tremendously respected. Yes, the internet connectivity is too good and there is no issue at all. Go ahead and explore such possibilities. People in cities like Chennai with cars and with grown-up children either studying or married and settled either in Chennai or elsewhere, do find it very convenient to stay with their close friends in the numerous gated communities in what is now called OMR or the Old Mahabalipuram Road. Reason? The air is very pure. The sea breeze is so pleasant. It is vastly unpolluted.

You should look for accommodation in such places. Even if it costs more, move into houses where there is no water problem. This will minimize all your worries and keep you very happy indeed. The more possibilities we explore, the better life becomes. The key questions are: a) given my resources how can I be happier? b) How can I maximize the opportunities to animate worries? Today, maximizing all learning opportunities and even taking the Executive MBA should be made possible in the cities before the age of 35 or 37. After this phase, when the children need maximum attention, alternatives in the form of best schools can always be thought of. For example, the Chinmaya Mission schools in many parts of the country offer a holistic package that goes far beyond rote learning. Today, different careers can be made even out of smaller towns. The coaching facilities are available elsewhere too. Hyderabad, for instance, has superb coaching facilities to crack the IIT entrance examination. The more we explore such options, more will new possibilities emerge.

Taking time off to indulge in natural therapies

Alternate holistic packages to better health are now available aplenty. If you do not have good health, what is the use of earning huge sums of money? If the kidney stones are small in size, Siddha treatment can completely dissolve such stones. And plenty of advise is now available in both Ayurveda and Siddha to prevent so many health problems. Just Google for such facilities and find out whatever is available. There is a place called kottakkal in Kerala. Just go over there once and follow their holistic packages. Six of my very close friends, all in their early forties were totally healthy persons by taking up treatment and further preventive medicine. You should be aware that alternate natural treatments such as these are increasingly being made in various parts of India.

Just letting go on Sundays

After six days of hard work, total relaxation on Sundays is something that can work so well. The task of letting go is simple. Getting up late, eating simple food and just allowing your body the total rest without cell phone disturbances can work to your advantage. You can make it clear your plan for Sundays to your close friends and all relatives. My very young IT friends do this so often and are very careful in making it a point to just relax. It works like magic.

Finding twenty minutes to share intimate moments and ten minutes to meditate

This is a big must. Communication between the wife and husband is becoming very less. This is very unhealthy. Motivated by sound advise from some good counselors, at least ten IT couples have made it a point to spend the 530 AM to 6 AM slot walking and sharing intimacy in three different cities. They were in deep marital discord and unhappiness since they never shared anything. Ego problems also took over. Today, after four months in most cases, the feedback is very good. Walking as an exercise is a must too. This cannot be neglected at all.

Making life simpler

In two families were between themselves the man and his wife earned upwards of rupees three lakh per month, the couple had very little functional furniture. Quizzed for the reason, they opined that they would rather keep things very simple, as they would move on for greener pastures to Mumbai or even a country like Nigeria. They were working towards that goal too. The answer seemed practical and down to earth. The couple was right. We need simple solutions at any point in time. In another case, the couple brought in a servant maid who would happily come home at 6 AM in the morning and also do the cooking so that the man and wife had breakfast and their lunch boxes too. This was a bit more costly but they did it as the poor servant maid had something to eat on most days. When we make life simpler, everything falls into place.


We have all reached a stage where we need to look for creative solutions at all times. Life's complexities can only be solved through such creative approaches. Health is a very important dimension. Some emphasis on relaxation is a must too. The ideas are only indicative. There could be a lot more. These would be discussed in other articles.

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