Why you are the only person responsible for your destiny

No matter your religious beliefs or family background. No matter if you are already rich and have your own father's property that you would soon take over. No matter if you are poor or middle class or whatever. You are the master of your own destiny. The onus is on you. Some dimensions of this fact of life are sought to be explained in this article.


Look around. There are MBA s earning Rs20,000 or little less, as delivery boys for Swiggy. There are MBAs from IIMs who earn ten times that amount per month. With fancy designations and huge responsibilities. What makes the difference? When you were snoring or wasting your time doing something, someone who is smarter, does something far better. We also know Bihar is well known for lawlessness. Yet, a huge percentage of IAS officers, year after year, are from this State. Yes, they are very smart, speak English and come from the same Hindi heartland of Mallu where Hindi is a way of life.

Yes. The success stories get repeated again and again.They are born out of terrific hard work. Of focussed, systematic hard work. It is not merely some hard work. It does mean hard work with a purpose. One is also told that the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University had a huge chunk of students from Bihar in higher education. This is the first hop for each of those bright minds to enter the Civil services. Yes. It is the only two percent cream. But one superb leader like Mr. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar is now turning around his State. The projects that he has executed in the past few years are simply superb.

Be that as it may, the keys to success are: a) A big focus on goals in life b) Exploring means to reach each goal c) Taking advise from successful people d) Review of each goal and e) Making your success count for others too.

A big focus on goals in life

This is extremely important. No matter your present position, you can always make it far better. Just one example. Suppose your knowledge is quite poor and you are from a small village near Kadappah in AP. No issues. Fine. Go over to Hyderabad. Take up a BPO job with your knowledge of Telugu. BPO jobs are available aplenty. Once you get in, remember, milk and honey will not flow in all directions. Once you are into the job, cut down all expenditure on movies, non-vegetarian food and so on. Go over to the nearest internet centre. There, you can Google words in Telugu and get the exact translation in English. Go and speak a little English with someone who knows English. Once you do this, even when you do mistakes, you can grow to the next level. Your short-term goal would be to learn three new words in English everyday. Once you are through with this, learn their usage in reputed newspapers like THE HINDU. You can see the difference in your attitude, confidence, and your learning as well. This has happened to seven people from AP, each of whom burnt the midnight oil to not only learn English but also support their families back home, by minimizing all expenses in Chennai. One house owner was kind enough to give them the fast speed internet free. Two guys jumped jobs and went back to Hyderabad. The rest five jumped jobs to even IT companies after acquiring some basic qualifications in IT, in Chennai. This author motivated them to the extent possible and guided them. But these seven fellows were very good in understanding the value of hard work. They did not take it easy after reaching an Rs20,000 salary per month.

The key is to look around for opportunities. Distance learning through IGNOU is recognized by even the private sector. The huge number of opportunities for entrepreneurship is also a big plus in today's fast-paced environment. For example, look around and just count the number of fast food small restaurants. Count the new shops selling groceries. Count the massive increase in shops near the bus stops in every big village. These are real possibilities. Opportunities. It is only a defense mechanism to claim that the jobs are not available and hence do nothing except waste your father s money. Unless you start something somewhere, you will not go anywhere. The Ragu or kethu or whatever in your horoscope is nothing. These are illusions of lazy people. Please do not believe in astrology. The guys who specialize in it will only exploit all your weakness to know the unknown. Astrology is at best indicative. For example, life is full of ups and downs for even Mukesh Ambani. So, what can astrology do? Once you are clear on the basics, the rest will follow.

Exploring means to reach each goal

As already mentioned above, the means to the goal of acquiring good English language skills is clear. Similarly, even a small but important goal to save the Rs 500 per month is pretty easy. Cook your own food. Eat spinach on three days. Your expenditure will not only be less, but your health will improve too. Similarly, take the monthly travel as you as local train and bus pass. These will reduce your tensions and cost as well. Please do note that reducing cost is not rocket science. Just look around. Similarly, the means of each goal will become very obvious if you are well informed. For example, pump in Rs 500 in some good SIP scheme of a leading Mutual Fund like HDFC. For seven years. The returns are tax-free. You can jolly well show the interest earned in your IT returns. But it is not taxable. The more you are well informed, the easier it is for you to reach your goals. Your goal may be short term. If you are a bachelor, please do not have a short term goal like " to impress and have a girlfriend". This is a big distraction. It will drain all your energy and money as well.

Taking advise from successful people

This is the best thing to do. Those who are successful have a huge number of lessons to teach us. And values. They will offer good advice and it is possible to easily learn from them. For example, they would exercise every day, even when they are too busy. That will teach you discipline and a very good habit. The best of advice in terms of two vital questions a) What next? and b) What more can be done now? will be easily obtained from such people. The moment you are clear with a chosen path, life would become that much easier for you.

Review of each goal

This is very important too. Once you have a review, you will have a far better idea of the most appropriate corrective actions. This will spur even better action as you go along. Involve your wife or husband in the review and take their views as well. For all you know, their understanding of any situation will be far better as they might as well bring fresh perspectives to any problem or situation.

Making your success count for others too

It is very obvious that the joy of helping others grow or making others equipped in terms of education and skills, can also make you very happy
In fact, this is not only true of any situation but also desirable. For example, there are very good IT professionals who are helping children in orphanages or old people in old age homes. Many support the high cost of cancer treatment of very poor people. The list is endless. The more you do it, the more you will be happy, as a better person.


You are responsible for your progress. You are the master of your own destiny. Some dimensions have been discussed in the aforesaid paragraphs. You must do all the hard work. You just do not have any choice.


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