Why Digital Marketing is Trending Career Option?

Are you confused about choosing the right career option? Read the following article to know more about the trending career opportunities of Digital Marketing.


Choosing a trending career option is the only way to save yourself from unemployment, taking low paid jobs and having an overall unhappy life. While engineering, medicine and management promise excellent career prospects and of course, prestige, the reality is totally different. Most engineers, doctors and graduates of Master in Business Administration (MBA) fail to find decent jobs and join the long list of unemployed, unemployable professionals.

So what should you do? Especially if you are at crucial crossroads and need to select an excellent career option? The first thing would be looking for trending career options. And secondly, the rewards of pursuing that trending career.

Without hesitation and with total confidence, I can say digital marketing is a trending career option.

Why? I will explain further in this article. Let's understand where the digital marketing industry of India stands right now.

Growing Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in India. By 2022, the digital advertising industry will cross the Rs.190 billion mark- something that very few sectors in this country will witness. It is currently growing at 32 per cent per year.

The entire digital marketing industry in India will generate over 200,000 jobs every year up to 2022. This means the industry holds adequate employment opportunities for every fresher and professional in digital marketing.

E-commerce is no longer the only sector that uses digital marketing. Nowadays, Banking, as well as Non-Banking Financial Companies, telecom service providers, healthcare services, travel and tourism industry, are some users too. In fact, all industries use digital marketing to promote their services.

These facts bring to my mind, the famous quote of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates who says: "If your business is not on the Internet, soon your business will be out of business." Almost every small, medium and large business is awaking to this fact. Hence, they are increasingly using digital marketing to promote their brand, services and products.

Digital marketing itself will support over two million businesses that provide support services such as logistics, marketing and customer care to large corporations.

As you can see for yourself, these facts clearly indicate that digital marketing is gaining greater importance in India, which is also known as the world's fastest-growing economy.

Making Career in Digital Marketing

You can see from the above facts that digital marketing is a trending career option. That brings us to another question. How to make a career in digital marketing?

Thankfully, making a career in digital marketing is simple, if you know where to start.

Look for excellent digital marketing courses that are on offer in your area. A simple search on Google will throw up several results. Select the best training institute on the basis of their expertise, track record and placement assistance services they provide for students.

After completion of an excellent course, look for an internship with any reputable digital marketing company. This will provide you with the much needed hands-on experience needed to make a great career.

Upon acquiring sufficient skills, go for certifications in digital marketing provided by Google, Microsoft and Facebook, among others. Armed with the course and these certificates, you are ready to make a career in this trending field of digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is Trending?

There are several reasons why digital marketing is a trending career option. One of the main reasons are pay scales.

Digital marketing is a career where you can get the best salaries. According to the American website Payscale.com, a digital marketer in India earns between Rs.157,766 to Rs.613,786 per annum. This means a fresher would usually start at Rs.15,000 per month or so. With some experience, they can expect salaries over Rs.50,000 per month within two to three years.

Further, digital marketing consists of several processes. Therefore, you can select the type of course that will help you play a specific role in any organization that requires digital marketers. You will come across several job offers for digital marketers, from some of the topmost companies of the world.

Digital Marketing & Freelance

Just in case you don't want that typical office job, there's nothing to worry. With proper qualifications and experience, you can also work as a freelancer in digital marketing. The ability to work as a freelancer makes digital marketing a trending career option too.

Because freelancing or working in the gig-economy is a growing trend worldwide. India is no different. The increasing number of companies nowadays enlist freelancers for various services, including digital marketing. And freelancing pays very well. Plus you have additional perks such as working on own schedule. You can also avoid long commutes typical to India due to traffic snarls, narrow roads and unpredictable public transport systems.

And if freelance also doesn't impress you, it's possible to open a startup venture and offer digital marketing services from home.

In Conclusion

The above facts I present briefly would help understand why digital marketing is a trending career option and reasons to consider it actively. Also, doing a superb digital marketing course is fairly inexpensive. It doesn't involve complicated entrance exams or high fees and donations that some engineering and medicine colleges demand.

To become a digital marketing professional, all you require is an excellent course, hands-on practice, willingness to learn more and consistency.

There are few other careers that offer such excellent opportunities. If one looks at unemployment rates among qualified physicians, engineers and MBAs, you would see these traditionally favourite careers have lost their importance and glamor. Instead, digital marketing is the new trend.


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